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C Data Entry

Atlanta, GA
March 20, 2018

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Senina L ewis

**** * ********* * ***, C ollege P ark G A 3 0349 ( 770-*-**-****; ( 678-*-**-**** s DATA E NTRY S PECIALIST

Accounting & C ustomer S ervice

Over 20 years’ experience in corporate and medical data entry, averaging about 1 4,000 keystrokes per hour with l ess than a 2% margin of error. Detail oriented, results driven, highly motivated with the capacity t o m otivate o thers i n a t eam e nvironment. Demonstrated s uccess r ecord i n:

Project M anagement a nd s uccessfully m eeting s trict d eadlines.

Mentoring a nd m otivating s taff t o e xcellence i n p erformance.

Quality C ontrol t o p revent d iscrepancies i n i nvoicing a nd d ata m anagement.

Building a nd m aintaining c ustomer r apport. CORE C OMPETENCIES

A ccounts P ayable/Receivable E xcel s preadsheets S AP, a nd a ll M S O ffice

C linical R esearch R eporting C ustomer S ervice T ime M anagement PROFESSIONAL E XPERIENCE

MAXIMUS, I NC. A tlanta, G A D ecember 2 015 – P resent Customer S ervice R ep

● Generate National Medical Support Notices from daily reports received from the State of Georgia based on non-custodial parents’ requirements to provide medical coverage for their children.

● S end n otices t o e mployers o n b ehalf o f t he G eorgia D epartment o f H uman R esources

● Receive calls from parents and employers regarding notices and assistance with completing the necessary f orms.

● R ecord e mployer r esponses a nd r ecord v ia d ocument s can.

● A ctively f acilitate c ustodial p arents i n c hoosing a ppropriate h ealth c are p lans f or t heir c hildren.

● P repare r eports t o t rack e mployer c ompliance a nd c ase u pdates f or t he S tate o f G eorgia. INSURANCE S PECIALTY G ROUP, L LC A tlanta, G A 2010 – 2 011 Accounting C lerk

● Performed c ollections c alls o n a ll p ast d ue A R i nvoices.

● Identified p ayments r eceived w ith o pen i nvoices. Continued

Senina L ewis, D ata E ntry S pecialist


● Applied c ash d isbursements a fter r eceipt o f c hecks, l ockbox r eceipts, A CH a nd w ire t ransactions.

● General c ustomer s ervice t o i nsured c lients a nd/or a gents

● Verified t hat t ransactions w ere c ompliant w ith f inancial p olicies a nd p rocedures.

● Prepared b atches o f i nvoices f or d ata e ntry.

● Processed b ackup r eports f or d ata e ntry.

● Managed t he w eekly c heck r un.

● Prepared m anual c hecks a s a nd w hen r equired

● Prepared v endor c hecks f or m ailing.

● Maintained a nd u pdated v endor f iles a nd r eference n umbers. PREMIER R ESEARCH, M arietta, G A 2 002 – 2 010 Senior D ata E ntry S pecialist

● Performed second entry of clinical trial data in key verify process and updated the database accordingly i f d iscrepancies w ere f ound i n t he p rocess.

● Resolved d atabase c omparison r eports b etween t wo i ndependent e ntries.

● Performed t esting o f d ata e ntry s creens a nd d atabase l imits f or s elected s tudies a s r equested.

● Mentored a nd t rained n ewly h ired d ata e ntry s taff.

● Distributed p roject r elated i nformation t o d ata e ntry t eam a s r equested b y t he d ata m anagement project l ead.

RAYTHEON A IRCRAFT C OMPANY, A tlanta, G A 1 998 - 2 002 Data E ntry S pecialist

● Responsible f or a ccurately e ntering i nvoices i nto c omputer s ystem, c onfirming t hat i nvoices w ere not d uplicated.

● Coordinated w ith m anagement, d ocument c ontrol a nd c ustomer s ervice p ersonnel t o r esolve i ssues concerning d iscrepant d ata.

● Returned i ncorrect i nvoices t o c ustomers a nd c ommunicated t he c orrection p rocess.

● Managed i ncoming a nd o utgoing w ire t ransactions.

● Account C oordinator f or S t. V incent’s H ospital a ccount; a ssisted t he a gency p resident; m anaged advertising i ntern p rogram; p lanned s pecial e vents; s upervised s taff o f t hree. AMERICAN H EALTH C ONSULTANTS, A tlanta, G A 1 993 - 1 998 Data E ntry S pecialist

● Responsible f or k eying c ustomer o rders a nd i nformation i nto s ystem.

● Generated a nd m aintained f inancial s preadsheets f or m onthly r eporting.

● Processed c ustomer t ransactions c oncerning r efunds a nd o ffice t ransfers.

● Reconciled c ustomer a ccounts a nd r esolved c ustomer c omplaints.

● Maintained 6 5-line s witchboard.

Senina L ewis, D ata E ntry S pecialist


CENTINELLA H OSPITAL, A tlanta, G A 1 988 - 1 992 Admittance C lerk

● Admitted e mergency p atients a nd a ccurately r ecorded i ntake i nformation.

● Processed c ash a nd c redit c ard p ayments.

● Recorded p atients’ d aily h ospital c harges f or i nvoicing.

● Reconciled g eneral a ccounts.

● Performed d uties a ssociated w ith a ccounts p ayable a nd r eceivable. EDUCATION

Transwestern I nstitute, L os A ngeles, C A 1 988 Word P rocessing


● Member o f M AXIMUS S pirit C ommittee- C urrent

● Employee o f t he M onth 2 017

● Star O utreach/ R esearch C ustomer S ervice R epresentative A ward 2 016

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