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Senior Software Engineer

Crystal Lake, IL
September 11, 2018

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Roger Hardin

Crystal Lake, IL *****



• C, C++, C#, CLI, Patterns, MFC, OOADP, Options, Windows Client/Server, Code Collaborator, Perforce, MS-SQL, RPC, SIP, STL, VoIP, Threads, Visual Studio, Hyper-V, VMWare, Hibernate, Scrum, SIP, SQL, TDD, Visual Studio Profiler, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, and Bounds Checker.


• Grady Booch: IBM Fellow

Roger is one of those rare individuals who really understands and can consistently apply the best practices of software engineering: modeling, disciplined, measurable development, abstraction, and patterns, to name a few across a wide spectrum of domains, languages, and platforms.

• Meilir Page-Jones: Author of Fundamentals of OOD in UML

I heartily recommend Roger for both OO in general and UML modeling.


• Design Patterns – Grady Booch

• C++ - Meilir Page-Jones, Brad Cox, and Rob Myers

• OOA, OOD, ODP - Grady Booch, Meilir Page-Jones, Brad Cox, and Rob Myers

Work Experience:

• 9/2017 – Present, Principal Software Engineer, ISE, Chicago, IL

Technologies used: CLI, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio 2013 VC++

• 6/2017 – 8/2017, Senior Software Engineer, LexRay, Downers Grove, IL

Developed a CLI wrapper between the LexRay .NET C# Managed code and the Teleste Native C++ code. Added enhancements, analyzed and fixed errors. Added new features to product. Produced design documentation. Refactored, tested, added new features, and produced documentation. Converge security cameras onto single workstation.

Technologies used: Visual Studio 2015, VC++, Teleste SDK, C#, CLI

• 12/2016 – 6/2017, Senior Software Development Engineer, Bobis Brokerage, Chicago, IL

Developed a CLI wrapper between .NET C# Managed Code and Native C++ code. Implemented enhancements and bug fixes to a trader application. Refactored, tested, added new features, and produced documentation.

Technologies: Visual Studio 2013, C++, CLI, MFC, VMWare, Trader Workstation

• 7/2016 – 11/2016, Senior Software Development Engineer, Northrop Grumman, Rolling Meadows, Il

Migrated Visual Basic 6.0 applications to Visual Studio 2013 C#, replaced VB grid control with VS 2015 DataGrid, improved run-time performance, and added new features to the STATS system. This system is a combat ready, self-contained, multi-sensor targeting, and surveillance system used to validate fighter Jet functionality.

Technologies: VS 2013, C#, C++, MFC, Windows 7, Clear Case, WPF

• 3/2015 – 7/2016, Senior Software Development Engineer, GE Healthcare (Perm)

Developed C++ software in a fast paced and agile development environment using the latest software development technologies and infrastructure for the Universal Viewer. Migrated Windows XP application to Windows 7, migrated Visual Studio 7.1 application to Visual Studio 2015, replaced Janus GridEx control with VS 2015 DataGridView, Excel 2000 to Excel 2003, Visio 2000 to Visio 2003, performance improvements, and added new features to the Antenna System Design Tool. Investigated and resolve run-time and memory bottle-necks.

Technologies: Scrum, VC 2008, VS 2015, Server 2008, C#, Code Collaborator, Hibernate MFC, Windows 7, Perforce, TDD, WPF

• 6/2014 – 3/2015, Senior Software Development Engineer, Bobis Brokerage, North Chicago, Il

Migrating applications from Visual Studio 6.0 to Visual Studio 2013, Windows 32-bit applications to Windows 64-bit, and Access 97 to MS-SQL Express. Implementing enhancements and bug fixes to a trader application. Trade options on markets worldwide from a single account. Refactoring, testing, adding new features, and producing documentation. Investigate and resolve run-time and memory bottle-necks.

