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Software Engineer Service

South San Francisco, CA
March 21, 2018

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South San Francisco, CA

Jasper Yu

Technical Skills


Javascript, CSS, Sass, HTML5, Angular, React, jQuery, Axios, Redux/Redux-Form, Node, Express, Knex, Bookshelf, Mocha/Chai, Jest, Socket, Semantic-UI, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and mySQL Experienced

Backbone, Passport, webRTC, Docker, and Heroku


OmniChat - Software Engineer

Group chat with video and messaging features

● Designed service-oriented architecture for ease of maintenance and clear separation of concerns

● Built a real-time messaging system using for reduced server load and latency

● Utilized React and Redux for front-end state management to enhance rendering speed and extensibility

● Designed database schema using PostgreSQL for efficient storage and querying

● Implemented map and weather display with Google Map API and Weather API for a seamless UI

● Implemented Test Driven Development with Mocha for enhanced development pace and application stability

● Created event form and profile edit page with React-Form for methodize data transfer and quick rendering Toonflix - Front End Developer

Landing page design for a video streaming site

● Built user-interface using Sass to create a DRY coding environment

● Created a smooth heading and 3D image flipping animation to create a more alluring interface

● Organized folder directories for simple navigation for different sections of the project

● Deployed application through Heroku for simple client and database integration Evently - Software Engineer

Event planning application with filtering functions

● Designed the front-end with CSS and Semantic-UI to create a seamless and intuitive interface

● Created a multiple reactive components using React to quickly render updated user data

● Utilized MongoDB to filtered matches between a user’s event and target providers

● Implemented user authentication using Passport combined with Facebook API for user specification

● Designed back-end routing with Express for streamlined development and extensibility Education

Hack Reactor, A dvanced Software Engineering Immersive Program 2017

San Francisco State University, B.S. in Biochemistry

● Alpha Phi Omega - National Service Fraternity

● Alpha Kappa Psi - Professional Business Fraternity - Founding Father 2016


I love poker and have played professionally for years. My commitment to poker has taught me self-discipline, and the capacities to think clearly under pressure and absorb new information quickly.

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