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Customer Service Technical Support

Skokie, IL
March 22, 2018

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A Highly motivated, skilled, Senior Developer/Business Analyst with 30 years’ experience. The last 10 of which have been spent in the web and SQL arena. Have held senior level and lead developer positions. A Successful record of analysis / design / implementation. Strong written and verbal communication skills as well as ability to interface with all levels management and public.


Unisys 1100 Series, 2200 Series, Clearpath, UNIX & NT, IBM 3090 AS/400, PCs (8080,8086,80286,80386,80486, Pentium), Honeywell Level 66 and DPS8, Xerox Mainframes, Dell & HP Servers


Programming Languages: T-SQL, PL/SQL, MAPPER/BIS/COOLIce, Javascript, C++, VB, HTML, CSS, COBOL, RM-COBOL, Micro-Focus COBOL

Databases: SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, MAPPER, Business Information Server, MS Access, DBase, Paradox, FoxPro, My SQL, Oracle, Data Warehousing (Star/Snowflake)

Software: SSIS/SSDT, SSRS, TFS, SSMS, Business Objects, Visual Studio, MAPPER/BIS, COOLice, Microsoft Professional Office Suite, FrontPage, Expressions, Visio, Project, Corel Office Suite, Personify, Protek CMS

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows-7, W2K3, W2K8, Unisys Mainframe


NABP – National Association of Board Pharmacists 03-2017 - Present

Creating reports using SSRS

Produce all Stored Procedures that are needed for SSRS

Create SSIS packages that will call SSRS to produce PDF and then email PDF and update database

oNext step is the integrating of placing the report on Amazon S3 and updating database accordingly

Using DTS to import Data

Creating SQL utilities as needed

AFX Lighting - SSRS Developer / Report Writer 05-2016 – 09-2017

Produce approx. 50 Customer Service/Sales/Warehouse custom reports

Convert Crystal Reports into SSRS reports

Write all SQL to pull all data for newly created reports.

Data Analysis to determine location of required data to fulfill reports

The Room Place -SSRS Developer Report Writer 02-2016 – 05-2016

Produce approx. 20 Customer Service/Merchandising/Financial reports that were requires prior to going live with a new Point of Sales system

Write all SQL to pull all data for newly created reports.

Data Analysis to determine location of required data to fulfill reports

City Colleges of Chicago 10-2015 – 02-2016

Senior SQL Database Developer / Analyst / Report Writer

Converting/Automating state compliance reports from SQRs to T-SQL

Create required stored procedures and functions

Analysis and Document of existing processes to create reports

Backup and Restore database as needed (DBA)

INTREN – Union, IL - Report Analyst 07-2014 - 08-2014

oDevelop and Implement Stored Procedures, Crystal Reports and SQL Server reports using SSRS

American Society of Anesthesiologist - Senior SQL Developer/Business Analyst - 11-2013 – 08-2014

oData Conversion from Microsoft CRM to Personify 360 CRM

oCreate T-SQL scripts, functions, stored procedures and indexing of tables

Create SSIS Script to execute / log all sql scripts that were needed for data conversion process.

oRewrite existing scripts to use table processing instead of cursors. Process went from 3 hours to 45 seconds. Another process went from 25 minutes to 15 seconds

oBackup and Restore Database as needed (DBA)

Wisconsin Employers Trust Fund - 09-2013 – 09-2014

Business Analyst/SQL Programmer / SSRS Developer / Report Writer

oDocument Business Rules through the usage of group and individual interviews.

Also some business rules had to be documented by analyzing the data. This was done because

in many cases the business rules that the user supplied were incorrect.

oCreate custom T-SQL scripts, functions, stored procedures and indexing of tables to support the

documented business rules

oImporting of MS-ACCESS tables using SSIS

Create Relationships between various tables in MS-ACCESS

oCreate reports using SSRS

oWork with SSIS in the importing of over 700 DB2 tables.

