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Manager Purchasing

March 18, 2018

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Rodolfo Aguilar U.

Waterford, MI USA

Cell: 248-***-**** OBJECTIVE

I am a seasoned Global Supply Chain/Purchasing Professional, Bi-lingual (Spanish-English), Electrical Engineer, seeking for a position that enables to foster my experience in multiple industries to help to reduce their cost as well as become one of the Leaders in the Market.


Highly Skilled/Educated Negotiator, Self-Motivated, Detail Oriented, Achiever, Encouraging, Moderator, Mentoring, Teaching, Auditing. Neat, Precise, Rapidly adapt to new and complex corporate and cultural work environments MAJOR ACCOMPLISHEMENTS

Proven track record of saving globally over $110M

Experience in successfully negotiating with Banks, Lawyers, Suppliers, Land Lord

Managing successfully Budget with same fix cost and where revenue was reduced drastically for several months

Re-structured staff base premising upon relevant skills of each employee to retain personal

Progressive Development and Implementation of Process and Procedures to make the company sustainable in the future

Implementation of World Class Cost Reduction Strategies. Resolving Complex Problems with Suppliers and Teammates

Selling and Implementation of Ideas / Business Cases to Cross Functional Teams

Effective Stopping and/or Reducing Price Increases;

Saving Money to Corporations, Organizing a Purchasing Team, Cost Estimation

Developing Suppliers to meet Diversity Program


Industrial Diversity: in Automotive, Health Care, and Food Industry

Large Corporations from $0.1B to $170B, OEM, Tiers 1,2 and 3, likewise: GM, Alcoa, AAM, Trinity Health, Chrysler, Little Caesars Enterprise, US Manufacturing, Federal Mogul Corporation.

Purchasing Corporate Ladder: From Junior Buyer to Senior Manager for complex commodities

Commodity/Category Management & Strategic Purchasing: Managing over 70 categories / commodities for Direct & Indirect Materials, MRO, Services, Maintenance, Utilities and Environment, encompassing up to 20 teammates in 4 continents

Global Commodity Planning, Management, and Project Management: Have developed commodity strategy for 3 Industries

(Automotive, Health Care and Food Industry)

P/L and Budgetary Awareness and Experience

Developing: (Mission, Objectives, Teams, Strategies, Strategic Sourcing Projects, Global, National and Regional Purchasing Planning).

Advance Purchasing, Global Sourcing

Multi-tasking: Managing Purchasing for 5 Business units simultaneously

Mobility: Have travelled extensively and done business with suppliers over 4 continents

Simultaneous Translation English to Spanish


RAWW LLC – Waterford, MI From Mar 2009 - Current


Responsible for Advising Company’s owners, Purchasing Leaders in 3 industries (Automotive, Health Care and Food) in Direct and Indirect Purchasing. Supporting to create a Winning Purchasing Team, Stop/Reduce Price Increases, Strategic Sourcing for Current and Future Products etc.

FEDERAL MOGUL CORPORATION - SOUTHFIELD & ANN ARBOR, MI USA From Mar 2012 – Dec 2017 Senior Purchasing Manager

Responsible for Direct and Indirect Purchasing. Leader for Advance Purchasing, Commodity Management, Sub-Component Cost Estimation and MRO. Responsible for Managing ~ $30M in Direct Purchases; ~$3.5M MRO.

Support Company to get prepare as they sell the division and transition to Rebo Corporation.

Accountable for Preparing and Managing Budget to save over $300K USA.

Team member to Review /Selected Zycus System

Manage and organize an account with 100+ Suppliers, 700+ Parts numbers, 2 Manufacturing Plants with a total of $30M Spend

Lead the process to reduce Inventory of Brass by 50% (under progress) working with supplier and Material Team

Lead the process of gathering prices from sub component suppliers to be able to cost fast and effective to FM Lighting Customers

Hired, and developed new buyers in MRO, Advance Purchasing, Cost Estimating and Commodity Buyer

Organized and Managed Advance Purchasing, Cost Estimating while working with Cross Functional Team

Developed LTA with Largest PCBA Supplier for FM obtaining cost savings

De-sourced largest Terminal Supplier 40+ Parts and 22 Dies and Project Manage the Implementation

Supported Transition of shutting down Avilla Plant and move it to Juarez Mexico

Pioneered in FM identifying / developing alternative supplier for PCBA, Resins, Terminals, Gaskets, and Distributors

Pioneered identifying and developing Electronic supplier from Asia obtaining Material Cost reduction

Stopped over $500K in Price Increases from a large resin supplier with very little to no leverage and created LTA for 18 months

Helped FM Powertrain increasing Diversity content with Customers with ~$7M and growing. Largest Contributor for Diversity in FM Powertrain

Proactively created a Purchasing Category Strategy for FM Lighting for Global Purchasing Director and General Manager

Established Discipline in Cross Functional Team on following FM Corporate Purchasing Procedures. Work with Suppliers to support Engineering to develop Alternative Designs for High Cost Products Rodolfo Aguilar U.

