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Oracle Service

March 22, 2018

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Phanikiran Kamarajugadda


More than ** years of Professional Experience in Consultation, Architecture, Administration, Development, Team Leadership, Programming and Network Management. Has extensive experience in AWS Cloud Computing, SOA, B2B, BPM, N-tier Enterprise Architecture, J2EE, Identity Management, Master Data Management, Web based Client/Server distributed systems, Web Services, Security, Open source frameworks, Network and System administration. Possesses Expert Technical skills and has ability to work independently.


Insurance(Health), Public Administration, Banking/Finance, Communications, Services, Education, Manufacturing

Functional Areas:

Delivery, Analysis, Leadership/Management



Development Tools:

JDeveloper, Eclipse, Visio, OSB Console, Oracle EM, SOA Suite 10/11g, Amberpoint, OBTM, Weblogic Admin Console, Tibco BW, EMS, Designer, Forte

Application Packages:

Java (1.7, 1.8), J2EE, JSP, JMS, JSF, Struts, Hibernate, Spring Boot 2.0.0, Android, Dojo, Ibatis, Gradle 4.6, Ant, Dozer

Application Servers

Weblogic 8x,10g,11g,12c, SOA BAM Managed Servers, OSB Server, Websphere 6.1, Websphere Process Server, Tomcat

Databases / DB Tools:

SOAPUI, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, SQL Plus, Toad, SQL Developer

Desktop Tools:

FTP Pro, WinCvs

Methodologies / Techniques:

Cloud computing, SOA, EAI, MVC, DI, AOP, RMI, RUP, UML, BPEL, Agile, IMDG, ORM, Event driven Architecture, Portal/Portlets, Abstraction, OO Frameworks, Grid Computing

Operating Systems:

Windows, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Ubuntu

Programming Languages:

Java, C++, C, PL/SQL, Transact SQL, Forte, JavaScript, UML, HTML, XML, WSDL, XSD, XSL, XPath

Testing Tools:

QTP, Load runner

Utilities / Command Languages:


SOA Certification

Oracle Service Oriented Architecture Infrastructure Implementation Certified Expert (Oracle SOA Suite 11g)

Other Certifications

IBM Certified Developer in Web Sphere 5.0 Studio (J2EE)

Oracle Certified Professional

OCP (PL/SQL Programming)

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (VC++ 5.0, SQL Server 6.5) MCSD

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (NT 4.0)


CNA/CNE Certified (3.x)



Health Services provider, Richmond va

07/13 - Present

Lead Software Engr

CDHP: Consumer driven health plans. The system will process Medical and Pharmacy Claim Related transactions with partner companies like BCBS in real time. Uses IBM MQ to connect to BCBS

CorePortal: Allows employees of Magellan to register for Health benefits.

FirstRX: Magellan based pharmacy system.

ADS: Magellan Accumulation Data store.

ePrescribing: A b2b solution transacting X12 EDI documents running into millions of transactions every month. Minimum 200,000 daily

Medication History: A service that provides the pharmacy transactions history for a patient. Minimum 50000 daily

ePA: A service that provides electronic prior authorization. Minimum 10000 daily

Laker partD: A claims Adjudication service

Laker OSB API: 2-way service between Magellan and Laker

Responsible for Architecture and Implementation of Applications from multiple departments like DIG, MRx and MMA creating real time and Interfaces and batch processes guided by SOA processes, guaranteed messaging and data transformations associated with inbound and outbound messages to the target systems i.e., External Partners (like BCBS SC, BCBS FL) and Magellan Accumulation Data store.

Responsible for architecture and implementation transaction resubmissions and determination of failure criteria. There is a minimum of 15000 accum transactions on a daily basis

Responsible for Jcaps to SOA migration involving exchange of EDI X12 834, 270/271 documents.

Responsible for Architecture, Design, Implementation, Best practices and Governance of new SOA interfaces and Oracle service Registry.

Responsible for creating live updating BAM Dash boards.

Responsible for Production Monitoring, Environment setups and management, Troubleshooting and fixes.

Responsible for fixing Fusion related P1 calls.

Responsible for maintaining FMW OSB web services security based on X 509 technology

Implemented several Fusion middleware clusters in Production handling millions of transactions every day on real time basis

The Fusion middleware clusters include soa, osb, ums, bam, ess servers.

Responsible for migrating CDHP from Fusion to AWS Cloud and spring boot based EC2 instances.

Responsible for administering CDHP in AWS including setting up and maintaining Auto scaling groups, launch configurations, Cloud Formation templates, Cloud watch alarms and alerts… etc.

