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Sugar Land, TX
March 21, 2018

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Rajeev Dhand

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Sugar Land, Tx **479

Home: 281-***-****


Over Twenty years of hands on working experience in definition, design, development, maintenance, testing, and documentation of software systems relative to Telecom, Healthcare and Transportation industries. I am hardworking, self driven individual with a strong focus on team success and collaborative efforts with others. I am a keen learner and will flex easily as required by the situation.


Languages: C, Pro-C, C++, C#, Visual C++ 4.0/MFC, Oracle 7.x, PL/SQL, JAVA, Visual Basic, Javascript, Perl, html, PDP-11 Assembler, shell and SQL scripting.

Operating Systems: UNIX, VxWorks, Lynx, Solaris, OS/2, SUN-OS, Windows and MS-DOS

Applications: Microsoft Visio, Lotus Notes, ObjecTime, SABLIME(Source Change Control), Framemaker, Interleaf, MS-Project, MS-Office, STP CASE tool.

Hardware: SUN Workstations, PC's, Digital VT300's, and IBM-4341.


Apr. 2016 to Present Magellan Healthcare

First RX Claim System

-The FirstRx is a configurable, rules-based, parameter-based, and table-driven claims adjudication system. Responsible for enhancement to the FirstRx Claim engine:

oChanges to the Oracle database required for enhancement. (Oracle, SQL)

oChanges to FirstRx software (c/pro-c, unix)

oImported historical data into Oracle database, using sqlldr.

Environment: HP-UNIX, C, Shell/Perl Scripting, SoapUI, MongoDB, Toad

July. 2013 to Mar, 2016 TeamQuest, Clearlake, IA

Database Team

Responsible for coding and development of process that collects and reports statistics for PostgreSQL database. These statistics help monitor database and generate appropriate alarm when any issue detected with database.

Environment: C++, C#, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Perl script, PostgreSQL database, PGAdmin III, Agile Methodology, MessageQ MQSeries

Jul. 2012 to Jun, 2013 CenturyLink, Monroe, LA

Ensemble OGS (On-going support) Team

Software consultant at CenturyLink for the OGS (On-going Support) team:

●Responsible for coding and development of new functionality in Customer Order processing.

●Provided Technical Support and resolved production and system test issues.

Environment: HP-UNIX, C, Pro-C, C++, Oracle, PL/SQL, Pro*C, Shell Scripting, QTP, webfocus, gdb/dbx.

Feb. 2012 to Jun, 2012 EDS/HP, Work From Home

Working on PA account, responsible for planning and support for migration of source code from solaris 8 to solaris 10.

-Created scripts to automate compilation of all source code. Reported compilation stats for each sub-system to responsible lead.

-Supported SE’s for compilation/execution issues of programs, related to migration to solaris10.

-Scripts to keep doco tables in sync with the changes to jobs/programs.

Environment: Pro-C, Unix, shell/sql/perl scripting, SQL, Oracle

Mar. 2009 to Dec. 2011 CenturyLink, Monroe, LA

Ensemble Post Data Conversion Team

Software consultant at CenturyLink for the Ensemble Post Conversion team:

●Analyzed client conversion data and created pl/sql scripts for corrections.

●Developed application in QTP to automate testing, data validations and issue resolution.

●Worked on Global Update tool to automate creation of customer accounts and to resolve customer billing


●Provided Technical Support and resolved production and system test issues.

Environment: HP-UNIX, C, Pro-C, C++, Oracle, PL/SQL, Pro*C, Shell Scripting, QTP, webfocus

Mar. 2005 to Mar. 2009 SBC/AT&T, Hoffman Estate, IL

Software Consultant at SBC/AT&T for the Telegence CSM Team. Responsible for Analysis, Design and

Implementation of the Telegence Lightspeed in an Amdocs Ensemble Billing System.

●Implemented new services and modified existing services for Telegence Lightspeed project, using C programming language.

●Developed new datalayer services in Pro*C to access ORACLE 8i database.

●Created Unix Shell script (ksh) program for running the batch process.

●Team lead for integration testing for the Telegence Lightspeed development.

●Worked closely with the tier 2 call center associates in resolving production issues.

Environment: HP-UNIX, C, Tuxedo8.0/Weblogic Enterprise, Oracle8i, PL/SQL, Pro*C, Shell Scripting

Mar. 2004 to Mar. 2005 US Cellular, Bensenville, IL

Software Consultant for the Customer Service Management (CSM) Team, responsible for Analysis, Design and Implementation of the next generation product offering enhancements for the Customer Care module (CSM - Customer Service Management) in an Amdocs Ensemble Billing Environment.

• Implemented the Tuxedo architecture to support Multimedia Messaging System (MMS).

• Involved with project managing all aspects of the SDLC, including writing requirements, high/low level designs, implementation and testing of Customer Value Management (CVM) initiative. This initiative provides US Cellular with the necessary information to understand the value of each customer and the events that affect profitability during a customer’s lifecycle.

• Wrote new( around 6 ) and modified existing ( about 20 services ) Tuxedo Services using C-programming language

• Developed datalayer services in Pro*C to access ORACLE 8/9i database.

• Created new data conversion SQL scripts.

