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Air Force Office

Shiloh, IL
March 24, 2018

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Cheryl Elizabeth Garcia

*** ********** *****

O’Fallon IL 62269

Mobile: 618-***-****

Evening Phone: 618-***-****



I want to work for a dynamic company where I can use my Program Management Executive Support experience to enhance their office operations.

Work Experience:

ViSalus Sciences (Body by Vi) Director 8/2011 to Present Salary: Commissions

Started my own home-based business

ViSalus is the number one weight loss and fitness challenge platform in North America rewarding over 25M a year in free products, prizes, and vacations. Our mission is to impact life, health, and prosperity around the world and is challenging the world to make your health a priority for the next 90 days. We have 150,000 new challengers join every month. I promote the challenge.

Caregiver 3/2008 to Present Salary: $15.00 USD Per Hour

Maryville IL

I am a caregiver to a 91-year old family friend who is like a second mother to me. I do laundry, clean house, cook meals, grocery shop, take her to her banks, and take her to the doctor. I nursed her back to health after having a full knee replacement and then congestive heart failure.

MIDCOM Corporation 4/2010 – 9/2010 Salary: $20.00 USD Per Hour

Scott AFB IL, 40 Hours Per Week

Program Management Executive Support

I supported Northrop Grumman on the Technical Support contract with the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), TCJ6, Director, Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems. Proofread all outgoing correspondence for signature, coordination, and/or approval by the Director/Deputy Director. I ensured it was in proper format, had proper coordination, and had been staffed correctly. I held monthly administrative meetings to update the division secretaries on any administrative changes, and answered any questions about the proper preparation of packages. I assisted in answering security questions and maintained security files on individuals. I submitted the Personnel Availability Report Summary (PARS) every morning before 0800. I have working knowledge of the Defense Transportation System (DTS). I was called upon to sit in the front office when the secretaries were gone. The TCJ6 is a 1-star Air Force general. I was personally requested to work in USTRANSCOM’s Command Section when the Deputy Commander’s and Chief of Staff’s secretaries were gone. The Deputy Commander is a 3-star Navy Admiral; the Chief of Staff is a 2-star Army general. I performed general officer scheduling, controlled their calendars, and booked the Command Conference Room. I ensured all read-aheads were available one day prior to the meeting. I coordinated all details of social functions with the Protocol office. *I hold a SECRET clearance.

Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems & Global Solutions 2/2009 – 2/2009 $18.75 USD Per Hour; O’Fallon IL, 40+ Hours Per Week

Executive Secretary

I was hired as an Executive Secretary to work for the IBM Program Manager, IBM Personnel Manager, and supported the Lockheed Martin Deputy Program Manager. Attended daily staff meetings; maintained the team’s calendar; developed personnel rosters and address groupings; ordered office supplies; consolidated the Weekly Activity Report; arranged meetings; assembled contractor booklets for the customer at USTRANSCOM; proofread correspondence; and performed other duties as assigned in order to get them on board with a new contract and customer. Held a SECRET clearance.

Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems & Solutions 5/1995 – 9/2006 $20.56 USD Per Hour; O’Fallon IL, 45 Hours Per Week

Administrative Assistant

I worked for the Global Transportation Network (GTN) Program Manager and supported four other managers. I managed the overall office tasks for the facility. Independently made appointments; maintained her calendar; accomplished travel itineraries; arranged meetings between our President, Vice President, Program Director, the Commander and Deputy Commander of USTRANSCOM; handled all VIP corporate/customer visits; coordinated all civilian/military protocol requirements for office visits; in-processed new personnel; trained personnel on how to utilize our computer systems; resolved any personnel issues that arose; filed expense reports; ensured compliance training was performed annually by everyone; ensured office supplies were ordered monthly taking into account any upcoming activities/meetings; organized social functions for our facility; answered phones; and set up the monthly GTN Program Management Review.

Madison County Courthouse 2/1995 – 5/1995 $15.00 USD Per Hour

Edwardsville IL, 40 Hours Per Week

Office Manager

Worked for John E. Griffith, Major General, USAF, Retired, who was assigned the task of saving the Melvin Price Support Center from closing. Congress had elected this center for closure, but Madison County wanted to keep it open. Supported him by managing the office; made appointments; answered the phone; worked with high-level congressional and local staffers in developing briefings, arranging meetings, and preparing congressional testimony to be presented to the Base Realignment Action Committee in Washington DC. No security clearance required.

