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Management Care

New Albany, OH, 43054
March 21, 2018

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Ruth M. Fleming

**** ****** *****

New Albany, Ohio 43054


Summary of Qualifications

Extensive experience in business planning and project management

Experience in proposal writing for grants and contracts

Proven contract negotiator

Monitored and evaluated grants and contracts

Strong research and analytical abilities

Excellent teaching and supervisory abilities

Personal computer skills


MS Degree- Urban Studies with Public Administration Concentration

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio

BA Degree- History and Sociology

University of Arkansas

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Continuing Education: Participated in the Defense Logistics Agency, Executive Development Program. This program provided for training in management and supervision.

Other Course Work: Appropriation Law, Executive Contracting Seminar, Management of Contracting Supervisors, Contract Law, Cost Accounting Standards, Cost and Pricing Procedures, Contract Administration, Contract Negotiations, Advance Contract Administration, Acquisition Procedures, Small Purchase Procedures, Debarment Procedures, Introduction to Contract Pricing, Business Evaluation, Funding Appropriations and attended seminars in Advance Business Management. Most of the course work listed required refresher training.

Summary of Relevant Experience

Licensed Substitute Teacher by State of Ohio

DCMA Liaison to DSCC, Columbus, Ohio

Defense Contract Management Agency, Cleveland Ohio

Served as contracting officer, contract administrator, and small business specialist where contracts and grants and proposals were monitored and evaluated.

Cuyahoga County Welfare Department, Cleveland, Ohio

Coordinator for Title XX Day Care Program

Worked as a contract negotiator where grant proposals were written and

obtained to support the Title XX Day Care Program.

Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers, Cleveland, Ohio

Director, Kathryn R. Tyler Day Care center

Researched and developed proposals for grants based on established criteria to obtain funding necessary to support the annual budget for the Kathryn R. Tyler Day Care Center

Relevant Experience

Whitehall School System and Education Service Center

Services as substitute teacher in short and long term assignments

Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), Springfield, VA.

DCMA Liaison to DSCC, Retired

Served as DCMA problem solver and trouble-shooter for DSCC. This activity included staying abreast of procurement policies and procedures and identifying areas that may present obstacles in accomplishing the mission for both agencies.

Worked closely with the acquisition teams to ensure their understanding of the DCMA processes as related to contract administration

Engaged with DSCC and DCMA’s Policy Teams to ensure proper implementation of acquisition and contracting governing rules

Engaged with DCMA and DSCC’s Commanders and Directors to enhance better communication

Conducted briefings and training at all levels within both agencies relative to policy and procedural changes that will impact business processes

Interpreted Federal Acquisition Regulations and ensure implementation by both agencies

Conducted and presented at seminars through out the United States and Canada.

Engaged with both DSCC and DCMA’s Information Technology personnel to ensure programming was written and developed to effect required Federal Acquisition Regulations

Accomplishment: Engaged with DSCC’s Policy Team to explain the process of issuing corporate contracts and how an incorrect process may impact slow payment to the contractor. Improper processing of corporate contracts has previously caused DCMA to expend unnecessary manpower in ensuring timely payment to the contractor.

Defense Contract Management Agency, Springfield, VA.

Procurement Analyst for the DCMA Liaison Office to DFAS

Interpreted Federal Acquisition Regulations and provided training and technical assistance relative to such regulations.

Assisted DFAS and other members of the DCMA Liaison Office at DFAS in better understanding the terms and conditions of various contract types as related to payment.

Participated in seminars with Army, Navy and Air Force addressing problems encountered in getting contractors paid and contributions that can be made by each to assist with resolutions.

Accomplishment: Assisted DFAS in better understanding the contracting process, thus prepared them to effectively resolve payment issues. A monetary amount cannot be identified for success in this area; however, a monetary award was received from DFAS for my efforts.

Defense Contract Management Command, Cleveland, Ohio,

Termination Contracting Officer

Negotiated a variety of proposals that were submitted due to contract termination for the convenience of the Government.

Served as team leader for specialists, such as contract administrators, price analysts, auditors, quality representatives, engineers and legal advisors.

Evaluated contractors’ business systems for settling terminated subcontracts.

Issued unilateral determinations when an agreement could not be reached.

Accomplishment: Negotiated a settlement for a major weapon program that resulted in government savings of more than $12.5 million dollars.

Defense Contract Management Command, Cleveland, Ohio

Administrative Contracting Officer

Served as team leader responsible for the administration of Defense Contracts awarded to small and large businesses.

Negotiated and accomplished resolution of cost accounting non-compliances, overhead and forward pricing rates, changes to existing contracts, and claims filed resulting from disputes.

Analyzed cost proposals for new and existing procurements.

Provided training and technical assistance to team members.

Accomplishments: Trained the specialists on my team that resulted in effective

Performance by each. Group and individual awards were my team’s rewards.

Defense Contract Management Command, Cleveland, Ohio

Administered contracts up to the point of signature for changes to the contracts

Prepared price negotiation memorandums and presented to the Agency’s Board of Review.

Conducted reviews of contract administration offices in the three states surrounding Ohio to ensure compliance with governing procurement rules and regulations.

Conducted seminars, and served as a major presenter relative to contract special financial and business processes.

Accomplishment: Performance in this position resulted in promotions early in my career that usually require several years to achieve.

Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association, Katheryn R. Tyler Day Care Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Day Care Director

Planned and implemented curriculum for the center.

Maintained the business operation of the center

Prepared proposals for funding the budget to support curriculum building.

Solicited, interviewed and selected staff.

Conducted training for staff

Supervised all staff assigned to the center

Accomplishment: Center was used as a model center for the county to integrate special needs children with the regular attendance students.

Cuyahoga County Department of Human Services, Cleveland, Ohio

Social Worker and Social Worker Contract Negotiator

Provided counseling for foster care children and families.

Counselor for day care providers and for persons receiving day care services.

Negotiated and monitored Title XX Contracts for residential institutions, day treatment institutions, day care services, employment and training services and information and referral services.

Prepared contractual documents

Interpreted Title XX Regulations and conducted training to staff relative to such guidelines.

Coordinated a special federal project (Public Law 94-401)

Accomplishment: This position was motivation for entering graduate school. I also motivated many of the young mothers and their teenage children to seek advance education. Some became public officials and self supporting.

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