Know How Limited (Unisys MAPPER Consultant) /SQL 08-25-1989-Present

Chicago Transit Authority

oAnalysis of existing undocumented MAPPER Records Management System

oDetermine All tables used in system

oCreate detailed layouts for all fields/tables used to determine the mapping between the legacy system and new MS-SQL based system

oCreate routines to automatically download all data from MAPPER to CSV & Text files

EMC Insurance – MAPPER Consultant – remote support and Programming

oRewriting various parts of Insurance Application

oLead team of 8 remote self-employed consultants

oResponsible for HR and Invoicing

oUnisys MAPPER Consultants / SSRS Developer / Report Writer

oManaging 7 member team In the rewriting of various applications in an insurance system

oGathering Business Requirements as well as Data Analysis

oGeneral Programming

oSQL Developer - SSRS Developer / Report Writer

State of Washington – Department of Social & Health Svc remote support and Programming

oTroubleshoot Upgrade of MAPPER from version 10.1 to 11.1E5/General Support

oSetup ‘best practices’ for the administration of three MAPPER Systems

oAnalyze detailed logic in programs for various users

oSetup / Install/Configure BIS & COOLIce

GKI Industries remote support and Programming

Update financial programs

Create system that would allow users to scan in documents for machine work and then keep each generation of documentation so the user could view any documentation at any time.

Chicago Transit Authority remote support and Conversion work

oDetermine data used by Law & Workers Compensation system

oCreate detailed layouts for all fields/tables used to determine the mapping between the legacy system and new MS-SQL based system

oCreate routines to download all data from MAPPER to CSV & Text files

oCreate routine to produce HTML files for all tables/fields in systems

oModifications to Warehouse Inventory Control System

oEnhanced Chicago transit Authority (CTA) Monthly Pass System (Inventory Control - Made programs table driven) - Passes distributed throughout Chicago

oMAPPER Technical Support

AAA Motor Club remote support and Programming

oMAPPER Technical Support

oGeneral Programming Support

oCreate new look up routines for Vehicle Identification Numbers (AAA Motor Club)

oCreate routines for encrypting passwords

Chicago Public Schools 05/1983 – 06/2013

Consultant/Programmer/Business Analyst

oDatabase Administrator – This include backup/restore, maintenance and installation of software

oUsing TFS as repository for sql scripts

oBuilding SSIS packages for routine tasks

oConverting Business Object (XI) into SSRS Reports – Approximately 20 reports

oCreate SQL stored procedures using SSMS for SSRS

oConverting Legacy data from Flat files into relational tables using T-SQL & SSIS

oCreate Stored Procedures so Data load for transcripts is repeatable

oAnalyze, design, program, test, and implementation of BIS/CoolICE & T_SQL programs to allow schools to schedule phone calls to students. Programs needed to interface from Business Information Server to Oracle and MS-SQL databases

oAutomation of student absentee and general message phone calling using T-SQL for individual schools (approx. 10,000,000 calls per year)

oTeam Lead/Mentor/Training of Programming Language and Web Design

oBuilding Web Application (HTML, CSS, AJAX, BIS, MySQL) that will allow users to retrieve various information about their environment from the cloud

oCreation of MS-ACCESS tables for Early Childhood department to keep track of student assessment progress.

oTaught Early Childhood department users how to retrieve information in MS-ACCESS

oCreate Menu system with MS-Access for Early Childhood

oStandardized Cool-ICE development

Registration of Runs, Menu System, Saving of Variables/Arrays and Results, Function keys, Reloading of Variables/Arrays and Results

oAnalyze, design, program, test, and implementation of BIS/Cool-ICE with JavaScript for the verification of: Student Enrollment Projection, Free/Reduced and TANF, and Verification and Special ED Teacher Projections.

oAnalyze, design, program, test, and implementation of BIS/Cool-ICE to allow over 500 users enter Child Assessments Information on each of 30,000 children.