Department of the Air Force 10/1993 – 1/1995 $30,567 USD Per Year

Scott AFB IL, 40 Hours Per Week

Personnel Clerk (Office Automation), GS-203-05

I worked at Scott Air Force Base Civilian Personnel Office, Staffing Section. I counseled civilian personnel on the Air Force Career Programs, input computer data, accomplished travel orders for personnel to change duty stations and counseled them on permanent change of station entitlements. I also sent out recruitment letters and performed staffing functions for organizations on base. I had taken a downgrade from a GS-0235-09 to the above grade to help with a family illness. I held a TOP SECRET clearance. I retired early from civil service on

3 January 1995 with 27 years and 3 months of service.

Department of the Air Force 12/1991 – 10/1993 $30, 567 USD Per Year

Scott AFB IL, 40 Hours Per Week

Employee Development Specialist, GS-0235-09

I created the Civilian Personnel Awards Program for the newly established United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), TCJ1. I wrote the USTRANSCOM regulation providing guidelines for personnel submissions. Had recognition boards built to display the winners. Maintained the command’s training program and budget. Organized training classes for civilian personnel, and processed all training requests through Base Civilian Personnel Office. I assisted our Civilian Personnel Officer in administering civilian programs within the command. Held a TOP SECRET clearance.

Department of the Air Force 12/1990 – 12/1991 $27,000 USD Per Year

Scott AFB IL, 40 Hours Per Week

Training Coordinator, GS-0203-07

I established the Civilian Personnel Training Program for USTRANSCOM/TCJ1-C. I formed the Civilian Training Advisory Committee which was chaired by the Senior Executive Service member in the command. Briefed the committee on the status of our training budget; any training classes scheduled within the command, and compiled the civilian personnel training budget for the command which was forwarded to Headquarters Air Force. Held training meetings with training points of contact; scheduled personnel for technical training classes, and organized/set up training classes for administrative personnel. I held a TOP SECRET clearance. *For three months, the Command Section detailed me to support MG John Stanford, USA, USTRANSCOM Deputy Commander, to assist him during his retirement transition to civilian life. Proofread correspondence for his signature; managed his daily calendar and social events; made appointments; and arranged meetings. I scheduled all his retirement appointments and movement of household goods, etc.

Department of the Air Force 5/1990 – 12/1990 $24,043 USD Per Year

Scott AFB IL, 40 Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-07

I was the Executive Secretary to the Director, Manpower and Personnel, USTRANSCOM/TCJ1. I received office visitors and telephone callers determining appropriate disposition. Maintained Director’s calendar; made travel arrangements, set up meetings and conferences; proofread all outgoing correspondence for the Director’s signature to insure correct grammar and format were met, prepared and submitted travel vouchers, and coordinated with flight coordinators for mil-air support.

Department of the Air Force 12/1989 – 5/1990 $24,043 USD Per Year

Randolph AFB TX, 40+ Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-07

I was the Executive Secretary to the Commander, USAF Recruiting Service, Brigadier General John Salvadore. I received office visitors and telephone callers determining appropriate disposition. Maintained commander’s calendar and made specific time appointments. Researched/assembled background material needed for meetings. Wrote or telephoned acceptances or regrets for social affairs, speaking engagements, attendance at civic functions, etc. I maintained wife’s social calendar as well. I typed for the Commander’s signature high-level correspondence to general officers, members of Congress, and U.S. governmental officials. Took extensive dictation and transcribed into final form all personal and official letters. Received and opened all incoming mail for the Commander and forwarded it to him with indicated action required. I provided continuity of office administration during absences of the Commander. Prepared and submitted travel vouchers, assisted in coordinating the Commander’s itinerary, coordinated with flight coordinators for mil-air support. I coordinated details with television executives in scheduling appearances promoting the recruitment of personnel for the United States Air Force.

