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Chevy Chase Village, MD, 20815
March 22, 2018

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Robert Jumblatt

Potomac, MD *****

Technical Lead / Software Application Architect

PRINCIPAL CAPABILITIES: Software Architecture, SOLID Full Stack .Net web Application Development,, and Project Management.

EDUCATION: Masters in Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University

B.A. Mathematics, University of San Diego


Over 15 years of experience in designing and developing Software Applications for clients like the Microsoft Corporation, USDA, DOJ, NASDAQ, Bell South, IRS, IMF, FRB, US Treasury, and NCI. Strong expertise in Web Application Development, Domain Modeling, Software Process Engineering, Service Oriented Architectures, and Design Patterns.

Current technical skills

Angularjs, Reactjs, Typescript, object oriented JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, bootstrap, MVC, Nodejs, npm, webpack, C#, MVC, web API, WCF, TFS.


Technical Team Lead / Solution Architect USDA Feb 2017 - present

Designed and implemented a SharePoint 2016 hosted Add-in. The work involved the development of use cases, the workflow design, and security configuration of the application package. The application was built using the ReactJS framework and Microsoft Office UI Fabric, jQuery, Typescript, JavaScript, and Bootstrap on the front end calling SharePoint using JSOM and http ajax calls.

Worked on the design and configuration of the SharePoint claims provider, to allow users from different authentication sources to connect. The solution involved using ADFS to be configured with different identity providers such as the USDA domain, eAuth-sign on, and the state department domain.

Software Consultant Treasury 2016 –Jan 2017

Designed and implemented the Secondary System Infrastructure Provider (sSIP) for the TEICAM office of the department of Treasury. The system is an identity management analysis enterprise level solution that analyses information aggregated from USAccess web Service, Treasury directory services, and Human resources.

The work involved:

Building a web application using C#, MVC, JavaScript, bootstrap, JQuery.

Building a soap web service simulating USAccess using WCF and a REST web service using WebAPI on top of Entity framework using POCO classes that connect to SQL Server.

Building multithreaded Jobs that run in the background using C# and launched by a scheduler where each job pulls data from various sources, maps, validates and store data in the database.

Software Consultant Federal Reserve 2015 – 2016

Designed and implemented a procurement application that tracks purchase requests all the way to provisioning. The work involved the development of use cases, the workflow design, and implementation. The application was built using AngularJS framework, jQuery, JavaScript, and Bootstrap on the front end and sending http requests to Web API REST services backend using MVC5.0 with C#. The back end host web in return communicated to the SharePoint host web using CSOM to communicate with the SharePoint services.

Software Development Team Lead DOJ 2012-2014

Lead the SharePoint .NET developers group (8) responsible for all new application development. My role involved resource management, project scheduling, performance evaluations, providing estimates, metrics and status reporting, coordination with CTO, IT team, and QA team. The work also involved preparing design documents, traceability matrix, laying out the overall technical architecture, and representing our branch in the technical architecture review board.

Designed and managed the implementation of the Test and Development environments for the agency Gateway. The production Gateway is an implementation of the agency DMZ using Microsoft UAG Severs and FIM identity management system, and ADFS. The Design work involved laying out the server Farm architecture, the virtual servers specifications for each environment: QA, QC, UAT, and, Development, and designing the load balancing, Virtual IPs, DNS Names, the firewall rules including protocols, and building and documenting the topology model.

Designed and implemented a .Net web based case management Application that tracks disciplinary actions cases for the Department of Justice board of immigration review. The work involved the development of use cases with traceability to requirements, the workflow design and Implementation. The application was built with MVC4, Entity framework 5.0, and JQuery. The application implemented an Event Driven Architecture where the listeners are registered could subscribe to any event that the middle tier component would fire. The application was designed using an IOC container (Autofac) that assembled the modules and initialized them using dependency injection.

Designed and implemented a common framework that allows for reuse. The framework comprises of common Components and web services using RESTful Web APIs providing auditing, authorization, error logging, email notification and event subscription services. Common UI components encapsulate web page access, component that access web services and common java scripts that are shared client side among web pages.

Designed a web based Application that manages attorney’s self registration for the Department of Justice board of immigration review. The work involved the development of a .Net application with MVC4.0 that communicates with back end Web services and SharePoint back end using the SharePoint client object model.

