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Customer Manager

El Paso, TX
50000 p/yr
March 21, 2018

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Keith S Fields

***** * ** ** * ltr St

El P so, TX 79924

505-***-**** (h)

915-***-**** (c)

E-M il:knugifts ndimports@y

Objective: To cquire position with profession l, r pid growth org niz tion, in order to utilize my skills nd t lents for the mutu l benefit of my employer, nd my c reer go ls. Qu lific tions:

Listed below is wh t I feel would qu lify me s distinct sset to your firm, s we work together to grow your business.

Work History:

Six Gun Corr l db Golden Corr l

Senior Associ te Kitchen M n ger

1460 N Lee Trevino Dr

El P so, TX 79936


Job Duties:

Responsible for oversight of entire oper tions of unit kitchen oper tions. Supervised (2) Assist nt M n gers nd direct responsibility for 40-45 employees. Over ll supervisory responsibility for 85-90 employees. Unit volume is currently 4.5+ Million p/ye r.

Responsible for hiring, oversight of st ff, ev lu tions of kitchen st ff perform nce, food orders, inventories (food

nd sm llw res) s well s P & L, food cost nd l bor controls. Responsible for coordin tion nd m inten nce of unit online tr ining system (CBT).

H ve lso recently ssisted in supervision of nother unit within our fr nchise group (Wichit F lls, TX-Nov 2017). Performed on-site overview of unit oper tions, ddressing concerns noted with recipe dherence, employee perform nce s well s equipment m inten nce nd prep ring unit m n gement for n upcoming comprehensive oper tion l inspection. Coordin ted with District M n ger Arturo Gonz lez on this ssignment. John Cr ne Production Solutions

Rep ir nd S les of Well Site downhole Pumps

2505 E M in St

F rmington, NM 87401


Job Duties:

Feb 2013-July 2013

S les/Shop Assist nt

Worked in the unit's shop, di gnosing problems with g s pumps, effecting rep irs. Also delivered pumps, nd

ssoci ted suppliers to customer's job sites.

Re son for Le ving-To move to El P so

RSC Equipment Rent l (Now United Rent ls-Merged w/RSC on 5/1/12) Rent l/Purch se of Medium Gr de Industri l/Construction Equipment 171 S Browning Pkwy

F rmington, NM 87401


Job Duties:

April 2009-Jul 2012

Inside S les Represent tive/Br nch Disp tcher

***Received numerous w rds for chieving top scores in RSC's "Sign ture Shop" progr m, providing outst nding customer services, s ev lu ted by n outside gency (Mystery shop).Received recognition for Br nch s fety record, s well s top r nkings in Br nch s les nd profit. (# 1 in SW region of RSC Responsible for receiving of incoming c lls to the Br nch, s well s w lk-in customers, ssessing customers' equipment needs, nd identifying the ppropri te equipment, to fit the scope of their industri l construction, or well site needs.

Numerous ddition l functions, to include:

-Our te m, in the time th t I w s employed with RSC/United, h d ZERO record ble ccidents! Upw rds of 1300 d ys ccident-free in tot l.

-Assisted in tr nsition of Shop M n gement, when our origin l Shop M nger left in Aug 2011. Kept in close touch w/new Shop M n ger, nd ssisted in computer systems n vig tion, tempor rily bsorbed some of his duties, in

ddition to my own, such s coordin tion with shop mech nics on equipment rep ir needs, pl cing p rts orders,

nd in ny other w ys necess ry, to ssist in getting him settled in to his new position.

-C lcul tion of equipment rent l pricing, b sed on r nge of f ctors-from customer's recent rent l history, comp ny size, job length, etc...

-Frequent cont ct with AP/AR dep rtments within RSC/United, s well s with customers-to ddress billing concerns, new ccount openings, s

well s est blishment of t x exempt st tus, nd pplic tion of insur nce policy to customer's ccounts.

-Received nd processed customer p yments, vi US M il, or, s requested by customer (CC p yments), cted

s li ison between customer nd

comp ny, with reg rds to billing concerns-either in ccur cies, or djustments to ch rges, due to ny problems with equipment.

-Coordin ted with rep ir shop t Br nch, for customer's p rts orders nd rep ir issues, either with rent l or customer owned equipment s well

s the comp ny RSC h d contr cted with, to m int in current inspections nd registr tion/pl ting of pplic ble equipment. Scheduled nd followed

up with DOT vehicle inspections, VIN Inspections, nd coordin tion of SMM pplic tion to unit equipment, s required.

-W s Br nch Disp tcher for most of my tenure with RSC/United. Supervised 2-3 tr nsport (CDL) drivers, nd

cted s the POC for checkpoint DOT

inspections, between the Br nch M n ger (BM) nd the monitoring cont ct within our comp ny. Ensured compli nce with DOT Hours of Service,

nd D ily Vehicle Inspections, s well s driver d ily logs.

-Coordin ted with Br nch shop, with reg rds to m inten nce required for Br nch ssigned vehicles-tr nsport trucks, s well s F250 Series Pickup

trucks; utilized by BM nd Outside S les Represent tives(OSR).