Department of the Air Force 6/1989 – 12/1989 $22,807 USD Per Year

Randolph AFB TX, 40 Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-06

I worked for Headquarters Air Training Command Director of Public Affairs. Received all visitors and telephone calls to the Director; controlled the Director’s schedule and reminded him of appointments. On own initiative and discretion, established priorities, set up/rescheduled or refused appointments; accepted/declined invitations to meetings, social engagements, etc. I arranged the meeting for the quarterly San Antonio -Air Force Community Council. I notified all participants, provided agenda and other related information to high-ranking military officers and civilian dignitaries. Took dictation and transcribed correspondence into final form. Received all incoming mail for the Director and determined whether correspondence should be brought to the attention of the supervisor. Reviewed all outgoing correspondence for accuracy, adherence to established format, and adherence to Director’s policies and style. Composed and typed in final form correspondence such as acknowledgements, letters of appreciation, social and personal acceptances. Held a TOP SECRET clearance.

Department of the Air Force 10/1987 – 6/1989 $27,000 approx USD Per Year; Scott AFB IL, 40+ Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS0318-7

I worked for Major General John Piatak, U.S. Army, Director of Plans and Programs, USTRANSCOM/TCJ5 as an Executive Secretary. Maintained his calendar, arranged and scheduled meetings, proofread all outgoing correspondence, coordinated travel arrangements with high-level Air Staff Protocol Office, filed travel vouchers, worked closely with Army Assignments Staff in the Pentagon, provided administrative directions to subordinates, prepared high-level correspondence for his signature, and worked closely with the Protocol Office for all his social events. I arranged award ceremonies and Commander Calls. I held a TOP SECRET clearance.

Department of the Air Force 11/1986 – 10/1987 $25,000 approx USD Per Year; Scott AFB IL, 40+ Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-07

I worked for the Director and Deputy Director of Acquisition at Air Force Communications Command. Maintained their calendars, made travel arrangements, proofread all outgoing correspondence, maintained division’s timecards, filed travel vouchers, made appointments, set up meetings and worked closely with the Command Section and Protocol office for public events. Held a TOP SECRET clearance.

Department of the Air Force 4/1986 – 11/1986 $23,254 USD Per Year; Scott AFB IL, 40 Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-06

I was the Secretary to the Assistant DCS/Plans and Requirements, Headquarters Air Force Communications Command. I received visitors and telephone calls. Maintained supervisor’s calendar – independently scheduling appointments and determining priority and necessity for committing supervisor’s time. Proofread/edited all correspondence coming in from various offices within the directorate for DCS signature/coordination. Checked for proper format, spelling, grammar, etc. Made travel arrangements and prepared itinerary. Instructed/informed subordinate administrative personnel of new, revised, and/or amended procedures for preparation/processing of correspondence. Took dictation and transcribed notes into final product. Operated the Z-100 and CPT to gather email and prepare daily schedule. Consolidated and typed the weekly leave and TDY status report from seven divisions to keep the DCS and Assistant informed of their personnel whereabouts. Held a TOP SECRET clearance.

Department of the Air Force 2/1984 – 8/1986 $21,388 USD Per Year; Randolph AFB TX, 40 Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-07

Secretary to the Chief, Air Force Civilian Personnel Management Center. He was a Senior Executive Service (SES) member, DV-6. I received all visitors and telephone calls to the Chief and Deputy. I maintained diplomacy in personal contacts with high-ranking military and civilian personnel in the Department of Defense, Headquarters United States Air Force, etc. Maintained Chief’s calendar, scheduled appointments and arranged meetings. Read all incoming correspondence to Chief and personally answered some from own knowledge. Proofread all outgoing correspondence for Chief’s signature/coordination. Insured Chief’s policies and procedures were carried out. Most correspondence was addressed to Air Staff offices or higher and MAJCOM/DPCs. Insured proper coordination was executed. I returned incorrectly prepared correspondence to originator for reaccomplishment. I advised all administrative personnel on proper preparation of correspondence and organizational policies and procedures. Made Chief’s travel arrangements and coordinated all details with originating offices. Took dictation, insured all protocol aspects were arranged for visiting DVs. I maintained time cards. Held a TOP SECRET clearance.

