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Miami, FL
March 21, 2018

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Rafael V Granja

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Coral Gables, Florida 33146



An accomplished managing professional with 29 years of experience leveraging extensive knowledge and experience in nuclear, transmission, smart grid, system operations, distribution utility design, construction, implementation and maintenance. Well versed in project management, distribution reliability, capacity and emergency planning and smart grid engineering services. Recognized for superior ability to establish and sustain positive relations across internal and external business partners.

Have served as a Senior Consultant on Utility Management/ Smart Grid engagement providing technical assistance in Smart Grid transformation, utility regulation and management and training projects around the world. He has worked on projects in China, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic & Turkey.

Lead Consultant / Prime Technical Expert on the following Projects:

Nigeria Distribution Capacity Planning Workshop - USAID

Bangladesh Power Plant Operation Workshop - USAID

India Capacity Planning and Change Management Workshop – USAID,

Pakistan Demand Side Management Technical Assistance Project – USAID

Pakistan Distribution Line Loss Reduction Workshop – USAID

Nigeria Distribution Management Workshop – World Bank

Dominican Republic, Regulatory Interconnection Project – Gates & Daenzer Foundations

Dominican Republic, Dajabon Renewable Energy Deployment Project – Daenzer Foundation

Turkey Smart Grid Definitional Mission Project – USTDA

Costa Rica Smart Grid Business Case Project – Gates & Daenzer Foundations

Pakistan, Islamabad Distribution Company Smart Grid Project – USTDA

Bulgaria/Romania Smart Grid RTM - USTDA

Vietnam Smart Grid RTM – USTDA

Costa Rica Smart Grid Maturity Model Workshop – CECACIER

Pakistan, Islamabad Distribution Company Smart Grid Project – USTDA

Bulgaria/Romania Smart Grid RTM - USTDA

Vietnam Smart Grid RTM – USTDA

Costa Rica Smart Grid Maturity Model Workshop - CECACIER


Florida Power & Light 1988 - 2017

Senior Project Manager of Nuclear Projects 2008 - 2017

Responsible for managing a $95M organizational budget, which provides project management, design and implementation services for all capital additions to the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Station. Oversaw and ensured all projects adhere to the nuclear engineering and implementation standards.

Smart Grid Executive Business Manager, Distribution Organization 2006-2008

Managed an organization that analyzed and developed business strategies around the companies Smart Grid and Automated Meter Infrastructure initiative. These business strategies centered on integration of the smart grid data into the Energy Management System, Distribution Management System, Outage Management System, Synergy capacity planning system, line loss mitigation, new customer billing systems, including Pre-Pay and “Pay as you go” solutions, smart building solutions and smart streetlight implementation. Integrated meter outage information into companies Outage Management System, reducing time to identify outage type.

Manager of Distribution Planning Organization 2002 – 2006

Responsible for managing all transmission, substation, power transformer, feeders and large distribution projects that support the companies’ capacity growth. The organization was also responsible for administering the Demand Side Management program, the Automated Feeder System and the distribution capacitor bank projects. Developed FPL’s 13kv and 23 kv overhead and underground model feeder standards and operational requirements. Led the development, testing and implementation of FPL’s Automatic Feeder Switching (AFS) 23kv infrastructure. Led the integration of the companies Synergy capacity planning tool integration into the AREVA Distribution Management System. The organization had a yearly capital budget of $175 Million dollars.

Manager of Distribution Reliability Organization 2001 -2002

Responsible for all reliability related projects and programs. This organization worked closely with the company’s regulatory organization to ensure the company met all yearly reliability targets for outage equipment and customer restoration.

Project Manager Distribution Organization 2000 – 2001

Managed the company’s Oil Fuse Cutout replacement project. This was a $15M multiyear project that entailed replacement of over 300 underground Oil Fuse Cutout which were failing catastrophically. Initiated processes and procedures which allowed the project to be completed 2 years ahead of schedule and $3.5M under the original proposed budget

Regulatory Supervisor 1998- 2000

Helped coordinate Transmission and Distribution responses to the proposed Open Access legislation and set tariff rates for OVHD to UG projects

Generation and Transmission System Operations 1991 – 1998

Helped coordinate and train employees in the newly passed 777 and 778 Open Access Regulations, legislation which created a transmission open access to all the transmission grids. Team member in all State and Federal open access discussions, as the rules were being developed for System Available Transfer capabilities and Interconnection Requirements. Developed Functional and Technical Specifications for interconnection and generation dispatch contracts for the Energy Management System. Led the FPL emergency capacity organization.