Waterford, MI USA

Cell: 248-***-**** Senior Purchasing Manager for 5 Business Units. (Wiper, Lighting, Chassis, Fuel and System Protection) Responsible for managing over $300M in Direct Purchasing and managing 8 Purchasing Lead / Managers.

Accountable for Managing Budget to save $5M, and provide leadership to 8 Purchasing Leads/Managers.

Worked from USA & Reported to Global Purchasing and Commodity Director for VSP None Friction located in Europe

Purchasing Manager for 11 Plants as follows: 4 Chassis, 3 lighting, 2 Wipers, 1 Fuel Pump, and 1 System Protection

Built the Foundation and brought discipline, structure and leadership to 8 Plant Purchasing Lead/Managers in North America & Mexico

Pioneered first purchasing face-to-face meeting to review current budget, plan for future budget and lift up the team

Received a Budget of $5M and drove results to obtain $4.4M while working cross-functionally with Global Commodity Managers US MANUFACTURING - WARREN MICHIGAN From Jul 2011 to Mar 2012 Senior Purchasing Consultant

Responsible for processing MRO’s requisitions from US Manufacturing Mexican plant. Accountable for processing 400+ MRO Requisitions until product got delivered to a Mexican plant.

Processed emergencies requisitions in 1 day for those assets that shut down the assembly lines

Obtained Saving / Avoidance ~ $12.5% of negotiated requisitions

Developed in Outlook a color system for tracking key requisitions from receiving requisition until Purchase Order is done

Processed over 700+ part numbers and 30+ suppliers requisitions for MRO for GM 8.6” after Market

Tracked invoices from suppliers, and Requisition approval from Manager to General Manager and CEO

Presented to USM Mexico and Purchasing Director analysis for improving ~ 50% transportation cost. LITTLE CAESARS ENTERPRISE - DETROIT, MICHIGAN From Apr 2010 to May 2011 Supply Chain Specialist.

Responsible of International Purchasing for Pizza Franchises. Accountable for supporting franchise owners to reduce the total landed cost as well as localization of products.

Negotiated and Developed National agreements for Flour, Vegetable Oil, Dough Mix, Mushroom with Local Suppliers

Reduced Franchises Total Landed Cost above industry level

Stopped Price Increase of 4% in 2010 for Key Food product in Mexico

Created a Feasibility study for localization in Mexico of Cheese, Pepperoni, Red Crushed Pepper, Chicken wing, Pizza Box

Supported from cradle to grave Implementing/Launching Blue Line Distribution in Mexico

Created comprehensive study for VP of International with resources needed in Purchasing to supporting company international growth

Visited 24 Suppliers in 12 Months, in 4 Countries (México, USA, Chile and Argentina). Mapped out Suppliers Footprint in Mexico

Awarded by LCE Training Team with the Best Idea in 2010 for Cost Improvement

Had over 150 Hours Training, including Food Commodity Management, Distribution, Operations and Pizza Convention RAWW LLC - COMMERCE TWP, MI From 2009 to 2010


Turn around small companies under financial stressful circumstances and prepare, teach their leaders on how to re-structure their companies; Motivating & Inspire Team while keeping goals

Managing Budget with same fix cost and where revenue was reduced over 50% for 14 months

Successfully Negotiated with Customers, Banks, Lawyers, Suppliers, as Company prepared to file for Bankruptcy

Re-Distributed work force to position them in areas base on their natural talents as experience

Developed and Implemented Process and Procedures to make the company sustainable to prepare for the future

Implemented Cost Reduction and Continues Improvement Strategies in every single are of the operation to have best total landed cost

Developed a Road Map to increase original Revenue by 30%+ as well as improving substantially equity and cash flow GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION - WARREN, MICHIGAN From 2008 to 2009 Global Commodity Manager

Responsible for Global Commodity Management for Wiring Harness. Accountable for managing purchases of $3B/year & saving minimum $100M per year.

Saved $98.5M in 2009, identified $140M in 2010, $300M for the following years

Sourced $0.5B globally, with 8 projects in 9 months, bringing $5M in savings for 2009

Led an unmotivated global team of 20+ people direct and indirect, to become one of the most successful team in Purchasing in the company.

ALCOA, AEES - FARMINGTON HILLS, MI From 2007 to 2008 Responsible for Commodity Manager for terminal & connectors. Largest sub-component account. Accountable for managing purchase for North America for $120M/year and saving of $2M/year.

Saved $4M, and identified $8M more for future years. Managed 3 Buyers

Pioneered the creation of 3 major complex master agreements with Terminal and Connectors Distributors to implement VMI

Developed Strategies and Budget for 2007and 2008 and identified savings from 2009 to 2011 AMERICAN AXLE MANUFACTURING - DETROIT, MI From 2004 to 2007 Responsible for Global Commodity Planning (Executive) for Finished Component. Accountable for planning, supporting Lead Buyers with a spend of $720M/Year & saving $5.4M/year

Saved $5.4M, and avoided $10M in price increase. Account size: $720M

Supported Global Commodity Manager, with a team of 4 people to create and lead cross functional team

Senior Buyer for Bearings, Electronics, Seals, Petrochemicals and Outsourced Processing. Account Size over $100M/Year TRINITY HEALTH CORPORATION - FARMINGTON HILLS, MI From 2000 to 2004 Responsible for National Sourcing Management for Services and Facilities for 23 Hospitals. Accountable for managing purchases for Facilities & Purchase Services with a spend of $250M and saving $2.0M/year.

