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Tampa, FL
March 20, 2018

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James D. Stephenson

**** ***** ****

Ruskin FL **570

Phone: 870-***-****

December 2011 – December 2017

Cognizant Technologies

Client – MetLife

Title – Sr. Problem Management Analyst

● Provide production support for online and batch operations for the assigned application.

● Perform program changes for jobs out of warranty with Applications Development.

● Research problem tickets and provide solutions.

● Perform Service Request as assigned.

● Built tools using REXX to create SQL for data corrections and build .csv files.

● Final ADP-II security clearance granted spring 2012 July 2006 – April 2011


Client – United States Post Office, National Support Center Title – Sr. Database Analyst/Programmer

Maintain & enhance mainframe National Change of Address software licensing systems. o Batch Cobol

o Cobol CICS

Develop PC based office automation systems.

o MicroFocus Cobol

Develop Mainframe based office automation systems. o REXX



Assist Customer Service Representatives with Technical Issues. Developed all test scripts for the licensing department. Built and maintained test environments.

o IBM Utilities


● Operating system used z/OS running in a Sysplex environment

● Subsystems used: JES2, JCL, DB2, IMS, VSAM, TSO, CICS, REXX Oct 2005 – May 2006


Client – Nationwide Insurance.

Title – Sr. Test Analyst

Worked as a test analyst, merging two mainframe insurance systems. Researched, developed, & implemented test plans for all batch connectivity, both internal and external for the new production environment. Test online and batch systems for multiple applications for four test environments and a production environment, using Quick Test Pro.

Assisted in the development of the methodology and JCL for the File Synchronization of two production systems, one in Columbus, OH and the other in Des Moines, IA.

● Operating system used: ES-z/OS running in a Sysplex environment .

● Subsystems used: JES3, JCL, DB2, VSAM, TSO, CICS, REXX July 2005 – Sept 2005

Persona Computing Inc.

Client – Texas Guarantee Student Loan Corp.

Title – Quality Control Tester

● Build the test environment for major changes to the funding system.

● Wrote the test strategy, test plans, and test scripts.

● Changed all related JCL and PROC’s to run in the test environment.

● Conducted tests and documented the results.

● Subsystems used: JCL, DB2, VSAM, TSO, FILEAID, JCLPLUS, IDMS, CICS, & COBOL. July 2004 – Aug 2004

SystemTec, Inc

Client – Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Title - Sr. Production Support Analyst

● Provided first line support for Production batch and online (CICS).

● Manually gathered Daily Production Metrics for Management.

● Restarted Productions jobs using Zeke & in-house REXX execs.

● Called second line support when necessary.

● Trouble shoot and monitored batch and online systems.

● Updated and closed problem tickets on an in-house problem management front-end to Infoman.

● Promoted code to production using Endevor.

● Operating system used: Z-OS running in a Sysplex environment.

● Subsystems used: JCL, DB2, IMS, VSAM, TSO, CICS, Cobol July 1996 – August 2003

Verizon Data Services, Tampa, FL

Title - Sr. Systems Engineer III

● Integrated Testing Organization August 2002 to August 2003.

● Building test environments for end-to-end testing of major software releases of the Customer Billing and Order Entry systems.

● Execute all batch processing for the test environments and troubleshoot all abends.

● Assisting testers with technical issues.

● CCS Project Team 2001 to August 2002.

● Maintained Cobol Code, JCL, Procs, & Sysins.

● Wrote Detailed Design documents from Data Processing Requests.

● Provide second line support for production.

● Production Support Group 1996-2001.

● Built the Production Support Web Pages for the OCS Production Support group, using HP Unix Server, MSFrontpage, and OS/390 Unix System Services. Put all of the Production Support Documentation on the intranet, viewable with web browsers. Developed REXX CGI scripts and Net.Data macros, reading mainframe files and DB2 databases.

● Change Control Coordinator and Infoman Coordinator.

● Maintained the OCS production Support Documentation CLISTS.

● Performed production support for OCS group, which included four large data centers, eleven companies and six systems. Duties included installing and testing software releases, DB2 database support, distributing code, parms, procs, and jcl.

● Provided first line support for production.

● Operating system used: Z-OS, OS/390 Unix System Services, and ES-z/OS running in a Sysplex environment .

● Subsystems used: JCL, DB2, IMS, VSAM, TSO, CICS, REXX, CLIST, NET.DATA, Cobol.

