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Customer Service Management

Mount Vernon, NY
March 21, 2018

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DENO GORDON Phone: 917-***-****

Mount Vernon, NY 10550 Email:


Warehouse Operations Distribution & Transportation Planning Statistical Analysis & Reporting Strategic Planning Supply Chain Optimization Team Leadership Outbound Freight Management Load Planning Inventory Management Carrier Negotiation Purchasing & Acquisition Management Cost Optimization Safety & Training


WAREHOUSE MANAGER 9/2014 - 11/2017

Coca-Cola Distribution Center New York, NY

Managed a staff of over 80 employees and 7 supervisors, distributed to hundreds of locations across New York.

Compiled/published monthly inventory reports; analyzed and evaluated statistics to proactively identify issues.

Evaluated logistics, distribution and warehouse operations to determine opportunities for process improvement that improved labor, operating expenses and customer satisfaction (performance, quality and safety metrics).

Developed and implemented best practices for budgetary policies and financial management.

Managed execution of daily warehouse operations within the parameters of CBA and other operating expenses in accordance with policies and procedures utilizing SAP and Datria Voice System.

Oversaw more than $8M cases annually with a $6M plus budget and over 450 products

Projected inventory needs based on analysis of upcoming project schedules, evaluation of previous year's usage and calculations of stock on-hand. Balanced constantly fluctuating inventory needs to avoid inventory shortfalls.

Loaded over 350 vehicles and received over 170 inbound loads weekly

Established and maintained daily processes and lead on-time, accurate picking and loading of 40,000 cases daily.

Conducted cyclic inventories and audited inventory results to manage 100% accountability of inventory

Oversaw hazardous materials supply storage. Ensured all safety regulations were enforced such as OSHA, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) usage and MSDS postings to reduce workplace injuries or incidents.


Increased hourly productivity over 20% after analyzing and monitoring Engineering Labor Standards (ELS) and

productivity of each employee. Distribution of work load and maintain day to day priorities.

Inventory and Inspection of weekly stock level, reduce Breakage, Damage and Loss (BDL).

Implemented leadership values that enhanced team morale and increased productivity and efficiency.

Reduced Safety incidents 10% after revamping safety program and introducing daily safety briefings.

Streamlined and standardized warehouse processes that reduced breakage, damage and loss (BD&L) by 20%, reduced overtime 25% and increased cases per hour from 120 to over 150 per hour.

Created Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for warehouse processes that were adopted at other facilities. Improved efficiency standards that lead to overtime reduction of over 35% in first full year.

Presentation daily and weekly of performance metrics and business progress and processes.


Coca-Cola Distribution Center New York, NY

Oversee transportation analysis, planning and management for large-scale distribution operations (300 trucks and 170,000 weekly outbound cases).

Partnered with key stakeholders to source cost-effective, timely and efficient transportation methods.

Researched and resolved any issues or discrepancies with 3rd party merchant (3PL).

Managed team of 30+ personnel. Answered customer phone inquiries and resolved their logistics issues.

Planned and evaluated delivery routes and calculated delivery time. Develop cost-effective routes.

Lead load planning and consolidated shipments to balance on-time delivery with economical methods.

Analyzed costs and developed process to optimize profit margin. Perform process analyses and evaluated operations to define opportunities for continuous improvement.

Handle invoices, reimbursements and purchase orders. Expedited deliveries and modified P.O.'s.

Manage weekly employee payroll by editing and maintain punch detail report.

Monitored and trained employees on DOT regulation to keep the company in compliance with the law.

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Increased delivery efficiency through Performance Management and Process Implementation.

Increased (OTIF) On Time and In Full and ensured customer received their materials as scheduled by coordinating on-time pick-up and managing critical deliveries time windows.

Improved Safety with the introduction of Plastic Pallets which reduced our shoulder injuries by over 15%.

Improved Routing functioning in direct alignment with Central Planning to identify issues and solutions.

Reduced Equipment Cost; implemented and managed equipment assignment tracking/repair program.

PRODUCT SUPERVISOR 7/1998 - 8/1999

Coca-Cola Distribution Center New York, NY

Assessed customer inventory requirements, monitored inventory levels and coordinated with team to balance

capacity with demand levels.

Conducted cyclic inventories and audited inventory results to manage 100% accountability of inventory.

Compiled and published monthly inventory status reports; analyzed monthly reports and evaluated statistics to proactively identify issues.

Assigned and managed merchandiser team to effectively and efficiently service our consumers.

Built Displays and Rotated products to increase sales and reduced Overage and BDL.

Communicate and coordinate with Internal Departments for maximum customer satisfaction.


Customer Service driven quick to establish credible relationships increasing sales and profit levels.

Provided in Outlet proficiency that established POS posting that led to customer satisfaction.

Communication and Organization of manpower to gain consumer confidence and reliability.


Airborne Express Elmsford, NY

Aided the organization to accomplish strategic initiatives and operational goals.

Established daily processes and directed the on-time, accurate sorting, loading and shipping of products daily.

Oversaw all aspects of outbound freight including verification of cargo packing, creation of labels, assignment of shipments to commercial carriers, dispatched and released of commercial bill of lading (CBL).

Trained developed and motivated employees to sustained focus and improved productive.

Monitored packages were being labeled, sorted accurately to reduce cost of routing errors


Developed strategic logistics plan to transfer packages from facility to other facility and outbound vehicle for next day deliveries, completing task daily ahead of schedule.

Conducted daily inspections improving vehicle efficiency, reducing delays.

Conducted Safety training to ensure proper Ergonomics and safety processes were being followed.


United Parcel Service (UPS) New York, NY

Oversaw daily package handling of goods and Developed and implemented best practices for budgetary policies and financial management as a member of Planning and Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC).

Oversaw all aspects of package handling including verification of shipments to consumers.

Managed the Air Express operations for Next Day Air priority delivery accuracy.

Performed Quality Control ensuring that packages were being handled by specification.

Processed analyses and evaluated operations to define opportunities for continuous improvement.

Conducted daily and monthly Safety and OSHA training to maintain employee's awareness.

Performed Route Ride with drivers for timely and accurate deliveries.


Bachelor of Science, City College of New York CUNY

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)

Kronos, Systems Applications & Products in Data Processing (SAP), Datria, Voice Pick

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