Saved $5M, and identified $2.3M for following years. Account size: $250M Rodolfo Aguilar U.

Waterford, MI USA

Cell: 248-***-****

Implemented over 7 Strategic Sourcing Projects Nationally with 23 Members per Team

Developed National Strategic Sourcing for Waste, Natural Gas, Electricity, Marketing, Publications, Transcription, and Survey Satisfaction

GENERAL MOTORS VENEZOLANA - VALENCIA - VENEZUELA From Jun 1994 to Jan 2000 Senior Advance Buyer

International Assignment in Warren, MI USA. 1998-2000 Responsible for selecting suppliers for Seat belt & Powertrain Mount system for North America. Accountable for for North America Advance Purchases & supporting Global Commodity Manager. $500M Spend.

Cross Commodity worldwide negotiations with Seat Belts, Airbag and Steering Wheel team obtaining Savings $15M

Pioneered conversion of a Regional Team into a Global Team in 6 months. Total Global spend $500K/Year

Pioneered, awarded and mentored first Brazilian supplier for rubber hoses in USA. Total $3M/Year

Co-Leader for first worldwide negotiation with rubber sealing and power train mount systems $120M/year with savings of $5M GMOF – GENERAL MOTORS OVERSEES FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM From 1997 to 1998 GRAND BLANC, MI

Responsible for attending 1 Semester at GMI and 9 months weekly work assignments as coordinated with support of my mentor. Accountable for Learning GM Culture, Global Purchasing, International Management, and Cross-Cultural training. International Management Training Program.

1 year of cross-cultural experience while living and working in same community with people from Germany, Brazil, and Japan

Traveled during 9 months performing weekly assignments within GM US, Canada and Mexico

Only trainee who took 8 classes in 1 semester at GMI-Kettering during the GMOF Program

Learned GM Supply Chain process from the idea to the delivery of the vehicle

Only student of the 1998 class who stayed in GM USA for 21 2 extra years after program concluded. Purchasing Supervisor -Metallic and Electrical From 1994 to 1997 Valencia, Venezuela

Responsible for Purchasing of Direct Material for 30% of the vehicle value to meet Government requirements. Spend $25M/Year. Accountable for developing business cases to justify and develop local suppliers vs. international imports

Managed 3 purchasing engineers

Supported “payment by consumption” team, which improved company cash flow by $6M

Developed Ranking system for supplier in quality, service, technology, and price

Responsible for local purchase of Exhaust System, Shock Absorber, Leaf Spring, and Coils Spring

Mentored supplier who became GM’s Supplier of the Year CHRYSLER CORPORATION - VALENCIA, VENEZUELA 1993

Responsibility as Resident Engineer-Trim Area.

Accountable for approving parts that should be used in the vehicle, and support the plant during launching and day to day.

Supported assembly line to resolve electrical and electronic problem to avoid shutting down the line

Supported assembly plant during Launch of Grand Cherokee

Coordinated the development of simulator for testing 100% Grand Cherokee Instrument Panel before assembling it inside of the vehicle



University of Carabobo. Valencia-Venezuela

Assistant Teacher for Calculus I. Total 4 years of which I worked AD HONOREM during 1 year

Electronic Digital Design. 2 Years

Mt. Zion Clarkston, MI

Teacher of Life Enrichment Program. (English & Spanish). Under leadership of Dr. Jean Cagle. COLLEGE PROJECTS

Designed & Implemented Electrical & Electronic Baseball Score Board and a Simulator for an oil company. Valencia, Venezuela. 1991

Created Simulator in Pascal to teach how to control the Electronic Baseball Score Board. Valencia, Venezuela. 1991

3rd Best GPA as BSEE and Best GPA as Computer Programming. Venezuela 1991 EDUCATION

Kettering University / GMI Engineering & Management - One year International Program Flint, MI. USA. 1998

University of Carabobo-Venezuela. BSc Electrical Engineering. 3rd best GPA of the class

University of Carabobo-Venezuela. 2 Years Computer Programming Degree. 1991. All classes with A LEADERSHIP TRAINNING

Multiple Leadership Training, Counseling & Teaching under the supervision of Dr. Jean Cagle; 2004-2014. COMMUNITY

Simultaneous Translation English to Spanish – Sunday Services. Mt. Zion Church.

Bilingual Teacher for the Life Enrichment Program

Teaching Classes such as: Boundaries in Relationship, Life Controlling Emotions, Healthy Self Worth, Conflict / Anger Resolutions.

Mentoring 4 Students 11 Grade at Pontiac Excellent Academy as Part of the Winning Future Program SPORTS

Karate Do. Style Shotokan 3rd Degree Certified Black Belt.

Chief Instructor / Owner - Dojo Grace Karate-Do. Waterford, MI. Located at Waterford Christian Association

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