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Los Angeles, CA
March 21, 2018

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Strong: Javascript, ES*, React, Vue, Node, Express, React Router, Git, Github, RESTful APIs, noSQ, JQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS

Experienced: AngularJS, SQL, Redux, Vuex, Websockets, Authentication, Cookie, TDD, Electron, Bootstrap, Webpack


VUETRON A Vue testing and debugging desktop app built on top of Electron. 2017

●Implemented Vue Router to create multiple entry points that can conditionally render content in order to compartmentalize separates features of the application for an improved user experience.

●Used WebSockets to relay Vuex state changes from the tested application and routed the state mutations to Vuetron in order to display state changes and events in real-time.

●Tracked modified app state by applying a diffing algorithm in the server to compare previous state to let users track potential side effects of application events.

●Dynamically patched Vue’s global $emit method at runtime to listen for event emissions

●Traversed the DOM to recreate the Vue component structure and track component props to send to Vuetron through a Vue plugin

●Implement unit testing on frontend components with Tape, ensuring accurate event stream data rendering


Raddit Reddit saved post manager

●Applied a custom regex filter to post metadata enabling users to quickly search and find saved posts

●Use React and React-Router dynamic component rendering to prompt user Oauth login and display user-specific data once logged in

●Add tag metadata to saved posts by Processing through Google vision api to optimize user search filter experience

Tekkitalki Technical communication training app

●Implemented Artyom speech recognition wrapping the speech synthesis and webkitSpeechRecognition APIs to translate user vocal command into to text

●Wrote functions that would output JavaScript expressions and statements that log or declare a function or variable; indent a line; and insert or delete a line by referencing the line or its surrounding lines.

●Used a noSql database for fast execution storing triggered commands keywords and functions

●Used regular expressions in order to parse out keywords, such as variable names or function parameters and to determine contextual placeholders into which the keywords would later be inserted.

TRVLR A React destinations search

●Configured Node server with Express layer to handle user authentication that persisted application state via document database (MongoDB) to provide persistent user data across sessions

●Implemented React-Router to reduce calls to Express server which resulted in increased page render speeds

●Implemented security features, using JSON Web Tokens to securely transmit information and Bcrypt for a one-way password encryption to ensure user information is private and secur


●Lycée le Lykes, FR Math and Biology

●University of Lyon, FR Sport science

●Van Nuys, CA AMT School of Aircraft Avionics & Mechanics


The Age of Algorithm Increased influence of Algorithm & Machine Learning

SoCal React Meetup React Anti-Patterns - Spreading props on DOM elements

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