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Information Technology Customer Service

Long Beach, CA
March 22, 2018

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Career Summary

Information Technology Level-II Technician with 4+ years of support in hardware/software and network infrastructure analysis and IT business architecture. Possess meticulous academic and work skills in computer hardware architectural design and embedded systems. Currently seeking a full-time position as entry-level Systems Engineer, IT Support Specialist, IT Engineer or role in the Information Technology/Computer Engineering realm.

Education & Training

California State University, Long Beach

Bachelors of Science, Computer Engineering

Learning Tree International

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Prep Course

Microsoft Cloud Computing Fundamentals Course

CompTIA IT Pro Webinar Series

Security, Privacy & You: A Report on Today’s Industry Practices


CompTIA A+ March 2016 – Present

Verification Code: 14BH6KG3G34Q54JZ

Management and Strategy Institute January 2018 – Present

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certified TM

Project Management Essentials Certified (PMEC) TM, Certificate # 12895141

The National Computer Science Academy

CS-366 Office Excel 2007, Certificate # 5185575 January 2018 – Present


Cloud Computing Fundamentals, Certificate # X21-16205-01 April 2017 – Present


CSULB, 49erShops Inc. IT Department August 2013 – Present

Level-II Technician – 4+ years of experience

Duties include:

Supporting applications at workstation and server-level on the daily basis, performing quick and efficient work while maintaining minimal turnaround time, logging support tickets and maintaining inventory, assisting users with I.T. needs on-site and remotely, perform necessary research to complete new projects,

configure PC’s, laptop’s/tablets, mobile-devices, printers, portable devices, conference arrangements,

understanding and working with domains and networks involving all layers of the OSI network model in order to perform the appropriate changes at WAN, LAN, and VLAN level such as setting IP’s (Fixed, Static, DHCP), A recent project was moving all company-wide devices from our internal VLAN’s with static IP’s to DHPC with MAC address automatic IP distribution using the IPAM network management software, managed the health and stability of virtual and physical servers which include but not limited to: print-server, surveillance camera server, Point-of-sale (POS) server (Micros – for food services, NBC – for Bookstore and remote locations), Black-Board server, creation and management of user profiles and shared drive (s) access through Active-Directory (AD) and Group-Policy (GP), Installation and support of new hardware and software which involves making sure that everything is up to date and performing hardware fixing at component-level, attend meetings to correlate recent changes and inform the end-user of any important and/or new information, perform other duties as assigned.

Hardware/Software & Computer Language(s)


Chip-Design Implementation using Verilog hardware description language (HDL) used to model electronics and more…Using network diagnostics tools such as network scanner/tester, network toner/probe, punch-down tool/crimpers to make RJ-45, RJ-11 network cables, command-line utilities such as ping, netstat, ipconfig, arp and more to analyze and troubleshoot network problems.


VPN, ExacQVision-Surveillance Cameras, Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016, Microsoft Outlook 365, WinPrism/Prism 360 (POS Systems), Micros – RES 3700 (POS System), ADP-Emp. Time System, Computrition & Caterease-Food services ordering, Track-it-I.T. work order audit, Manager+; maintenance work order audit, BI-360-Reporting Budgeting Suite, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Windows Remote Assistance, Microsoft Services, Microsoft Printer Management, Microsoft Administrative Tools, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Group Policy Management, Quick-books, Keynote, Adobe

Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 r2, Windows Server 2012 r2, OS X Sierra, Ubuntu

Computer Languages

C, C++, Java, Verilog HDL, DOS - Command Line, Assembly, Machine-Code language


ME-JPAS-32, MIPS 32-bit Processor

Designed in my senior Computer Architecture class at California State University of Long Beach. This is a baseline 32-bit processor with a CPU, Data Memory, I/O Memory, Control-Unit, Instruction Unit, and Data-path. The processor executes actual MIPS instructions. In addition to executing MIPS instructions, the design was enhanced to execute six unique instructions to our processor. Design was implemented using Xilinx ISE Project Tools Version 14.7

Link to Critical Design Review:

ME-JPAS-32 Instruction Set Architecture Documentation:!Av6jEsGX-nZ5hLpK58MVQk7hOTrtQw

Automatic Liquid Disperse System

Computer Engineering Senior-Project; Involved working with the TM4C123 microcontroller. The project was built from the ground up including hardware/software implementation. Major topics such as PWM, SysTick, and GPIO were utilized to construct the system with the embedded computer.

Additional Skills

Embedded Systems

Working with TM4C123 Launchpad Development Board

Integration of the following peripherals/modules using Keil uVision ARM Development Tools:

Bluetooth HC-05 Bluetooth Module, Sharp IR GP2Y0A51SK0F Analog Distance Sensor -2cm to 15cm. Nema-17 12V Stepper Motor, Peristaltic Liquid Pump, LED’s, Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, Power Supplies, etc…

Integration of the peripherals/modules implemented using the following topics:

PCTL and Hardware PWM, DAC & ADC, UART, Infrared Communication (Modulation & Demodulation)


Proactive, dedicated, fast learner, efficient, reliable, meticulous, productive, on-time, cheerful, motivated, excellent written and verbal communication skills, great team/individual ethic, self-initiated, excellent customer service


Speak fluent English, Spanish, and conversational French

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