oProvided ability for teachers to lookup where they are in the Teacher re-certification process using Business Information Server and the web.

oCreate generic programs to allow the creation of diary pages using the WEB. This was done using HTML and Business Information Server.

oCreate Monitoring dashboard with CoolICE to make sure that all programs are working properly

oUsed COBOL to reformat data as needed

oCOBOL Support as required

oUse Pivot table to produce various charts for management

oConverting MAPPER/BIS (Legacy) code into SQL Stored Procedures

oCreate tracking and placement system using BIS for over 65,000 Special Education children each year. Tracking includes all dates of required tests, placement for enrollment into any (650+) Chicago Public Schools and maintenance of required history data.

oCreate online programs for the entry of approximately 600,000 transportation requests per year for the students attending specific school. Edits included calculation of mileage, check for proper race, grade in school and options program, Proper transportation coding used, etc.

oProvided Space Utilization tracking for how schools utilize the space, by room, within all 650+ schools.

oCreate and maintain tracking programs for athletic participation of 120,000 students.

oMaintain programs that allow schools to enter and validate Monthly Summary information of Students.

oMaintain programs that allow school to enter racial / ethnicity statistics by school.

oAutomate the sending of files that are used to collect TANF money

oCreated and provided support for Legacy Financial system, giving 650+ schools the ability to create requisitions to over 48,000 vendors. GUI front-end for all legacy financial programs in MAPPER to interfaced with Oracle. Systems provide receipt of merchandise, student stipends, and payouts.

oCreate programs that allowed schools to enter/update $5.3 Billion budget.

oCreate Interface between Kronos (Timekeepers) and MAPPER and support Kronos Time Keeping (MAPPER runs). Automated the download/uploaded information from/to Payroll

oAdded functionality and provided technical support for Comprehensive Student Information Systems for an overall Student Population of 434,000 Active student and 1.5 million inactive students.

oMainframe Peak Load (3 months per year) 2,000 concurrent MAPPER users with an average response time < 5 seconds.

oMainframe Normal load (9 months per year) 1,400 concurrent MAPPER users with an average response time < 2 seconds

Floral Network Inc., Downers Grove, IL 01/1986 – 05/1989

Database Administrator (DBA)

oInstalled, coordinated and provided technical support of MAPPER for the Mercury 2000 Inventory Control Project (Approx. inventory of over 400,000 individual pieces of computer equipment)

oChanged storage method of calls statistics and created alternate indexing (MAPPER), was able to get same response of lookup in about 10 – 20 seconds – Previous response 25 – 45 minutes.

oAutomation of various departments, including Member Service, Customer Service and many customer service surveys and telemarketing campaigns to approx 48,000 florists n US

oDatabase Administrator (DBA) / Performance Tuning of software

oAutomated of Flowers After Hours (Online Order Entry / Data Collection)

oAutomated of 1-800-800-ROSE (Online Order Entry / Data Collection / Processing of Credit Cards / Picking filling Florists / Sending orders out automatically)

oAnalyze, design, program, test, and implementation of Web system using Cool-ICE that would allow internet users to Order Floral arrangements. Program completely table driven to update system daily or as required

KAUFMAN CONSULTING GROUP, Madison, WI 02/1983 – 12/1985

MAPPER/BIS Technical Support

oMAPPER Coordination

oMAPPER Technical Support

oWriting of various runs for Material management System

EDP Limited, Skokie, IL 03/1980 – 01/1983

COBOL Programmer/Analyst


Oakton Community College Des Plaines, Illinois 9-1979 – 6-2006 (2.99/4.00)

Major in Computer Programming – Associates degree

DePaul University Chicago, Illinois 1-2007 (4.00/4.00)

Advanced SQL

Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois 3-2009 – 6-2009 (3.00/4.00)

Computer Science

You will notice that many dates overlap. This is because I work multiple contract at one time

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