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Virtual Assistant Entry level + telecommute

Houston, TX
March 21, 2018

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***** **** ****., **** ****, Houston, Tx. 77090-4624 [(H) 832-***-**** (C) 999-***-****]

Dear Sales Manager/Marketing Manager,

As an Accomplished Sales and Marketing Professional with 34 years of industry experience, I feel my Diversified Experience and Sterling Credentials would be the perfect fit for a Part-Time position at Your Company/Organization. The candidate is exploring all types of positions whereby the work history and experience and Sterling Credentials would be an asset; especially of interest are positions in the Virtual Assistant Categories.

My skills and training would add value to your organization, and I have discussed [in my vignette] the reason for seeking a 'part-time' position as I prepare to turn 74 in April.

First-My Philosophy of Work [and Life]:

Every Morning on the plains of the Serengeti, the Thompson Gazelle begins to know that today, he

must outrun the fastest and most cunning of the lion pride or he will be killed.

Likewise, on those same plains of the Serengeti, the Lion Pride awakens and begins to stir knowing that

they must outrun the slowest and most dull of the Thompson Gazelle or they will starve and eventually


So it doesn't matter if you are a lion or a gazelle on the Serengeti or a Tele-salesman or Customer Service Rep [overlooking the Galleria] when the sun comes up, you better be awake, have your wits about you and be running-in order to be avoid being eaten by the lions, Cheetahs, Jaguars, and Leopards hiding in the bushes and roaming on the plains of our lives.

There is much more I could discuss in a personal 1:1 conversation and meeting; however, the highlights of what I offer can be summarized as following…

+30 years of Sales and Marketing Experience,

Sterling Educational Credentials that include two bachelors and two masters degrees [MBa and MIM-Masters of International Management and Marketing]

I have had +20 years of Telephone Business Communications and experience with Selling and Marketing Highly Technical Instrumentation and Diagnostic Systems, both in 1:1 direct selling and Telesales.

I am Not in a rush to immediately jump to the first company that calls me, as I want to ensure that it is [and will be a 'Mutually Beneficial' business relationship]; additionally, as mentioned, I have a comfortable income at the present and my main motivation for seeking a PT Position is as a 'safeguard or safety valve.

During January 2006 through April 2011 I was my Elderly Mother's Primary Care Giver while maintaining my +40 hours weekly work schedule, until my retirement in April 2009 as her care became a 24 x 7 endeavor; until her death in April, 2011.

By the way, before [and if] you decide to call me, please review the following links:

I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future to discuss ‘your current window of opportunity,’and how my experience, education, and skills can help you to accomplish your 2018 goals.

Shalom AleiKhem,

Herman C. Wall, Jr.


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