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Engineer Engineering

Arlington, TX
March 22, 2018

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Sukaina Riyaz Merchant


Highly motivated and professionally trained Biomedical Engineer ready to demonstrate expert technical skills alongside utilizing my problem solving and leadership skills while completing challenging projects in a creative and dynamic work environment.


Expert: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Unix (MacOS), MS Office, Biopac, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, R programming, SAS, MATLAB.

Working knowledge: Labview, Python, SAS, Linux.


• Masters’ of Science in Biomedical Engineering at University of Texas at Arlington, Joint Program by University of Texas South Western Medical Center, Texas, USA

• Bachelors’ of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering, Watumull Institute of Electrical and Computer Engineering



Dr.Balabhai Nanavati hospital

• Device installation supervisor, Auditing and assistant to the senior Biomedical Engineer, performed scheduled preventive maintenance and unscheduled corrective maintenance, validation and operation for equipment. Ultrasound Thermal strain Imaging using 3D printing

• Introduced a concept where the ultrasound system was integrated with thermal strain apertures for non-invasive detection of lipids in atherosclerotic plaque and detecting hepatic steatosis. This system exploits the fact that the dependence of sound speed on temperature is unique for lipid based tissue than water based tissue. Understanging Functional MRI

• Conducted a study on the working of fMRI machines. With appropriate techniques fMRI can be made sensitive to local changes in the oxygenation of blood. Local neural activation increases local neural blood flow more than oxygenation metabolism rate, leading to increased levels of oxygen in the brain. These changes were mapped spatially and temporally using the BOLD effect.

Calming effects of Binaural Beats on EEG

• This project focused on the binaural beats environment on alpha, beta and theta brainwaves. ANOVA was performed to analyze the brainwaves in the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Drug release for various Nanoparticle carriers

• Hydrophilic drug BSA’s drug release profile was studied in three carriers; low molecular weight PLGA, the hydrogel and hydrogel nanoparticle composite.

Malaria Detection using Image Processing techniques

• Image processing techniques using MATLAB were implemented in detecting the Malarial virus based on the size and color.

Filtering raw EG data and comparing raw with filtered

• Raw ECG data was acquired and filtered and no. of heart beats was calculated by finding peaks. Histogram of RR interval, autocorrelation and power density spectrum was potted. A comparison of raw and filtered data using MATLAB was accomplished.

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