Technologies: Visual Studio 2013, VC++, MFC, Trader Workstation

• 2/2014– 5/2014, Senior Software Development Engineer, Abbott Laboratories, Lake Forest, Il

Analyzed framework code and the design of implementation concepts to add new features to LIMS. Added new GUI features and created a New Feature Guide to allow adding new features quicker. This was my second contract with Abbott in the past seven years.

Technologies: Visual Studio 2010 VC++

• 7/2013 – 1/2014, Senior Software Development Engineer, Eagle Test Systems, Buffalo Grove, Il

Design and implement software utilities and programs for use in mixed-signal Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems.

Technologies used: Visual Studio 2010 VC++

• 5/2009 – 6/2013, Senior Software Development Engineer, NEC Sphere, Comm. Lincolnshire, IL (Perm)

Analysis, design, and implementation of mufti-threaded telephony and multimedia system software written in C++ under Microsoft Windows 2008 Server for NEC Sphere’s award-winning multimedia PBX. Major responsibilities of this position were adding new features to existing code and analyzing and repairing customer defects. Investigate and resolve run-time and memory bottle-necks.

Technologies: VC++ 2010, MFC, Multi-tasking, Server 2008, Code Collaborator, Perforce, VMWare, Hyper-V, STL, TDD, SIP, Wireshark, Visual Studio Profiler, Bounds Checker

• 7/2008 – 3/2009, Senior Software Development Engineer, NASA Education, Crystal Lake, IL

Designing and implementing Java classes for judicial case management report generation running on Windows XP. User specifies report format using Excel spread sheets and additionally specifies SQL statements. Based on the format and SQL statements PDF reports are generated using the iText library. Investigated and recommended Hibernate for mapping the Java object-oriented domain model to the MySql database.

Technologies: Java, Eclipse, Hibernate, iText, MySql, Swing

• 10/2007 - 6/2008 Senior Software Development Engineer, New Edge Group, Chicago, IL

Designing, implementing, and debugging enhancements for C++/MFC multi-threaded server applications providing market data running on PCs using MFC sockets. Server used TCP and UDP connections for serving client requests. Re-factoring of existing code base, code reduction, and resolved critical software run-time issues. Investigate and resolve run-time and memory bottle-necks.

Technologies: Visual C++ 2003, MFC Sockets, Source Safe

• 1/2007 - 9/2007 Senior Software Development Engineer, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL

Design, analysis, coding, testing, and debugging C++/MFC classes for blood diagnostic and analyzer instruments running on Windows XP based PCs and real-time analyzer instruments. A major responsibility of this position was repairing defects in existing code. Another major responsibility was adding and documenting new features in existing code.

Technologies: Shaler-Mellor (Object Bench), VC++ 2005, MFC, STL

• 2/2001 - 12/2006 Senior Lead Software Engineer, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago, IL (Perm)

Specifying, analyzing, developing, implementing, and debugging touch screen trading applications (PAR, BART, and VIX) running under Windows XP. Applications located on the trading floor used by floor brokers for handling non-executable options. Interfaced heavily with traders and floor brokers to determine user needs and resolve trader issues and concerns. Part of team developing external (Linkage) exchange processing.

Technologies: Rational Rose, Visual C++ 6.0, MFC, Clear Case, PVCS, STL

• 2/1998 - 2/2001 Senior Software Development Engineer, iManage, Chicago, IL (Perm)

Implementing, and debugging C++/MFC multi-threaded GUI applications running under Windows 2K used to configure, analyze, and produce reports for Document Management Systems Interfaced with the SQL Server databases via MFC and ODBC. Unicode enabled server code.

Technologies: Rational Rose, Visual C++ 6.0, MFC, PVCS


• United States Army, Honorable Discharge, Communications Specialist, Inactive Secret Clearance

• ISO C++ Standards Committee Advisory Member

• CPPCON 2015 Volunteer/Speaker,


• DePaul University: Master of Science in Computer Science, Honors, Chicago, IL

• DeVry University: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Honors, Chicago, IL

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