Responsible for POC on implementing X 509 certificates with AWS Cloud security


AWS Cloud, Spring Boot 2.0.0, Oracle SOA suite 11g, 12c, IBM MQ, Oracle Service bus (OSB) 11g,12c, OWSM, BPM, EDI, B2B, EBS Adapter, OWSM, Oracle service registry, Weblogic JMS, Oracle AQ, Gradle 4.6, Websphere MQ, BPEL, JDeveloper 11g, 12c, Oracle DB 11g, 12x, Oracle Weblogic 11g, 12c Oracle Weblogic scripting (WLST), Visio, J2EE, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle BAM 11g, XML, XSLT, Java 1.6, Linux scripting, PL/SQL, ANT Scripts, Python scripts, SSH etc

Public Works engg (PWE), City of Houston

State Govt, Houston TX

08/11 - 07/13

Sr. SOA Consultant/Architect

PWESOA: The PWE Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Implementation offers various Interfaces and Interoperability between a host of applications including

IMS: (Infrastructure Management System, Houston Cityworks)

INFOR: (An Enterprise App for Traffic Maintenance, Houston Cityworks)

ILMS: (Integrated Land Management System, Houston Cityworks)

INOVAH: (Cashiering solution, Houston Cityworks)

HANSEN: (Drainage Solution, Houston Cityworks)

WCIS (Billing System, Houston Cityworks)

311 System: (A System that receives 311 calls from Citizens, Houston Citiworks)

Pothole App: (Mobile app to report and maintain Potholes by PWE employees, Houston Citiworks)

COS Mobile APP: (PWE Mobile IMS Applications. Houston Cityworks) and many more in pipeline.

The PWE SOA Architecture acts as hub and a central point for all Integrations between PWE applications and is built on Service Component Architecture of Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

Roles and Responsibilities.

Overall Solution Design that includes end-to-end Process Flow, Web Services definitions/message formats/security credentials/SLAs/Constraints/system alerts, integration interfaces etc using Oracle BPM Suite 11g, SOA Suite 11g, AIA 11g, CEP, IDM Suite.

Involved in capturing requirements for business processes from customer request/workorder initiation to completion including migration of Oracle workflow processes to Oracle BPMN.

SOA Security and Governance implementation

Created reusable shared services infrastructure through web services creation to act like an adapter to integrated systems.

Implemented configuration change management process using SVN, Maven and Hudson

Designed and implemented system architecture, monitoring and reporting for HA Availability and DR ready using Oracle WLS, Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12C and Oracle BIE Publisher.

Architected and implemented Inovah-PWE B2B services

Architected and Implemented IMSWO Web services (Mobile)

Architected and Implemented new Error handling and Notification mechanism for IMS 311 Interface

Architected and Implemented Pothole and IMS Interface

Architected and Implemented COS mobile and IMS Interface

Responsible for Administration, Monitoring, Troubleshooting Production issues and Tracking of information

Responsible for setting up and maintaining SOA installations in DEV, QA and Production Environments

Responsible for Performance Tuning of SOA installations in DEV, QA and Production Environments.


Oracle SOA suite 11g, Oracle Service bus (OSB) 11g, BPM, JMS, Amberpoint, BTM, B2B, OIM, OID, OVD, OWSM, OSB Proxy Flows and Split Joins, BPEL, EM 12c, Hudson, Maven, JDeveloper 11g, Oracle DB 11g, Oracle Weblogic 11g, Oracle Weblogic scripting (WLST), J2EE, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle BAM 11g, XML, XSLT, Java 1.6, Linux scripting, PL/SQL, TOAD, MSFT Windows, ANT Scripts, Python scripts, SSH etc

Dept of HEALTH NY Albany

State Government

12/07 – 08/11

Sr. SOA Consultant/Sr. Developer

ECLRS/CDESS - Communicable diseases electronic surveillance system is a web based Transactional/Analytical application that consists of Communicable disease cases and investigations, reports for evaluation, monitoring and prevention purposes.

This multi application project requires creation of a master database along with SOA based integration strategies with related applications.

ECLRS: Electronic clinical laboratory report system

OMS: Outbreak Management System

STD-MIS : STD Management Information System

RMS: Rabies Management System

This project requires migrations and enhancements for CDESS modules.

