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Senior Technical Architect

St. Louis, MO
March 22, 2018

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Systems Architect with over 10 years of experience creating sustainable strategies for applications and infrastructure supporting both the technical and business sides of AT&T. Experienced thought leader championing corporate drivers, vision and culture. Over 35 years of experience in IT. (My experience started with Southwestern Bell Telephone, which became AT&T through mergers and acquisitions.) TECHNICAL SKILLS

> Software: Tivoli Orchestrator, IBM Cloud Orchestrator, Microsoft (MS) Excel, MS Word, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint

> Languages: Perl, Fortran, COBOL, PL/1, Basic

> Project Management Tools: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel

> Databases: SQL (Oracle), Access

> Hardware: Cloud, X86 (middleware), Dell, HP, Sun, IBM Series I, Mainframe (S/360)

> Applications: Webmaster for and others (see below); various mainframe applications

> Industries: Telecommunications

> Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM Series I, S/360

> Methodologies: Agile, “water-fall”

> Application Servers: WebSphere, JBOSS/Tomcat, WebLogic PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

UBER, St. Louis, MO 2016- 2018

> Independent Contractor (2016-2018)

> Using my car to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for passengers (from pick up to destination). AT&T, St. Louis, MO 1994- 2013


> Planned AT&T’s use of mid-range computing infrastructure (as part of a team of approx. 20 Solutions Architects) to align with business objectives. This included utilizing virtualization (internal Cloud resources). o Ensured each project request had adequate requirements, including performance, security and resiliency (High Availability [aka HA]).

o Provided an architecture design document (blueprint) (including a cost estimate) for each project (8 - 12 each year). Designed each project to use hardware and software that conformed to AT&T standards as determined by a team that documented the standards each month. o Established target completion dates on every project/assignment and communicated them to Project Managers.

o Obtained information about which Data Centers were available for which purposes and designed projects appropriately.

o Presented results via telephone and web.

> Strategic Implementation Highlights:

o Began implementation of the use of leased hardware (instead of purchased hardware). Page 2 of 2

o Began migrating to cloud-based resources (instead of dedicated hardware).

> Technical Environment:

o Internal cloud resources (VMWare, Tivoli Orchestrator, IBM Cloud Orchestrator). o X86 midrange computers (from Dell, HP and IBM) running Linux or Windows. o IBM P-Series computers running Linux or Windows. o Sun hardware using Solaris Zones

o J2EE (WebSphere, JBOSS/Tomcat, WebLogic).

o Various storage systems (Hitachi, Brocade)


> Supported development efforts by translating application requirements into infrastructure design o Participated in meetings to collaborate and gather information. o Presented infrastructure solutions (including costs) both in person and via telephone as needed. o Developed and implemented AT&T’s Shared Web Hosting (SWH) environment using the Vignette Content Management System (CMS) (which is now part of OpenText).

> Provided technical expertise (thought leadership, influence, consultation and mentoring) as the subject matter expert for the SWH environment by recommending architecture, software (Vignette, IBM WebSphere Application Server) and hardware to ensure adequate capacity and to ensure high availability (“5 nines”).

> Supervised a team of 3 to 5 employees.

o Resolved problems and set up systems that would page myself and my team when those systems detected them.

o Provided 24-hour-a-day operational support for the SWH environment (including troubleshooting). o Supported technical aspects of AT&T(Southwestern Bell/SBC)’s web effort (for over 14 years).

> Strategic Implementation Highlights:

o Began using X86/Linux for hardware/OS (instead of SUN/Solaris hardware/OS). o Reduced Disaster Recovery (DR) needs by combining resources for resilience/redundancy and DR.

> Technical Environment: Shared Web Hosting (SWH) environment (which was a “PaaS” [with 3-tiers] before that term was popular). SWH initially ran on SUN hardware, using Solaris OS (a flavor of Unix) and Vignette CMS and was moved to run on X86 midrange computers (from Dell, HP and IBM) running Linux using IBM WebSphere Application Server. The database used Oracle in both cases.

> WEBMASTER (1994-2005)

> Developed and implemented AT&T (Southwestern Bell/SBC)’s initial web site.

> Managed 5 websites (,,,, for Southwestern Bell and its acquisitions.

> Assessed and recommended HTML developers and content developers for the sites.

> Supervised content developers and HTML developers. CERTIFICATIONS AND TRAINING

> Completed training for Cloud computing (“TCAM”, a.k.a. Technical Cloud Account Manager).

> Completed AT&T’s Leadership with Distinction (LwD) program each year since its inception (4 years).

> Completed training in the various “quality” programs at AT&T (Do It Right Quality Principals, Six Sigma White Belt).


Fort Hays Kansas State University, Hays, KS

Bachelor of Science – Mathematics (with Computer Science emphasis) (May, 1978) Bachelor of Arts - Music (May, 1978)

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