August 1995 - January 1996

Galaviz Consulting, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Title - EDI Consultant

Client - Sara Lee, Winston-Salem, NC

● Sara Lee Knit Products - Conversion of Gentran*MVS 4.0 to 5.5

● Leggs Pantyhose - Conversion of Translator*MVS to Gentran*MVS 5.5

● Hanes Hosiery - Installed Viewpoint and Supertracs plus performed production support.

James D. Stephenson


Client - Burnham Service Inc, Co., Columbus, GA

● Produced data mapping and interfaces using Gentran*VSE 5.0 and CICS. Client - ConAgra, Omaha, NE

● Upgraded from Gentran*MVS 5.0 to 5.5

June 1994 - July 1995

Computerpeople, Inc., Tampa, FL

Title - Consultant, EDI Systems Analyst

Client - Tropicana Products, Inc., Bradenton, FL

● Performed production support for a PC-Based EDI system, TELINK, interfaced with Arthur Anderson DCS and a billing system on an IBM Mainframe using MVS/ESA. Duties included adding trading partners and modifying interface programs.

● Assisted the Software Selection Team in choosing a DEC/VAX-based EDI system, DEC/EDI.

● Coded the DEC interface to the IBM DCS Order Entry System using Cobol.

● Modified the IBM-to-PC EDI interface to a sales forecasting system, used in a Vendor Managed Inventory System (Quick Response).

● Modified the EDI-to-Order Entry interface programs to transition to the DEC system.

● Assisted with the DEC/EDI implementation.

● Supported X12 Documents 810, 850, 852, 855, and 867. UCS documents 875 and 880.Installed Sterling Software’s GENTRAN/PC system and implemented an 856 Document on an IBM PC

July 1993 - June 1994

Trecom Business Systems, Tampa, FL

Title - Consultant, Systems Analyst

Client - GTE Data Services (GTEDS), Tampa, FL

● Worked on enhancements and maintenance of the ADVANTAGE data warehouse system using MVS/ESA, TSO, INFOMAN, SQL, TERADATA DBC 1012, COBOL, MVS JCL, and PROCS.

● Performed production support for CABS/CUI group, which included four large data centers. Duties included installing and testing software releases, distributing code, parms, procs, and jcl.

● Provided first level of support for production problems.

● Wrote a CLIST to distribute object code, jcl, parms, and proclibs to the four data centers as well as update INFOMAN in batch mode. James D. Stephenson


Mar 1992 May 1993

Thomas & Betts, Electrical Division, Memphis, TN

Title Senior EDI Programmer/Analyst

● Upgraded Sterling Software’s TRANSLATOR/MVS EDI system two releases, which included both an IBM Mainframe using MVS/ESA and an IBM PC.

● Developed and implemented the 856 Advanced Ship Notice.

● Participated in the CICS and COBOL development of an in-house Vendor Managed Inventory system that used X12 Documents 852 and 855.

● Assisted in the CICS and COBOL development as well as the data mapping of 810 Invoices using TRANSLATOR*MVS.

● Developed a system to capture proprietary data from purchase orders (850), invoices (810), and advanced ship notices (856).

● Developed and implemented change control procedures for trading partner setup and data maps.

June 1989 March 1992

Helena Chemical Company, Memphis, TN

Title EDI Programmer/Analyst

● Installed EDI system software, Translator*VSE, which included an IBM Mainframe using DOS/VSE and an IBM PC.

● Designed and implemented a Vendor Managed Inventory system that allowed vendors with multiple units of measure to exchange data via EDI.

● Designed and implemented an online system using IBM/CSP & Cobol to trap data-related errors and make the documents available to users for correction and transmission to the trading partner.

● Developed an in-house checks-and-balancing system, which ensured all EDI data was processed.

● Implemented a PC-based communications system and interface to the mainframe for EDI data.

March 1986 June 1989

Malone & Hyde Drug Distributors, Memphis, TN

Title Programmer/Analyst

● Maintained Inventory/warehousing and A/R applications on an IBM Mainframe using DOS/VSE.

● Rewrote the in-house COBOL Warehouse Replenishment system as well as the Promotion and Allowance Reporting system. Provided production support. James D. Stephenson


August 1974 - March 1984

Riceland Foods, Stuttgart, AR

Title - Production/Quality Control Manager

● Supervised and scheduled processing and shipment of 55,000 pounds of rice per hour, 160 hours a week.

● Managed 20 employees.

● Member of the start-up team for a $10 million rice processing plant in Jonesboro, AR.

● Headed a project that developed a device that attached to rice sorting equipment which improved efficiency 33%, reduced labor 33%, and had a payback of 3 weeks on a $250,000 investment.


Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR

B.S. Information Systems, 1984

References provided upon request.

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