Led the Architecture and migration of CDESS from WebLogic 8 to 10g platform

Led the HIN/HCS framework enhancements w.r.t Web services, Security and Logging

Led the Architecture, Design and Implementation of Automation of Tasks using Quartz Scheduler on Weblogic cluster based Struts platform

Prepared impact analysis and design for reusable Cdess Supplement modules and new Service modules

Led Sybase to Oracle 10g data migration and responsible for maintaining data qualiy

Created Quartz Batch processes, PL/SQL, Sybase Stored procedures and functions

Responsible for Cdess performance optimizations and troubleshooting production issues

Led the Architecture and Design of a prototype Composite App based on Oracle SOA, BPEL, OSB, MDM

Designed of Process flows, Business rules, Reusable ECLRS/CDESS WS* web services

Created data transfer rules, transformations and mappings

Designed Application Integration, Web Services security Strategies

Responsible for Architecture, Delivery of Migration from Perl to J2EE, Struts, Ajax based System

Responsible for Application build process, Webloigc and FMW Administration in Dev and QA environments


Java(1.4,1.5,1.6), J2EE, JSF, JSP, Weblogic 8x-11g, JMS, Oracle FMW 10/11g(SOA Suite), OSB,

BPM, BPEL, OWSM, Quartz Scheduler XML, WSDL, XSD, XSLT, HL7, Ajax, JavaScript, ibatis,

Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Sybase 12.5, CVS, Transact SQL, Pl/Sql, Sql Loader, Ant scripts

Dept of Criminal Justice NY Albany

State Government

06/07 - 12/07

Sr. Consultant

In support of the NYS Department of Criminal Justice, developed the Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Legacy Renewal application that maintained criminal history data. Supported the application’s reengineering into a J2EE platform migrating from a legacy Forte based criminal system. The new system maintained historical data based on criminal and civil events such as arrests, parole, conviction, disposition, and court case records. In support of the CCH application, analyzed the architecture and design for business, data, and persistency services. Designed business processes and services based on an SOA as well as persistency services based on a Hibernate 3.2 Persistency layer. Implemented object mapping using Dozer to migrate from the Domain to the Persistency layer.


J2EE, Hibernate 3.2, Spring, Dozer, WSAD, Web sphere 6.1, jdk1.5, EJB3.0, Altova xmlspy, Oracle 10.2, UNIX.

Asset Management Technology For Charles Schwab

Financial Services, Denver

01/07 - 06/07

Sr. Developer

Served as an Architect and Senior Developer for the Schwab Trade Activity Portal (STAP), a secure web-based application that enabled fund partners to verify real time trading activity. Supported STAP enhancements such as allowing users to process and download additional data based on correspondent mutual fund balances, branches, addresses, etc. Developed new interfaces for STAP to receive files from external applications for storage, retrieval, and portal changes.


J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Struts, SOAP, Weblogic 8.14, MQ, Oracle 10.2, Web Services, Windows, UNIX, Sql Loader

Standard Chartered

Commercial Banking, India

12/05 - 10/06

Senior Software Analyst

Supported the B2BEX Billing Info@work system, a billing application for Standard Chartered Bank and its partners. Info@work pricing, rating, payments, and user administration modules were developed using AJAX. Info@work was an email based scheduling system that included data and images from various systems such as IMEX (An Import Export module), TSLM (An Independent Trading System), and ifactor that was then configured, processed, mailed, and stored.

Managed the migration to an XFW framework using J2EE design patterns. Developed a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) using the XFW-XUI framework. Developed payment modules of the billing system which improved system performance yielding performance data and statistics. Performed unit and integration testing as well as peer code reviews.


J2EE, (Servlets, JSP, Swing, JMS,), TIBCO BW 5.x, CORBA Spring, Hibernate, SOAP, Websphere5.1 MQ, Portlets, WBIMB, Oracle 9i, Web Services, Windows, UNIX (Solaris), Rational Tools


Financial Services, India

08/05 - 11/05

Senior Analyst

Supported the enhancement of Fidelity’s Passport application that was used to create and save queries to the customer database. Supported the Passport application’s migration from BEA’s WebLogic server to WebSphere 5. Created the development and test environments along with build scripts based on the WebSphere platform.


J2EE, Servlets, JSP, EJB, Struts, JMS, RMI, WebSphere5, Oracle 9i, Windows, UNIX, Solaris


Commercial Banking, India

02/05 - 07/05

Senior Analyst

Supported Citigroup’s International Cards Center Division for existing product enhancements and production support. In this capacity, supported the International Cards Center (ICC) project, a credit card approval system for the Asia Pacific regions. Development was based on a struts like framework with message level interface to MQ that was specific to Citigroup. Supported ICC enhancements and developed web, business, and integration components using J2EE design patterns. Performed unit and integration testing. Further supported Citigroup’s Approval of New Application System (ANAS) application, a credit card approval system used in Thailand and the Philippines. Migrated ANAS from Websphere application server version 4 to version 5 and tested for compatibility.