Environment: HP-UNIX, C, Tuxedo8.0/Weblogic Enterprise, PowerBuilder6.5/8.0, Oracle8i, PL/SQL, Pro*C, Shell Scripting.

Oct. 2002 to Mar, 2004 EDS, Little Rock, AR


Data Conversion Technical Lead for Recipient Eligibility and Buy-In sub-system for OR Implementation. Managed and coordinated all conversion related tasks, such as profiling, mapping and conversion of the client data for Recipient Eligibility and Buy-In sub-system. Conversion for OR was very successful, with few minor data fixes.

Environment: Pro-C, Unix, SQL, Oracle 9i, Cobol, Evoke/Axio Client 4.4 conversion tool


Supporting the migration of the COBOL based mainframe application to Sun Solaris using C/Unix.

Responsible for creating requirements, implementing and testing of the core Medicare/Medicaid


-Implemented and tested Provider and EligibilityInterface, which processes a file, received from Managed Care. The primary function of this interface is to accept and maintain accurate current and historical eligibility and demographic information on individuals eligible for medical assistant and to support analysis of the eligibility data. (Environment: C, Pro-CUnix, SQL, Powerbuilder 8.0, Oracle 9i, Cobol)

Oct. 1999 to Oct. 2001 Motorola, Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Senior Software Consultant for the GSM Tools development group. Designed and implemented E1 Access

Device (EAD) tool. This tool simulates cell phone(s), and is used to generate traffic on the wireless network.

This tool is used by GSM System Test group for load testing, feature testing, capacity testing, and

conformance testing of GSM and GPRS.

For GPRS, implemented Subnetwork Dependent Convergence Protocol (SNDCP) Layer. This layer

is responsible for:

■Multiplexing of several packet data protocol (PDP)

■Compression/Decompression of data packets

■Segmentation and reassembly of data packets

Following is a list of components in this project:

EAD - Environment: C++ with STL, VxWorks 5.4, Tornado Development Tools 2.0 – Launch, Windsh,

CrossWind, Browser)

EC – Provide user interface for the EAD. (Environment: C++, Linux)

LogViewer – GUI interface that provide user to view the log generated by EAD. (JDK1.3, JFC/Swing)

April 1997 to Oct. 1999 Lucent Technologies, Naperville, Illinois.

Consultant for the New Network Switch (NNS) in the call processing group. NNS is evolving the

current toll switch (4ESS) to meet the needs of AT&T long-distance network in year 2000 and

beyond. NNS architecture is based on commercial hardware platform, distributed processing

architect to hosts AT&T voice and data services. This software is developed using object oriented

methodology involving C++ language under UNIX.

Responsible for defining requirements of the call processing using reverse engineering of existing

toll switch (4ESS) functionality.

May 1996 to April 1997 Rockwell International, Switching Systems Division, Downers Grove, Illinois.

Consultant for the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) System. CTI integrates telephone and

computer systems into a single business information system that brings all call center transaction

elements into a common operational system.

●Designed and implemented an application which will be able to intelligently route incoming calls within the network of ACDs within the region. (Environment: HP-UX, C, Front End: Oracle7.X).

●Designed and implemented the Data Acquisition (DA) process which is responsible for collecting and logging of the network routing data. This data consists of which ACD the call came from and how and where it was routed to. (Environment: HP-UX, C).

●Other responsibilities included ORACLE Database Administrator for DiverCTI

product. (Oracle 7.x)

- Created databases, users and roles and assigned privileges.

- Created appropriate table spaces for CTI application added and resized data files.

- Document database administration procedures.

Oct. 1994 to May 1996 Motorola Cellular Division, Arlington Heights, Illinois

Consultant for the INReach System: The INReach is a networked wireless communication system based

on RTOS using C under Lynx. This system allows cellular phone users to place or receive calls through

a private branch exchange (PBX) for single or multiple building facilities.

Environment: C++ with STL, VxWorks 5.4, Tornado Development Tools 2.0 – Launch, Windsh,

CrossWind, Browser)

Sept. 1986 to Oct. 1994 Rockwell International, Switching Systems Division, Downers Grove, Illinois.

Project Leader: Manage and coordinate all project related tasks/activities

such as:

- Defining, estimating and scheduling the assigned tasks.

- Resources Management/allocation.

- Coordinate and direct others in successful and timely completion of their tasks.

- Assure that the assigned tasks meet the quality and scope objectives of the project.

Sept. 89 - Oct. 94

●Designed and developed an interface between hardware and the call

processing software of the SPECTRUM - An Automatic Call Distributor

(ACD) system based on C under UNIX.

●Led the configuration design, definition, and implementation of the voice

processing functions of the SPECTRUM ACD. This involved all phases

of the software life cycle from system specifications to system testing.

Sept. 86 - Sept. 89

●Investigated ways to improve performance of the GALAXY ACD system so as to increase the real time capacity of the switch. This project resulted in 18 percent increase in the number of calls handled by the system. (PDP-11 Assembler, RTOS)


University of Illinois at Chicago

Bachelor in Computer Science Engineering. Graduated - June 1986.

Oracle DBA (7.X) training from Microhard, Oakbrook, Il – Oct. 1996.

REFERENCES: Available on Request


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