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Human Resources Employee Relations

Indianapolis, IN
March 19, 2018

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Nannette R. Anderson

**** *. ******* ***. ************, IN 46218

317-***-**** – Home

317-***-**** - Cell


- Strategic Partner

- Development/Training

- Manage Multiple Projects

- Innovative Strategies

- Negotiator

- Mentor

- Strong Listening Skills

- Problem Solving

- Creative Solutions

- Administrative Skills

- Adaptability

- Flexibility

- Customer Service

- Acquisitions

- Labor Law

- Due Diligence

- Team Building

- Safety OSHA

- Compliance

- Creative Solutions

- EEO Issues

- Change Management

- Labor/Employee Relations

- Strong Interpersonal Skills

- Strong Management Skills

- Benefits & Plan Selection

- Compensation/Payroll

- Accountability

- Develop Policies/Procedures

- Strong People Skills


Excellent problem-solving skills as a direct result of being conscientious, energetic, analytical, responsive, and an active listener

Genuinely enjoy people; get work done through people; possess a flexible managerial style

Qualities brought to a company: persistent, factual, steady performer, precise, accountable, reliable, enthusiastic, self-starter, patient

Provide creative solutions and innovative strategies to assist clients to meet or exceed objectives and/or expectations; possess strong administrative skills used in managing multiple projects

Proficiency managing Operations and Human Resources in Corporate, Manufacturing, Distribution, Government, Not-for-Profit, Private and Retail businesses for Union and Non-union environments.


ACS & Associates 1 Jan 2001 - Present

Chief Human Resources Consultant – Consult in a Human Resources Capacity for: Employment, Training, Diversity, Assessments, Team Building, Employee Evaluations, Policy, Employee Handbooks, Zero Tolerance Policy, Benefits, Payroll, FMLA, Labor Law, Unemployment, Workers Compensation, and Terminations.

Accomplishments: Provide HR Services for various companies in lieu of a full time HR or Operations professional. I have been able to successfully deliver services and resolutions for a broad perspective companies and industries.

Cenveo Envelope Products Group, LLC 29 April 2013 – Present

Human Resources Manager – Handle all aspects of HR for two separate plants, from a Generalist Perspective which includes benefits, compensation, employment, and labor and employee relations.

Accomplishments: Working to improve the overwhelming number of FMLA cases by discovering the cause and effect. Simultaneously work to resolve the issues by addressing the contributing causes and administering the process according to compliance/federal government requirements.

Lowes Home Improvement 7 March 2011 – May 2012

Human Resources Manager – Handled all aspects of HR from a Generalist Perspective including Benefits, Compensation and Payroll.

Accomplishments: Managed to improve the working relationship between the store manager and the staff. Store recognized and received highest honor within region including bonus for top sales in 2011 through commitment and working as a team. I too received an additional bonus for stores accomplishments.

Entertainment Distribution Company 10 January 2008 – 1 January 2009

Director Human Resources- Responsibilities include Labor/Employee Relations and problem resolution for day to day operations, grievance resolution and labor negotiations, Benefit Programs, Merit and Pay increases, and performance management, hiring, firing, writing policy, interpretation and implementation of policy, as well as all day to day Generalist functions.

Accomplishments: Reduced the number of grievances received by more than 50%. Worked closely with the union and management resulting in “0” grievances going to arbitration. Completed and rolled out the annual merit program. Wrote the attendance policy and rolled it out to the workforce. I managed to master a good working relationship between management and the union.

Adesa Inc. 6 September 2005 – 15 May 2007

Corporate Employee Relations Consultant – Problem resolution for day to day operations for assigned region. I had responsibility for 2 Business Units, the Corporate Office and 9 Auctions. Handled training for new supervisors and managers.

Accomplishments: Made training fun and instrumental for new Managers/Supervisors in the field. I developed a good rapport and relationship with field operations.

City of Indianapolis 18 March 2002 – 6 September 2005

Manager Labor/Employee Relations –Responsible for the working relationship between 5 Unions and Management. Work closely to prevent grievances from going to Arbitration. Receive and investigate complaints of harassment, workplace violence and discrimination finding resolutions for the complaint. Handle unemployment claims. Work as the intermediary for management/employee problems. Make recommendations to management regarding employee problems and issues as they arise. I handle all of the EEO and AAP reporting for the City of Indianapolis. I had responsibility for Training employees with regard to Harassment, Workplace Violence and Diversity.

Employment Manager - I had responsibility for the posting, recruitment, and hiring process for all City of Indianapolis job opportunities. Spearheaded a web based system to track and recruit.