Designed and implemented a SharePoint 2010 based Application that process attorneys’ applications for the Department of Justice board of immigration review. The work involved the development of use cases, building the features and branding the web site all the way to building the deployment package. The application used BCS as the back end and connectable web parts using visual studio and C#.

SharePoint Developer (Consultant) Corebix 2012

Designed and implemented a Supply Chain Management system for the PMO office on SharePoint 2007.

The Application was developed as a Visual Studio solution with source code in C# tracked in version control and packaged as features. The features included custom list templates, custom workflows, custom web parts, a custom site template, a custom field, feature and list event receivers, and custom web pages.

The application provided a dashboard for the headquarters project managers to view data and charts based on aggregated information rolled up from filed subsidies where the information is collected.

The SharePoint sites integrated with the line of business data using BDC wrapper to web services.

Designed and built a custom excel report generator for SharePoint using SpreadsheetGear library. The report generator uses an XML definition file that defines the queries using CAML and layout information.

Technical Lead (Consultant) USDA 2008-2011

Designed the architecture that implements a service oriented Architecture using the Soap 2.0 WS-protocols. Designed a service framework based on design patterns, and implemented by the following Microsoft Technologies: Windows Communications Foundation, Windows Workflow foundation, BizTalk Server. In addition common services using the Microsoft Enterprise library {Data Application block, Configuration Block, and the Exception Handling Block}.

Designed and implemented a Food Safety Assessment System using SharePoint 2007.

Designed and built many workspaces for various divisions on the SharePoint 2007 platform. The work involved building SharePoint designer workflows and custom DataViews.

Development Team Manager (Consultant) NIH 2006-2007

Designed and implemented a Content Management System with .NET that was used for the NCI Intranet and many web sites, as well as custom intramural applications.

Designed, developed and deployed a Project Tracking System using SharePoint 2003. It provided an executive dashboard that helped the director to oversee 66 projects with rolled up statuses. The system required heavy customization using C#, and used earned value techniques.

Created multiple build environments including integration. Developed and deployed automated builds using NAnt, and automated push to web heads using Application center.

Team Lead (Consultant) Microsoft Corporation Oct 2004 to 2005

For the Partner benefits system, managed a team of 5 software developers. Coordinated team members activities, built estimates for the development phase, validated the use cases from business development.

For the .Net Carbon team. Carbon is a framework for systems to access the ESB bus independent of transport, using SOAP. The Service Bus interacted with a Microsoft BizTalk endpoint. Implemented two transports, web services and MQ queues. The framework supplied a wrapper in J2EE and .Net and simplified access to the bus by hiding the complexity of security and routing. Used WSE2.0 to implement WS-Security WS-Addressing. Defined migration path for Wse 2.0 to Indego (now WCF).

Software Consultant, CSC Oct 2003 to 2004

Team Lead for the knowledge management system JMAD Defense Group

Designed the framework for the overall product for the .NET migration of the collaboration software.

Modeled the system with UML using Rational Rose, built software topology model and validated using realization diagrams.

Facilitated the definition and implementation of Development processes for the team using RUP methodology (Rational Unified Process). The processes included: Change Control, Development, QA, and Deployment.

Made several presentations to our team on: Design patterns, Distributed Collaboration, Abstract Data Access Block, and Agile development methodologies.

Designed and implemented and deployed a custom SharePoint 2001 application, requiring custom web parts.


SharePoint Services 2013, Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager, SharePoint 2010, BizTalk Server 4.0, DotNetNuke, IIS, MSMQ, Tibco, Mercator, Server, MQ series.


MVC4.0. NET, Soap and RESTful Web Services, Enterprise Services, WMI,LDAP, WMI, COM+


AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, Entity Framework 5.0, WCF, WF, Web API, Microsoft Enterprise Library, SharePoint CSOM, JQuery, Knockout, Bootstrap, Microsoft Synchronization Framework.


C#, JavaScript, HTML, C++, JAVA, SQL, XML, XSLT, XPath, Assembler.

Dev Tools

Visual Studio .NET 2010, SharePoint Designer, Team foundation Server, NANT, SourceSafe,, Rational Rose, Serena, Quality center, RequisitePro, ClearQuest, Clear Case, Soda, Crystal Reports, XML Spy, PVCS


SQL Server 2008, ODBC, Oracle 8, Lotus Notes.

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