-Assisted OSR's in est blishment with customers of working r pport, s well s consistent, in-house POC, for

ny customer needs th t m y rise.

These needs m y include:

*Addition l equipment needed t job site.

*Exch nge of d m ged/non-function l equipment th t our Field Service Mech nic w s not ble to rep ir on-site.

*Coordin tion of equipment moves with region l fleet mgr-cont cted region l hubs (Denver, M rtinez, C, L Porte, Tx), to move in unique equipment,

not norm lly c rried t the loc l Br nch (for Power Pl nt shutdowns, etc H ve lso ssisted in oper tion of

"Tool Tr iler" th t we h d on site

t PNM, for their 2011 shutdown.

Addition l inform tion, reg rding my work experience with the bove employer, I would be gl d to discuss during my interview.

Re son for Le ving: L id off-St ff reduction, due to merger between RSC Equipment nd United Rent ls. H lliburton

Cement Truck Oper tor-(CDL)

Oct 2008-Apr 2009


Oper ted (2) or (3) pod bulk Cement Truck-tr nsporting bulk cement to ssigned job loc tion. Once on site, I would ssist crew in "rigging up"

of piping, to tr nsport cement mixture(s) to design ted point. Att ched piping to well he d, for est blishment of well c sing. Would dis ssemble

rigging t the completion of given job.

Gener l m inten nce of comp ny's vehicles-D ily Vehicle Inspections. Worked for(2) months t the H lliburton y rd's Cement "B tch Pl nt"-this site cre ted cement mixtures, b sed on job requirements. This mixture

would then be lo ded onto Cement trucks, for tr nsport to job loc tion. Re son for Le ving: To work for RSC Equipment Rent l. Golden Corr l

PO Box 29502

R leigh, NC 27690-2647

Job Duties:

Left this employment to move to F rmington, NM

Oct 2006-Jul 2008 -Yum, Az(Unit #2415)

Associ te M n ger

H ve served in ll c p cities within the rest ur nt, to include ssisting Gener l M n ger in cost controls,

dvertising, nd ccounts receiv ble/p y bles.

Store r nk within fr nchise r nkings-#66 out of 322 stores ( s of June 2008) J nu ry 2006-October 2006-Kingm n, Az (Unit # 2465) Associ te M n ger (Kitchen)

Served s Kitchen M n ger, developing st ff, cle nliness/s nit tion st nd rds, nd executing proper food cost controls. W s promoted to the Yum, Az loc tion (higher volume) in Oct 2006. Sept 1995-Nov 2005- F rmington, NM (Unit # 609)

Associ te M n ger (Kitchen)

Pl yed n integr l role in the opening of unit # 609 in J n-M r 1996. Achieved 3 "Top Ten" w rds during my tenure in this unit. M r 1998-Feb 1999- Clovis, NM (Unit # 648)

W s promoted to the new store th t w s being built in Clovis. Overs w the opening of this unit, nd the closure of the old unit, with minim l DM oversight.

M y 1992-M y 1995- El P so, Tx (Unit #573)

Assist nt M n ger

Tr ined Ph se II M n gement c ndid tes, while functioning in n ssist nt m n ger c p city. Also, w s involved in over ll kitchen oper tions.

US Army Reserves

El P so, Tx 79924

Job Duties:

Apr 1987-M y 1992

R nk SP/4

Executed b sic soldiering duties, nd w s tr ined s w ter purific tion speci list. Also functioned s squ d le der.


US Army

D Btry 5/52 ADA

Ft Stew rt, G

Job Duties:

Apr 1982-Apr 1985

Ch p rr l Guided Missile System Technici n

Responsible for m inten nce of the Ch p rr l Guided Missile System. Served s Unit NBC NCO(Non-Commissioned Officer in ch rge of the unit's Nucle r, Biologic l, nd Chemic l progr m.)


- Consistent fin nci l oper tions of the F rmington, NM unit over 10 ye r period. ( Food Cost, Control bles, Rest ur nt Oper ting C pit l, nd bottom line profit)

- 3 "Top Ten" Aw rds during my tenure s F rmington, NM's kitchen m n ger.

- Est blished the "Ch r cter Counts" progr m t the Clovis, NM unit, in service to the Clovis community.

- Initi ted nd developed business rel tionships with loc l schools nd org niz tions in the F rmington, NM community, nd surrounding re s (N v jo N tion).


-Cl ssic Film, religious studies, re ding, nd time with f mily. Educ tion:

El P so Community College

El P so, Tx 79924

D tes of Study: J n-Sep 1988

Course of Study: Business M n gement

St Leo College

Ft Stew rt, G

D tes of Study: M r 1983-Aug 1984

Course of Study: Gener l Credit Hours Att ined: 42 Henninger High School

Syr cuse, NY

D tes Attended: Sept 1977- Jun 1980

Course of Study: Gener l Gr du ted in Jun 1980


References include friends, p st nd present supervisors, nd re v il ble upon request.

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