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Data Entry

Tulsa, OK
March 22, 2018

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Detlef Galbreath

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Tulsa, OK 74133


Resume highlights most relevant to the Data Analyst position:

Geophysical Research Co.:

I was the ERP administrator, for 7 years. I led several projects to analyze our data usage and to clean up the ERP data, directly, using Access to link to the root tables, to identify unique values, identify outliers, create rules for uncontrolled fields, update exceptions to fit within the rules, and create monitoring for compliance.

I created a “data warehouse” of the live system data from the ERP system, supplementary mapping/conversion tables, and our external payroll system (ADP), to create a full suite of production reports, using all three data sources.

I created a physical inventory count application, to capture point in time counts, receive tag inputs, generate variance reports, and generate correcting adjustments.

I created a receiving accrual application, to capture receipts and accounts payable invoices, perform matching, to reconcile the general ledger balance, to generate the needed journal entries to maintain the correct balance.

I created a slow-moving inventory application to evaluate the inventory for slow inventory turns (comparing stock level to usage rate), to generate inventory reserves for obsolescence. The application also accepted manual designations of items where special circumstances suggested an override to the data.

I created about 80 weekly error tests (and about 20 daily tests), bundled into a macro, to look for data errors the system didn’t prevent (e.g. future dates, data out of tolerance, non-compliant text data, etc.).


I created an application to retrieve all billable projects (account reconciliations), manage ownership responsibility, distribute (divide) data amongst the 20+ owning managers, receive the data back from those managers, consolidating back together, and generating performance reporting.

Dollar Thrifty:

For the Fleet department of about 60 people, dealing with the entire Dollar fleet of vehicles (later including Thrifty, too), I created somewhat of a data warehouse with information from various system reports, mapping information not available in the system, and generated many reports and exports to facilitate monthly financial transactions.

Also, I generated a tool to import electronic payment detail (sometimes 40-60,000 lines of data), validate, parse, and configure, compare to the system data, and generate data to be keyed. Once the information to be keyed was generated, the tool would actually perform the keystrokes, using the system interface. After keying was complete, the tool could evaluate for completion and accuracy, generating and remaining or correcting entries required. Previously, each data transmission required 4-6 employees to spend several days of data entry.


I created a tool to manage the expenses and variances to budget of 700+ cost centers (and all of their accounts), for the entire Tulsa base. The tool could be refreshed in minutes, at multiple times during the monthly financial process, to identify variances requiring explanations. The tool also stored the organizational chart, with names of managers, VP’s, etc., to allow for variance reporting for all levels of rollups, from front-line manager to Executive Vice President levels.

I created a budget generation tool, for the entire Tulsa plant, to input variables used to drive the budget calculation process, for all expense line-items. Using the org chart and headcounts by the 700+ cost centers, using percentages of other dollar amounts, or whatever relationship was appropriate, the full budget detail for Tulsa expenses was generated, including reporting on the total dollars and all levels of rollups, per the org chart. The tool was easily and quickly repeatable, when variables needed to be changed, to generate the multiple iterations required to arrive at the final budget.


I created a full comprehensive ERP system for a machine shop of 25 machinists, including: work orders, sales quotes, shop travelers (routers), material requirements and costs, and labor entry. The tool was multi-user, with security, and generated a full suite of job cost reports and production reporting.

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