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Engineer Test

Daly City, CA
March 22, 2018

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*** ***** ******* *** 650-***-**** Daly City CA 94015

Experience Summary

A Senior QA Engineer with over 20 years of Quality Assurance experience within software and web based applications. I have designed Websites using, Javascript, AJAX, and HTML5

I have designed automation testing in Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Java and Git Hub source control

Tested REST/SOAP and API using Postman

Broad knowledge of Website design, Manual testing on various OS systems.

Work within the Agile Life Cycle software method which includes, requirement analysis, design, coding, unit test, and acceptance testing. Agile methods emphasize strong face-to-face communication over written documents when the team is all in the same location.

Ability to work independently as well as in a group to meet deadlines.

Ability to handle customer issues, testcases and report defects to developers using Jira


Programming Languages: Java, Javascript, SQL, Shell scripting, Postman

Internet Utility tools Eclipse, IntelliJidea, Google Chrome Development Tool

Automation Software: Selenium\ Webdriver, Silktest2008, Github source control

Database Software: Oracle Database 11.0i, SQL 7.0, MySQL, MySQL Workbench, Oracle Developer tools

Operating Systems: Linux Ubuntu 10.04, Windows 7, Unix, Mac OS


MyVest Senior Automation Web QA Engineer 2015 – 2018

Wrote Automaton scripts in using Selenium Webdriver, TestNG ( Framework ), and Java to test the My Vest Web App. I tested various Workflow Wealth Management Paths, Accounts, different Strategies and securities, trading stocks inside the Portfolio Editor.

Knowledge in REST/SOAP and API design concepts with JSON using Postman. Write collection of scripts to run automation within Postman. Tested 1000 API during nightly build of the software. All assertions were written with Javascript.

TIAA is a Advisory Financial Web Application to help customers grow their personal assets over several years

Ran over 2000 Regression testcases (manual and automation) for each testcycle .

Trained Junior level QA Engineers how to write Selenium Webdriver automation scripts in Java

Photo Album Project

Designed a responsive web design personal Photo Album in HTML 5 so that all images are aligned correctly for various portable devices.

Autodesk Senior Web QA Engineer 2013 – 2015

Wrote automation scripts in Java, TestNG, and Selenium Webdriver to test

Automation script verified that all links are displayed correctly, generates valid landing pages. The scripts were ran 24 hrs a day to shorten the test cycle by 30%.

Used TestNG framework to verify if testcases passed or failed, and duration for each testcases

Used Splunk application to verify payload data being transfer to the server

Palamida Senior QA Engineer 2011 – 2013

Developed testcases to meet deadlines for software development life cycle.

Created API test scripts in Groovy scripts to generate performance test 24 hours a day. API

Groovy scripts were use to execute acceptance test on Linux and Windows.

Did regression and performance testing on Oracle and MySQL databases to insure that the

product is compatible with two different databases. Performance test was used to verify no

memory leaks and that the application scans 5000 files in a constant metric.

Wrote Selenium automation test scripts in Java to execute comp ability testing against, Chrome, Firefox, and IE Browsers.

Google Senior QA Consultant 2011

Developed Ruby and Watir scripts to test Chrome Browser to cover larger scale testing

Developed Testplan and testcases to organize automation and manual testing

Worked on Linux Ubuntu, Windows 7, and Mac OS to test Chrome compatibility

Designed Ruby scripts to test Windows Media, Silverlight, and several flash websites to insure that Chrome can play the media without any issues

Lyris QA Automation Engineer 2010

Tested all the Lyris API’s to insure that the API’s interface with the Lyris Email Marketing Products. Testing the API’s help reduced the test cycle by a week

Wrote an API data driven test case in Ruby, Selenium, and Watir to test against the Unix server which returns an XML returned value. The Data driven testcases interface with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. User can enter all the testcases in the Excel Spread Sheet

Generated GUI automation test scripts in Selenium IDE and used Selenium RC to test the Email Marketing Web application 24 hours a day. Sending emails, creating mailing lists, grouping emails. Creating rules, creating schedule on calendar. All tests were ran 24 hours a day to reduce testing cycle to a week..

Provides training and documentation to co-workers on automation scripts and how to generate automation test scripts

Generated test plan and testcases to provide test coverage of the Email Marketing Apps. Testcases were used to generate the automation test scripts .

Special project :

Data driven E-commerce business and Advertising website for small consumer businesses

Developed PHP code to monitor hits on my website. PHP code was also used to streamline the website and interact with the MYSQL database. Used AJAX to exchange data with a web server, and changing parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page.