Selected Independent Consulting Projects:

Nigeria- Management of a Distribution Company: Funded by the World Bank, had instructed a workshop for senior delegates representing the Distribution Companies of Nigeria. This course equipped technically-trained electric utility distribution managers with the conceptual, analytical and behavioral skills required to perform well as general managers. It will introduce participants to management concepts and skills using case studies from developing countries. It is designed to enhance and refine managerial and decision-making capabilities in utility planning, management and benchmarking capacity in rapidly changing environments, assist in the development of comprehensive and responsive action plans, and enhance program implementation and monitoring. The workshop covered: Privatization and Reforms; Regulatory Framework in Managing Reforms; Technical Aspect of Efficient Distribution Management; Automation in Distribution System; Operational Excellence & Performance Measurement of Distribution; System Benchmarking Concepts and Initiatives; Change Management – Business Process Improvement; Aggregate Technical & Commercial Loss Reduction.

Pakistan Demand Side Management Technical Assistance Project – USAID: As the Senior Consultant, provided a two week in-country Technical Assistance (TA) and Training on Distribution Loss Reduction /Demand Side Management (DLR/DSM). Advised and mentored the DSM advisors of four participating DISCO’s., reviewed the proposed projects and made suggestions on how to modify their plan to improve the operation of the distribution companies, to reduce theft and losses in distribution networks. In addition, designed and conducted a follow up, one-week workshop on the DISCO’s energy efficiency and DSM for over 40 participants including the DSM advisors, participants from all DISCO’s as well as representatives from Ministry of Water and Power.

USTDA Eastern Europe Smart Grid RTM Project - Organized an RTM to familiarize ten Romanian and three Bulgarian public and private electricity transmission and distribution representatives with U.S. solutions in smart grid technology, to ensure an effective deployment of smart grid technologies in their countries. Provided technical advice on the design and implementation of the RTM. The primary objectives of the RTM were, to show how smart grid applications can reduce power losses; to demonstrate examples of smart grid approaches at the distribution level through site visits; to highlight how outage management, capacity planning, reliability, and power quality have improved at utility companies. In Washington, DC, the group visited US government agencies involved with the policy, regulatory and standards in smart grid. In Dallas, TX and San Francisco, CA they visited the leading providers of smart grid technologies and toured several utilities to network with their U.S. counter parts to solicit their experience with the application of smart grid in the Transmission and Distribution sectors.

USTDA Smart Grid Study for China, “Shanghai Distributed Energy, Micro grid, Demand-Side Management, and Energy Storage. Developed the Term of Reference (TOR) for a Feasibility Study and Demonstration Project”, to demonstrate an innovative buildings-based micro grid in the Jinqiao district of Shanghai that combines distributed energy, energy storage, and Demand-Side Management features. The TOR will include a comprehensive feasibility study and development of a demonstration implementation plan. Micro grids can provide the economic and environmental benefits of adding clean Distributed Energy Resources (DER), energy storage technologies, and introducing Demand-Side Management practices. End-use customers in Shanghai will experience these benefits: Economic: Reliability: Quality and Sustainability by allowing Expansion of generation to renewables and cleaner fuel sources. The feasibility and demonstration project would be the first of its kind, a model in China and would serve as an important model for effective smart grid and DSM in China– achieving both base load and peak load reductions through distributed energy resource technologies and micro grid control hardware and software.

USTDA Definitional Mission, Turkey: Was part of a Definitional Mission team to Turkey charged with exploring opportunities for U.S. smart grid goods and services for use in the Turkish electric power transmission and distribution sectors. The interviews and other forms of research were conducted using the following guidelines:

Use a Smart Grid questionnaire to assess the status of utility information and control systems and of the readiness to adopt more advanced systems.

Driving force(s) behind the project: renewable energy markets, increased demand for electric power,

Financial information about the project, legal arrangements needed for the project

Management issues associated with introduction of Smart Grid systems.

The findings of the questionnaires and the results of the team’s meetings and interviews was the recommendation of 3 Smart Grid Projects to USTDA as those that were near-term development and needed USTDA support.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Miami

Master of Science in Engineering Management, Florida International University

Professional Education:

Power Systems Executive Management Training, ABB 2004

Nuclear Engineering System Training, NANTEL 2010

Nuclear Development Academy, 2010

Personal Skills

Fluent in English and Spanish

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