Department of the Air Force 11/1982 – 2/1984 $19,021 USD Per Year; Randolph AFB TX, 40 Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-06

I was the Secretary to the Director of Transportation, Headquarters Air Training Command/LGT. Reviewed and edited all outgoing correspondence for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Received and placed telephone calls for the Director. Monitored Airman Performance Reports and Officer Efficiency Reports, and directorate suspenses. Composed routine correspondence for the Director. Made appointments for Director. Scheduled meetings and conferences for Director. I maintained time and attendance cards for directorate. I assisted in maintaining files. I provided safe handling for classified material. I provided administrative guidance to the divisions and their secretaries. I took dictation from Director. I accomplished the Do-It-Yourself (DITY) report (quarterly) which was sent to Air Staff. I reviewed all incoming correspondence and answered routine correspondence for Director. I maintained TDY expenditures for directorate. I held a TOP SECRET clearance.

Department of the Air Force 5/1981 – 11/1982 $17,383 USD Per Year; Randolph AFB TX, 40 Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-05

I was the Division Secretary to Division Chief, Headquarters Air Force Military Personnel Center, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation, Open Mess Division. Received all incoming correspondence and routed to appropriate branches for action. I controlled all suspenses. I maintained reference library. I reviewed all outgoing correspondence for grammatical correctness. I made division chief’s appointments and maintained schedule. I prepared TDY orders for division chief and deputy. Typed and distributed correspondence Air Force-wide. Typed, proofread and assembled books of instruction and pamphlets for Air Force-wide use. Administratively set up the Culinary Upgrade Program. I coordinated expenditure of funds with Air Force Comptroller office. I prepared staff summary sheets for AF/DP signature/coordination. Made all travel arrangements for division chief and deputy. Coordinated itineraries with all offices involved. Directly supervised two summer hires. Held a TOP SECRET clearance.

Department of the Air Force 9/1977 – 5/1981 $16,408 USD Per Year; Offutt AFB, NE, 40 Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-06

Secretary to the Director and Deputy Director of Munitions, Headquarters Strategic Air Command/LGW. Scheduled appointments and maintained Director’s and Deputy Director’s calendars; proofread all correspondence; insured Director’s policies and procedures were carried out; prepared correspondence (personal and executive) for Director’s signature; prepared TDY orders; made travel and billeting arrangements; maintained accurate records on funds allocated and spent for all TDYs. I worked closely with Funds Management personnel in preparing fiscal year call estimates. Maintained records of TDY money spent which was provided by other organizations in support of our mission. Transcribed dictation of trip reports, etc. Held a TOP SECRET/SCI clearance.

Department of the Air Force 10/1973 – 9/1977 $11,163 USD Per Year; Offutt AFB NE, 40+ Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-05

I worked for the Commander, 3902d Supply Squadron. Proofread all correspondence for Chief of Supply’s signature; maintained and scheduled all his appointments; took minutes of staff meetings; made sure all his policies and procedures were carried out by all personnel; typed all of his Airman’s Performance Reports and Officer Efficiency Reports; proofread all recommendations for decorations submitted (was point of contact for this program); receptionist, answered telephone; returned to clerks all correspondence incorrectly prepared; set up commander’s calls; assisted in handling personnel problems; worked closely with the Orderly Room, First Sergeant, Base CBPO, Wing Commander’s office and any other associated organizations. Supervised one Stay-In-School. Details: Requested to support an Aircraft Investigation Board, Dec 75. Took in shorthand and transcribed testimonies; prepared administratively accident report. Personally requested by the Wing Commander to type the Wing History.

Department of the Air Force 4/1971 – 5/1973 $8465 USD Per Year

Hahn AB GE, 40 Hours Per Week

Secretary (Steno), GS-0318-05

I was the Secretary for the Wing Safety Officer, 50th Tactical Fighter Wing/SE. Office Manager; receptionist, answered telephone; received all incoming correspondence and diverted action to appropriate safety branches; personally handled correspondence for the Chief of Safety and prepared replies for his signature; made all appointments and maintained weekly schedule; took dictation; prepared ground safety accident/incident reports; took verbatim dictation during interrogations; took meeting minutes of Wing Safety Council; prepared flying safety accident/incident reports; worked for Wing Commander and Base Commander anytime their secretaries were gone. Supported inspection teams (AF/IG, 17th AF/IG, ORI* teams, etc.) with typing support during their visit to the base; also rendered stenographic support whenever needed; dispatched personnel to in-flight emergencies and ground emergencies; ordered publications; posted regulations/manuals, maintained classified material. Held a SECRET clearance.

