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Manager Office

Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
March 24, 2018

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Surname : Makhubela

First Names : Isaac`

Identity Number : 650**********

Date of Birth : 11 March 1965

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Married

Residential Address : 1392 Phase 3

Diepkloof Ext



Cell Phone : 076*******

Email :

Nationality : South African

Home Language : Tsonga

Other Languages : English, Sesotho, and IsiZulu


Last School Attended : Meadowlands High School

Subjects Passed : English







: Fica(Act 38 of 2001) / Bank Seta

: Quality Education System / Nedcor Learning College

: English Speakers of Other Languages / Pitman

Examinations Institute, London, England

: Fais (Act 37 of 2002) / Bank Seta

: Valuing Diversity / Nedcor Learning College

: Microsoft Excel 97 / Abrax Technologies

: Call Centre / SuccesSA

: English Level 1 / Success Tutorial College

: Achievement Award / Nedbcor Learning College

: Bronze Award / Nedcor Learning College

: Effective Writing

: CBT Introduction to Forex / Nedcor Learning College

: Life Skills C Grades

: Seven Habits

: Office Excellence / Percon Dev & Training

: Nedbank Going for Gold Awards Bronze Award

/ Six Divisional awards for Vision and

Focus, Monitoring Risk Exposure, Balance

Sheet Data Capturing Sovereign,

Counterparty Credit Limits and Maintaining High Standard of Work.


Company : Nedbank Limited

Job Description : Senior Administrator Support to Senior


Departments : Business Development, Exchange Control and Global International Financial Institution


Duties : (Senior Administrator)

Compliance Administration

Officer, update Financial Statements,

Control Correspondent Banking

Documents, Guarantees and liaise with

Clients, Credit Risk Committee Member,

Issue Letters of Credit, Banks and Companies

Reports, liaise with Correspondent Banks, arrange new Correspondents, responsible for Banking Relationship, Caution Fraud,

Bilateral Keys Exchange and Telegraphic Test Keys, Opening and Closing of Accounts, Update Data Capture Correspondent Banking System.

(Credit Controller) Personal Loans Dept

Collection of FPD (First Payment Default),

Offer Short Term arrangements to clients,

Handover accounts to recoveries, negotiate

reasonable arrangements for clients, tracing clients via ITC and Ordering Stationery.

(Clerk) Trade Promotions Department

Bank Reports (Local and International)

Analysis of Annual Reports, Petty Cash and Ordering Stationery.


Name : Richard Mooruth

Position : Assistant General Manager

Contact No. : 082******* / 082*******

Company : The Tarantura Investments CC

(Business Opportunities)

Job Description : Administration, Micro Lender, Personal Loans

Assessor, Control and Recoveries.

Duties : Debt recovery service, Companies SME’s and

Individual debt recovery, Criminal Verifications

ITC Credit and Criminal Verification, Minimize

Risk and Recoveries, obtaining of Judgments

and Emolument Attachment Order,

Rehabilitation, Letter of Demand,

Perform any other Administration duties related to the project and requirements, Filing and Ordering Stationery.


Name : Isaac Makhubela

Position : Manager

Contact No. : 076*******

Company : Mayanagaza CC

(Business Opportunities)

Job Description : Administration

Duties : Liaise with staff, Letters of Appointments,

Attendance Registers, Salaries, Leave,

Complains, Personal Matters and any other

work related issues.


Name : Mrs Conny Mabaso

Position : Manager

Contact No ; 072*******

General Competence Description:

Responsibility: Assumption of responsibility for their own actions and their


Social Intelligence: Ability to display a repertoire of interaction strategies for the

relationship with others.

Self-Management: Perception of the ability to manage an action successfully.

Autonomy: Ability to manager autonomously in different environments.

Leadership: Group management skills and interest in exercising leadership position.

Arbitration: Ability to seek agreement among people.

Motivation: Orientation to success in the objective and professional orientation with the

working group.

Cooperation: The individual; capacity to co-operate or add value to the group.

Labour Proficiency:

Responsibility: Dedicate time outside of working hours to improve work.

Self-Management: Normally perform better if organize my own work.

Leadership: Sometimes perform the role of leader.

Motivation: Thrive off a competitive atmosphere.

Social Intelligence: Look after personal appearance and usually capable of adopting

behavior to get along with people.

Autonomy: Take decisions and ask for help to overcome difficulties and prefer to make

group rather than if cannot solve problem himself.

Arbitration: Believe that there is sometimes a happy medium and take the opinions of

others into account.

Cooperation: Believe that, can help but very often, people have to solve their own



I have experience within financial services industry. My track record demonstrates strong

office administration skills. Strong background in office management, Studied twelve

courses related to office administration duties. Received several awards Nedbank Regional and Divisional Awards Going for Gold, Vision and Focus, Monitoring Risk Exposure, Balance Sheet Data Capturing Sovereign, Counterparty Credit Limits and Maintaining High Standard of Work.

Through my previous work experience, I have gathered good office management and

communication skills. Present my ideas in a fluent and confident manner. Friends and

acquaintances all testify to the fact that I relate to people easily and that I adapt quickly

to new surroundings and situations. I work and achieve my aims with great commitment

and perseverance.

Good business acumen and I am commercially aware of developments in business

environment. Like reading, watching news and attend church at Rivers of the Living





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