Website integrates with the PayPal system to execute a shopping cart and payments

Jaman Senior QA Engineer 2008-2009

Wrote test plans to stream movies on line in order to get thick and thin Jaman SaaS application client to be released on schedule. Build scripts in Selenium, Watir, and Ruby.

Used PHP scripts simulate a load test to rent and return movies into the system.

Used SQL query codes to verify that emails are sent between multi users within the Jaman Systems

Work within the Agile methods those emphases on verbal communication over test plan, and automation scripts within the team organization to release the software on time and minimal bugs.

Vibrant Media Senior QA Engineer 2006- 2008

Work within the Agile Life Cycle software method which includes, requirement analysis, design, coding, unit test, and acceptance testing to meet the software release schedule for the SaaS Marketing application.

Developed Data Driven Silktest scripts to test and verify the various website tooltips links. Silktest script help reduced test time from 6 hours to 3 hours. Silk scripts were ran again Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Edited and created HTML and XML test pages to test against the Vibrant Media Application based on JavaScript, AJAX, and PHP.

eBay Senior Automation QA Engineer 2006

Created a website using Dreamweaver for team portfolio, documentation, and test status report. The website was for upper management to track testing progress and QA team test plans and testcases

Tested the Paypal and Add to Cart button to insure that the HTML code can be embed to user’s website

Help created test plan for Fraud and Risk Management feature in the PayPal division.

Used API calls to test the backend of the Paypal application.

Developed Automation Silktest scripts for the Paypal Web applications. The Automation test verified, banking accounts, credit cards, merchant accounts, money sent, and money requested in the PayPal web application. All tests were ran 24 hrs a day.

CompuDyne -Public and Safety Justice Senior QA Engineer 2003- 2005

Created PHP scripts to generate a 1000 users to connect to the database to ensure that systems can allow multi-users to insert, modify, and delete data into the database.

Organized the QA Test plans and test cycles with upper management and developers

Developed Test plans and Manual Test cases for the Record Management System. Manual Test cases were determined which parts of the application need to be automated

Created Manual test cases to test the Child Windows on the C# .Net Web Brower

Team Automation lead in setup up a Frame Work in Silk Test.

Multimedia – Self Employed 2001 – 2002

Started my own Multimedia company building Digital Slide shows using Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. Multimedia files were converted to .VOB files to be played on a home base DVD player

Clarent Senior QA Engineer 1999 – 2001

Setup a E1 and a T1 phone system network to generate 36 hours stress test using the Hammer and Ameritec on the IP Telephony Gateways. We measured call completion rate percentage, packet lost, and round trip delays. Used Silk scripts to monitor memory leak during stress test.

Use SQL scripts to verify that data was stored in the Database.

Created Test cases to insure that Static text on the screen matches the text on the HTML code

Evaluated other Call generator vendors to verify if the call generator is compatible with Clarent E1 and T1 softswitch VoIP Gateways.

Team Automation lead in setup up a Frame Work in Silk Test to verify data in the Oracle Database

Oracle Senior Member of Technical Staff 1997- 1999

Wrote Silk scripts to generate General Ledger, Account Payable, and Account Receivable on Oracle Financial.

Developed test plans, test cases to test the Oracle Web Interoffice . Test plan was to give upper manger the duration of the testing cycle

Setup an Oracle Database on a Windows NT Server 4.0 .

Designed Web pages for the Industrial Application Division for upper management to gain access to test documentation and test scripts, using the Netscape HTML wizard

Netscape Senior QA Consultant 1997

Wrote a QA Partner script to verify that the Netscape installer program installed the necessary files to execute the Netscape Browser in the Windows 95 and Window NT environment. The QA partner does a bitmap comparison between the actual files and the installed files.

Created basic HTML : table, font features, Links, borders, and loaded .gif files to test the Netscape browser

Visa Senior QA Consultant 1996 - 1997

Wrote QA partner scripts to create 1000 projects name on a Oracle Server. Automation scripts were executed 24 hours a day to test the reliability of the Server.

Developed test plans to determine the effective used of QA Partner

Generated Manual Test cases where QA Partner was not applicable

ALL Tel Information Systems Senior QA Consultant 1996

Designed a QA Partner automation script to build 100 history flow sheets for a patient. All files were saved and sent to a printer to insure that the data are entered correctly.

Developed a QA Partner script to verify that the Medical Software can admit 50,000 patients without memory leaks or data loss. The script insures that all types or combinations of ascii characters are accepted by the medical software without error.

Apple Computer Test Engineer 1995-1996

Developed a QA Partner automation script to copy 2000 various graphics files from PC Client to the Mac Server 24 hours a day. The script did a bitmap comparison between the original file and the copied file to insure that all files were copied correctly.

Education BSCS San Jose State 1990

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