J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JMS RMI, Swing, WebSphere 4,5, Oracle 9i, MQ Series, Windows, UNIX, Solaris

Universitas 21 Global

Colleges & Universities, Singapore

06/04 - 02/05

Project Lead

Supported the Singapore based Universitas 21 Global, an online graduate school. For the Web Course Tool (Web CT) application, that supported 16 universities offering the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree, designed and implemented the customized application. Provided scheduling support and developed web and integration components using J2EE design patterns. Integrated Web CT with PeopleSoft’s Student Information System (SIS) and Sify mail/chat server and performed unit and integration testing.


Servlets, JSP, EJB, JMS, RMI, Swing, WSDL, SOAP, Struts, Weblogic8, Oracle 9i, People Soft SIS, Windows 2003, UNIX, Solaris


Services, India

07/03 - 06/04

Senior Analyst (Team Lead)

Supported application enhancements and performed estimations, reviews, testing, and metrics analysis. Designed and implemented Forte to J2EE conversion projects in support of an Inventory Production Distribution System (IPDS) and Supply Chain Navigator (SCAN) based on the Struts and WebSphere server platform.


Web Sphere 5.0 MQ, WSAD 5.0, Struts, Forte 3.x, Oracle 9i, COBOL, CICS, DB2, Citrix, Attachmate, Windows NT, UNIX, MVS


Services, India

12/02 - 06/03

Technical Lead Engineer

FTOJ (Forté To Java): The application consists of a suite of migration tools for a rapid migration of Forté applications to J2EE compliant Java applications. Was responsible for design and implementation of analyzer and code converter.


Web Sphere 4, Web Sphere Studio, Forte 3.x, Oracle9i, Rational Rose


Automotive & Automotive Parts, India

07/02 - 12/02

Senior Programmer

EMBAFS: The Electronic Merchant Banking Accounting and financial services is based on n tier J2EE services, Forte and Web based Client, Database oracle9i. This system represents a market place. Analyzed, designed and developed forte to J2EE conversion of selected modules.


Web Sphere 4, MQ, WSAD, Forte 3.x, Oracle9i, Rational Rose, PVCS

Sony Corp (Electronics)

03/02 - 06/02

Senior Programmer, Malaysia

Exceed WMS 4000 customization: The Exceed Warehouse Management System is based on Forte Services, Power Builder Client, Database oracle8i and Batch Handheld. The default behavior of Exceed Fulfill system required to be changed for Sony Corp., Japan for its television warehouses. Designed and developed customizations for Forte services and Batch Handheld Screens for various components of Exceeded WMS including receiving, put away, replenishment, shipping etc.


Forte3.x, Oracle8i, PR Editor, Powerbuilder5.0


Telecommunication, Denver

06/99 - 03/02

Senior Programmer Analyst

Customer Request Manager (CRM): This system monitors status information and handles exceptions raised by local service requests that flow through an automated process. (The Automated Process represents the legacy systems and external interfaces that handle statuses and conditions of service orders and sub orders of a request). Developed the design and documentation for external interfaces to CRM consisting of various platforms J2EE, Oracle 8i, Forte, Forte Conductor and fusion, C++, CORBA and SQL Net.


BEA Weblogic 6, Oracle8i, Struts, J2EE, Forte, Forte Conductor, fusion, VC++, XML, XSL, Visibroker, Forte Conductor, Rational Rose, UNIX, Solaris, NT Workstation

Forté Software Inc For Telecom Italia

Telecommunication, SF California

04/99 - 05/99

Senior Programmer

Enterprise Integration Services: This project aims to integrate various applications with Forté conductor as the process controller. Developed the design, performed coding and implementation.


Forté Conductor 1.0.L.1, Forté 3.0.L.1, Orbix, C++, Oracle, JAVA, UNIX


Services, India

05/98 - 03/99

Senior Programmer

Automated Telecom Services, GS Mail, Library Information System. Developed the design and performed coding and implementation. Prepared the project documentation.


Java, Forté Express 3.0, Forté 3.0.L.1, SQL Server, Rational Rose, Windows

i3 Systems

Software, India

04/97 - 03/98


Electronic Commerce, GUI based FTP client. Developed the design, performed coding and implementation. Prepared the project documentation.


Java, Perl/CGI, SQL Server 6.5

Indigo Group

Services, India

01/95 - 02/97

Network Engineer

Responsible for installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Novell NetWare and Windows NT Networks.



Electronics and Communication Engineering

Osmania University


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