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Des Plaines, IL
March 19, 2018

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Valeriy Krakov

*** ****** *****, ********, ** ***25 847-***-****


Software developer/tester position with a reputable company where I can apply my 18+ years of IT experience and skills.


Application developer with strong knowledge of SDLC.

Experienced in Client Server environment software development, multiple methodologies including Agile and Waterfall,

testing and data processing of financial, warehousing, data recovery and telecommunications fields.

- Strong knowledge of computer hardware and software, high computer proficiency;

- Excellent analytical, problem solving, organizational, communicational and interpersonal skills;

- Experienced in working with multi-platform based applications throughout the SDLC;

- Experienced in presenting and delivering solutions to the clients;

- Extremely adept in computer technology;

- Highly motivated to make a difference;

- Excellent team player with a very strong work ethic;

- Extensive teaching experience sharing my knowledge with new and existing team members.


Languages: SHELLS (Bash, Korn, Bourne, C), Perl, TCL, NSP, SQL*, C, Pro *C, HTML, PL SQL

Operating Systems: UNIX (HP, Solaris, SCO), Linux Red Hat, Windows NT/2000/XP/7

Databases: ORACLE 7 - 11, MS SQL Server, MySQL 4.6, Informix, MS Access


Unix Application Developer

Prime Travel Company Glenview, IL July 2016 – Present

Work on helping in PTC’s effort to transfer data from an older database called “Data Server” to MySQL 5. Involved in project for upgrading an outdated database to avoid the risk of losing critical data. Work on redesign existing software to eliminate some defects and old logic. Create application to optimize collecting, storing, and retrieving data from new database. Organize backup and update of new database every night. Generate and send emails for clients with new deals, coupons, and discounts weekly based. The responsibilities include:

* Handling all of the work within the old database during the migration.

* Development in the Shell, Perl and PHP scripting, SQL, PHP, C language under Unix OS.

* Creating technical documentation for redesigned system.

* Collaborating with other members of the team to ensure successful completion of the migration.

* Managing, supporting, and troubleshooting new database.

* Training PTC’s personal how to work with new software.

Unix Application Developer

Motorola Solutions Schaumburg, IL January 2016 – May 2016

Involved in the project for redesigning existing software that serves Software Factory department. Old packet of software included set of Korn, Bash shell scripts, Perl and SQL scripts, batch files, PL/SQL procedures. The bulk of the code was written 10-15 years ago by mix of tech ops people who are no longer with the company.

This project included:

- Creating technical documentation of the existing code flow;

- Document and design a new code flow;

- Develop new code based on new design:

* automation of currently running shell scripts using daemons;

* creating multithreading background processes (parallel running shell scripts) to dramatically increase performance;

* creating shell scripts that watch/manage those background processes (to avoid of zombie processes creation);

* creating restartability features for loading large datafiles into tables;

* involving cron jobs for scheduling of launch of shell scripts;

* adding new options for existing shell scripts;

* improving the operational flow;

* replacing obsolete programs with new ones;

* moving modified and new shell scripts to the new Unix server (Solaris);

- Test the new shell scripts against all the required products and permutations;

- Test performance of new/modified shell scripts;

- Document the resulting code and interface;

- Moving new and modified shell scripts to production server;

- Train necessary engineers and support staff on the new code for handover


- cycle time for processing orders was reduced by 50%;

- number of scripts was decreased;

- dynamical global variable assignment was added to the user’s profiles that allows to use one profile in different

environments (file systems);

- two sets of scripts have been created for working with different versions (involving java calls and original method);

- creating daily reports and log files for management evaluation.

Application Developer

AT&T Hoffman Estates, IL February 2009 – August 2015

Developed, managed and supported application “Automation for Network Provisioning” (ANP) - implemented across five regions: Southeast, Midwest, West, Southwest and East.

Created functionality, using cron jobs, to automate translations provisioning in the legacy wire line switched network for AT&T’s Network Operations National Translations Centers, using cron jobs. Responsible for the development, testing, programming, debugging of the server side code and the testing of the user web interface. Last six months was involved in migration from Unix HP to Linux.

Worked directly with the user community to gather, define, clarify requirements and analyze feedback. Designed and developed middleware software - using programming languages such as TCL, PERL, vendor GENBAND’s PERL API, KORN SHELL/AWK/SED and MYSQL under UNIX/Linux OS.

Created functionality with capability for the ANP business logic to seamlessly communicate with each of the switch type’s operational support systems (OSS) such as Voice Activation Management (VAM), Mechanized Translation System (MTS) and Network and Service Provisioning (NSP).

