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Sales Manager, reset, stock, supervisor, merchandiser data collector

Fairfax, VA
15. hourly and weekly pay check, not electronic
March 24, 2018

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***** ******* ***** ****, *******.VA. 22030


Chronology: I’m a seasoned bilingual, humble, former business owner that retires in 2017, that initially started in California and then move to Ohio, to start restaurants and retail stores but, due to the recession of 2007, I move to Washington DC, after 27 years doing business in Ohio and continue. I was offer government contracts in Washington DC, to purchase, within the federal agencies, to provide them with good food and service, with my partners from Ohio. In the first three years running this business in DC, we recover what we lose in Ohio and we initiate making profit and in the next seven years we expand to Virginia, we grow to big to fast but, due to the new president and the new regulations that this new guy impose to all us the hard workers contractors in 2017. It was hard to endure, we have to work more hours and hire more employees also, the rent was raise double and utilities too and that cost us tremendous amount of money and for that reason we have to sell it all at once, to the first offer and retire. I was with my partners for 37 years working together, to split in 2017. That was it.

Objective: if you think that this role that you advertise in the market it fit me, then email me, to start this process. Email me, for better communication / understanding, with your offer and explanation of the role. I’m connoisseur in distinguishes how to interact with people that I acquire during the 37 years that I own business, selling / buying business. I need you to email me and tell me about your company products and compensation of this role, with the hours, days, also, hourly only, with weekly compensation with hard check, without direct deposit and sophisticated technology or fancy software, I’m looking for practical role to be able to give you better results to pass it on into your customers, with genuine respect / attitude. Also, if is retail, I’m looking for 25/30 hrs at week M-F or if is week-ends, Friday- Saturday and Sunday 6/8 hrs at day. if is other industries, five days at week Monday to Friday part-time 5/6 hrs or full time 6/8 hrs at day, five days at week.

Reasons, for going back to work, after I retire. Because, it already happens that I start missing the action of the business and to be remote from customers and products. I’m seeking employers that can distinguish seasoned, professional and multitask candidates. Because, I want to go back to work as an employee, to be an asset for any company, especially those that sell excellent products and those that pay very well, like I use to pay my employees / executives and for that reason, they serve me very well and treat my customers the same and always very successful in all my enterprises due to the good service that all my peers give me back, from the start until the end, they took good care of my customers / enterprises they went the extra mile, not matter what. This is the reason, I cannot ignore to be remote from people, also, any industry and society and the great diversity that we have in this great country, that is always been greater, that does not need to be great again. Non- Sense.

I believe, that I can find a role w/ companies that does not think like it, that think professional, Like, People, process and products, those are good companies because, in any industry that sell good products, especially if you train the employees the appropriate ways, this are companies that have the same believes like I’m looking for and if offer benefits, competitive wages a permanent hours in the part-time or full time basis, w/ weekly pay, not directs deposits. Absolutely no private information on line and face to face interviews. That is the company that I’m looking for. Let said, I’m from the old school, which does not trust electronically systems or any fancy software. I got my reasons for that. I will explain at the time of the interview, if need it. Reply via email, to continue with this process. If you think my experience, talent and wisdom, are suitable for this role that you advertise, send me your email, I prefer everything in writing that I ask in this resume, to continue with this process and so on.

Business owner / experience: started as an opening executive corporate chef in every restaurant that we open in LA. CA and director of operations, culinary business consultant / instructor, with this corporation. The Red Onion restaurants. From 1980 till 1990. They prepared me with the best MIT also; they give me 20% ownership of the whole corporation, for my good services and smart ideas that they are in my DNA / hard work, for the 10 years that I run / build 20 restaurants, successfully / gainfully for this corporation. After 10 years and well train, I sold my share back / move to Ohio to start my own business, with restaurant / retail stores that I run for 27 years, until the recession started in Ohio in 2007. That is when I make the move to Washington DC, to continue my business.

Education: Stratford University. Advance culinary arts science, restaurant management and culinary instructor.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Culinary arts science, hospitality management, with certification in

Culinary business consultant by the American Chefs Federation, in conjunction with this college that I graduate.

atford University. Falls Church Virginia. Associate of applied advance culinary science arts and hospitality.

LA. Trade Technical College. LA. CA. Associate applied culinary arts with concentration in business managements.

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