Department of the Air Force 1/1970 – 4/1971 $5734 USD Per Year; Hahn AB, GE, 40 Hours Per Week

Clerk/Typist, GS-322-03

I worked for Security Police, 50th Tactical Fighter Wing/SPA. Receptionist; answered telephone; did all office typing; performed extensive work in the security clearance area. Proofread all data on DD Forms 398 and 1584. Insured all required information on forms was in accordance with Air Force regulations. If not, I returned forms to individual for reaccomplishment stating the necessary corrections before sending to OSI for investigation. Maintained office files. I administratively assisted the Special Investigations Section. I kept the utmost confidentiality on OSI files and investigations. I was asked by the Security Police Commander to set up office files and publications for the Law Enforcement Desk.

Department of the Air Force 7/1967 – 8/1969 $5316 USD Per Year

Scott AFB IL, 40 Hours Per Week

Clerk/Steno, GS-312-04

Worked for Headquarters Air Force Communications Command as a receptionist; answered telephone; screened all incoming correspondence; diverted correspondence to different branches; prepared letters/messages for boss’ signature; cut TDY orders on contractor personnel who travelled all over the world in support of the Vietnam War; requested theater clearances; etc., took extensive dictation and prepared all correspondence in final form; substituted for GS-6 secretary during her absences. Maintained all suspenses; maintained all classified. Held a SECRET clearance.


Southwestern Illinois College

Belleville IL

Some college coursework completed: 9/1966 to 1/1969

36 semester hours

Major: Business Management

Minor: Business Administration

O’Fallon Township High School

O’Fallon IL

Attended from 08/1962 to 06/1966; Graduated: 6/1966

Number of semester hours: Unknown

Major: Business Management; Minor: Business Administration

Job Related Training:

Air Force Documentation Management, 15 Jun 71; Safety Mgmt Course, 19 Aug 77; Personnel Mgmt Course, 23 Jan 80; Secretarial course, 3 Dec 80; Personnel Management Course, 22 Jul 81; Advanced Secretarial Seminar, 17 Sep 82; Microsoft Word 2.0, 1 Sep 94; Hispanic Employment Program Council of Greater St. Louis, 16 Sep 94; St. Louis Metropolitan Federal Women’s Program Council, 30 Aug 94; DaVinci email, 19 Nov 93; Job Analysis Workshop, 27-28 May 92; AFCC Deputy Chief of Staff Comptroller Financial Management, 8 Oct 87; Human Relations Education Seminar, 8 Aug 80; Advanced Secretarial Seminar, 1-3 Dec 80; Management Orientation for Employees in Administrative, Clerical and Secretarial positions, 21-23 Jan 80; Supervisor Safety Training, 19 Aug 76; Personal Affairs Orientation Course, 24 Apr 74; Introduction to Electronic Combat Course, 1 Mar 83; Initial ETAP Training, 20 Apr 10; Spear-Phishing Additional Awareness Training, 27 Aug 10; Flashpoint, 27 Apr 10; Shots Fired, 27 Apr 10; President Obama’s Freedom of Information Act Memorandum,29 Apr 10; Microsoft SharePoint Basic, 29 Apr 10; Defense Transportation System (DTS)(Basic), 10 May 10; DTS (Special Topic) – Cancellation Procedures, 11 May 10; DTS (Special Topic) – Personal Leave with Official Travel, 12 May 10; DTS (Special Topic) – Constructed Travel, 14 May 10; Annual Antiterrorism Level 1 Awareness Training, 20 May 10; FOIA, 7 Jun 10; Trafficking in Persons (TIP), 11 Jun 10.

Additional Information:

Outstanding Performance Ratings: 1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1990, 1991. Superior Sustained Performance Appraisals: 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1988. Quality Step Increases: 1972, 1976, 1987. Notable Achievement Award: 1987. Letters of Commendation: 1982, 1985, and 1987. I have more, but I have lost my career brief from my retirement in 1995.

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