This feature provides the following functionality:

oLoads switch data from the OSS into the ANP database tables based on demand from the

ANP business logic.

oRetrieves pending switch changes from the ANP business logic database table.

oReformats pending switch changes into the proper switch OSS format and writes

them to the proper switch OSS.

oCreates and removes orders in the switch OSS.

oInitiates the transmission of the order from the OSS to the switch.

oMonitors the OSS during order transmission.

oUpdates north bound systems with the order status.

Utilities software :

oNightly backups: archiving production scripts and log files produced during the day

and ftp them to the backup server.

oGenerated daily order status reports which were emailed to the users.

oMonitoring and managing all running daemons and background processes.

Troubleshooting and Analysis:

oImproved the initial application efficiency from 95% to 99% flow through.

It was accomplished by analyzing issues and designing a daemon process to catch flight time interrupted background processes and restart them automatically.

Senior Systems Analyst

AT&T Hoffman Estates, IL February 2000 – February 2009

Supported Operational Data Repository (ODR) and Marketing Support System (MSS) applications,

using Korn, C, Bourne Shell scripts; C, Pro*C, PL/SQL languages; SyncSort, TOAD, Autosys tools.

Used PVCS/CVS to store and update source codes.

Managed new and existing tables/views in Oracle 9i, 10g and 11i.

Created data recovery and tables monitoring scripts-utilities to assist Production Support Teams.

Performed testing, utilizing Test Director and Quality Center.

Developed scripts for ODR to pre-process, load, sort and summarize Lightspeed and Long distance usage files.

Headed the development effort for ODR which included design, development and unit test to receive and load

BellSouth usage.

Created numerous report generators for Tier2 to track Lightspeed and Long distance usage for all the SBC/AT&T Long Distance launches.

Supported Fulfillment application, using Pro*C, PL/SQL, Korn Shell.

Was responsible for support and development of interfaces and GUI for Access Cost Management (ACM), Access Cost Management Tracking (ACMT) and Access Cost Management Fixed (ACMF) applications. ACM application processed on average 2,500,000,000 usage records per month, using multiple background processes.

Performed design, coding, testing, implementation, and maintenance of the above mentioned applications by creating programs, utilities and tools, utilizing C language; Korn, Bourne and C Shells, PL/SQL, PowerBuilder, Perl, Access, Excel, Word, SyncSort and Test Director.

Performed troubleshooting and fixes for any open issues on ODR, ACM, ACMF, Fulfillment and MSS applications.

Provided 24x7 on-going supports for these applications.

Converted an Access Data Base Application into a robust Oracle driven application using UNIX operating

system tools.

Involved in development, design, implementation and support of the following applications:

oTraffic Data Management System (TDMS), which provides a common interface for the transmission of data files between external data sources and ACI application programs;

oLDSwitch (Long Distance Switch), which collects and retrieves call detail records (CDRs) from the switch and delivers them to the billing applications.

oArchive & Purge, which archives all data files that pass through the TDMS system.

oResponsibilities included completing a couple full life-cycle TDMS projects (detailed design, data design, coding, testing, implementation and support using C, Pro *C, Perl, PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripts, Tuxedo, Connect/Direct.

Project Leader for the design, development and implementation of the TDMS application. TDMS accepted,

validated, loaded, archived and purged numerous of files according business logic. (C, Korn Shell, SQL* Loader, Autosys, TOAD).

Participated in logical and physical design of the Oracle database. Wrote triggers and stored procedures.

Performed monitoring, performance tuning, troubleshooting. Wrote technical documentation.

Software Developer

Information Resources Incorporated Chicago, IL September 1998 – February 2000

Involved in the development, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of the rdy and dat production processes (Unix Shell scripts, C, SQL). Responsibilities included:

Log files and database monitoring, investigating crashes, and creating backup procedures

(Unix Shell scripts, SQL).

Creating numerous Unix Shell scripts for issues analyzing.

Improving existing software to run processes faster and make more readable log files (C, SQL).

Maintaining and fixing of programs during the production process. (C, SQL ).

Write internal and release documents.

Software Developer

Krumm & Associates Oak Park, IL December 1996 – September 1998

Compile files based on the predicted behavior of persons in existing database.

Provide clients with those files consisting of names, addresses, and account numbers.

Analyze the results of mailing, compare with predictions based on the econometric models.

Design utilities for data processing, Time Series scoring, and generating reports.

Run monthly scoring and mailing production.

Develop and maintain C/UNIX based applications: mk_tp, umange, cecil, dee etc.

Write C programs to convert database files to required format.

Use executable C program under UNIX to access and maintain database.

Computer Instructor

B.I.R. Inc., Hi Tech Training Center Chicago, IL October 1996 – June 2000

Provide C under UNIX tutorial service.


National Technical University, Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute

Master’s Degree Major: Chemistry; Minor: Information Technology – Kharkiv, Ukraine

References available upon request.

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