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Engineer Civil

March 22, 2018

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Mostafa Adel Abd alaal Mohammed Atia Khalil

(civil engineer)

Personal information:-

NNaattiioonnaalliittyy :EEggyyppttiiaann

DDaattee ooff BBiirrtthh :OOccttoobbeerr 11sstt,, 11999911 CCeelllluullaarr PPhhoonnee :00552255330077889999

EE - -AAddddrreessssMMaaiill DDrriivviinngg LLiicceennssee :Valid


Seeking a responsible position as a Civil Engineer in a great Company where I can use my Ability and gain more Experience..



EEdduuccaatteedd ffrroomm tthhee FFaaccuullttyy ooff eennggiinneeeerriinngg,, cciivviill ddeeppaarrttmmeenntt,, .MMaannssoouurraa University,, JJuunnee 22001133,, ggrraaddee ggoooodd,, MMaatteerriiaall PPrroojjeecctt,, ggrraaddee EExxcceelllleenntt Courses:-

AUTOCAD (very good)





Total experience 4.5 year (3.5 year in UAE) In (Alsaad General Contracting co ), site supervision, Engineering Work, Quantity Surveying, Quality control

- Project engineer Experience for one in UAE

Construction of services and facilities for jumeirah beach (Dubai municipality)

Mosque in Alayas Area (Dubai municipality)

Majlis in Mazher area (Dubai municipality)

- Site engineer Experience for two year in UAE

Dubai municipality building Nad Shipa Branch

Two villa in Dhedna - Fujairah

Additional building for Almaarfa school in Dhedna ( MOPW )

Additional sport hall for Hamad school in roll Dibba – Fujairah ( MOPW )

Additional sport hall for Anas school in Roll Dhedna – Fujairah ( MOPW )

Maintenance work for Tiwian hospital-Fujairah ( MOPW )

One villa in Dibba-Fujairah

Personal Skills:-

Excellent communication skills

Time management Team Work Skills

Ability to get knowledge and learn from others rapidly.

Set Goals and plan to achieve them.

A very organized worker.

Working under stress skills

Ambitious Self motivated.

CCaappaabbllee ooff MMaannuuaall aanndd HHeeaavvyy OOuuttddoooorr WWoorrkk Computer Skills:-

Excellent Knowledge of sending mails

Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office

Excellent knowledge of Windows Operations

Language :-

Arabic Mother Tongue

English very good

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