HR Consultant – I had responsibility for all of the HR needs and responsibilities of HR for the Dept. of Parks, Dept. of Administration, Executive and Legislative and the Controllers’ Office. I handled all HR Activities as a Generalist. I conducted training to roll out a new Compensation system and a new Performance Evaluation Process.

Accomplishments: During the first year, managed to gain the respect of the work force and Management by spending time walking in their shoes to get a better understanding of their day to day operation. I have thrown trash, paved streets and pot holes, done landscaping, and job shadowed first line supervision to understand their work scheduling practices needs and concerns. All of this has enabled me to make better decisions regarding the necessary corrective action and improvement decisions needed.

Day Nursery Association of Indianapolis 1 January 2000 – 1 January 2002

Human Resources Director – As the HR Director, my responsibility includes establishing policy and procedures, pay grades, performance evaluation, job descriptions, discipline, hiring, terminations, workers compensation, unemployment claims, employee complaints, company payroll and employee benefit programs.

Accomplishments: The Company had approximately 187 employees and has never had a formal Human Resources Department. At the time the company had already been in business for 100 years. I developed an Employee Handbook for all employees, Zero Tolerance Policy, Hiring/Interviewing Process, and Formalized the Discipline Process. I incorporated an HR System to track employee education, training, salary, work history, and personal information. The system had the ability to manipulate data to provide various reports. I researched and provided an equitable Compensation System. I implemented a complete employee benefit package that was cost effective and competitive. In addition, I implemented an equitable employee appraisal/review process that is objective and provided a tool for monetary increases based on performance.

Rolls Royce Allison 14 October 1974 – 1 January 2000

(Initially General Motors)

Human Resources Lead - IPM (Integrated Program Management)Team –The IPM Team has the responsibility of changing the overall culture of our workplace through the implementation of the 12 IPM Principles. As the HR Lead, my responsibility includes strengthening and team building exercises for the team. I am responsible for the assessment of the team members to determine their skill set for appropriate facilitation of the training involved. I handle the assessment of the tools, informational and training materials that IPM provides. I am responsible for auditing the classes that the IPM Team facilitates with regards to content to insure the delivery is an added value for those attending the classes. Provide follow-up after the class to assist the employee with the transition and utilization of the 12 Step IPM process.

Accomplishments: Transformed a dysfunctional team into a team of cohesion to strengthen and enable them to successfully proceed with the Objectives and goals that they are to achieve. Established a summary of the skill set for each team member along with their personal career goals to allow for a smooth transition back into the regular work force when the mission of the IPM Team is accomplished.

Recruiter--Manage recruiting, resumes, interviewing process and offer procedure for hiring of salaried personnel. Expedite relocation of new employees to Indianapolis area. Counsel and assist Management with interviewing techniques when seeking additional personnel. I counseled employees and management on expediting and adherence to company policy and procedures. Provide new employees appropriate orientation to the company. Counsel employees and management on the STEP Job Posting process to provide fairness and equity in the program. I coordinated the Cooperative Education and Summer Intern Programs by providing the required training and development. I counseled employees and/or Management regarding sexual harassment issues or unfair labor practices in the work place.

Accomplishments: Instrumental in the resurgence of the employee nomination process for job openings through the STEP Job Posting Program. Secured a new cost effective identification pass system that has the ability to handle time and attendance, save photographic images and form an alliance with our new human resources system to show an employees’ image and employment record at the same time. Successfully perform the functions previously handled by three employees. Coordinated up to 125 students in the Cooperative Education Program successfully earning recognition for having one of the best programs throughout GM; Expanded number of schools represented in the program from approximately 10 to over 26 for diversity; Selected as part of the GM Corporate Cooperative Education Task Force; Continuously exceed minimum requirements for minorities and women in the Co-op Program. I developed a hands-on Machine Shop training class for all students. I transitioned all hourly personnel administration policy and procedures to Allison Gas Turbine (AGTD) from Detroit Diesel Allison (DDAD) during the separation of DDAD and AGTD into two separate divisions of GM. I expedited new identification system that has an alliance with the Time and Attendance System. I managed to maintain a sense of calm during highly stressful times.


University of Indianapolis - Indianapolis, Indiana

Bachelor of Science Degree - Major: Business Administration Minor: Psychology

Additional Certifications and Memberships:

Excellence in Leadership, Management by Objectives, Employee Assessment, Time Management, Integrated Program Management, Risk Management, Leadership Communication, Employee Appraisal Process, Manufacturing Supervision, Recruiter Certification, Working With People, Hazard Communication, Procurement Integrity, Member of National Society of Human Resources, Member of Local Chapter of Human Resources Association of Indianapolis, Certified Diversity Trainer.

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