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Firmware Engineer

Boulder, CO
March 17, 2018

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Tarun Singh

720-***-**** /in/TarunSinghD Boulder CO SUMMARY:

Experienced Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate specializing in Embedded Systems seeking full-time employment in the field of Firmware Development


Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Focus on Embedded Systems) May 2018 University of Colorado Boulder GPA: 3.76/4.0

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering May 2012 CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore GPA: 3.74/4.0 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Firmware Engineering Intern, Emertxe Information Technologies, Bangalore April 2015 - June 2016

• Simulated a Car Black Box using the PIC18F4580 CAN development board

• Developed an arbitrary precision calculator using Double Linked Lists to perform addition and subtraction operations

• Worked on image steganography using LSB Decoding and Encoding Business Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore January 2013 - December 2014

• Created, enhanced and maintained Framework Manager models to support business requirements

• Ensured optimal utilization of all SQL scripts, analyzed data anomalies and prepare reports for the cycle TECHNICAL SKILLS:

• Programming Languages: C, C++, Assembly, Linux shell scripting, Java, Verilog, Python

• EDA Tools: Keil, Kinetis Design Studio, Simplicity Studio, CodeBlocks, Altium, LTspice, PSoC Creator and Cheddar

• Version Control: Git

• Linux System Programming: Linux kernel system calls, IPC Mechanisms-Pipes, FIFO, Shared memory, pthreads, IPC synchronization-mutex, semaphores, Data Structures

• Debugging Tools: GDB, Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope

• Communication Protocols: I2C, SPI, UART, BLE, Mesh

• Hardware: Blue Gecko, PSoC 5lp, NVIDIA Jetson TK1, Freescale KL25Z, BeagleBone Black, Atmel 89C51

• Hands-on experience with low power, event-

driven, real-time firmware development

• Keen sense of troubleshooting and debugging

issues in an embedded system

• Develop modular, self-documented code

• Proficient in bare-metal coding

• Experienced in writing unit test cases, corner case consideration, and system integration testing

• Interfacing various digital and analog sensors and associated noise filtering

• Experienced in schematic and PCB layout design

using Altium


Articulated Lean Compensated Bike Headlights Summer 2017

• Designed self-adjusting headlight for bikes to increase visibility around curves and over hills

• Determined tilt of the bike using ultrasonic sensors, two stepper motors were used to control the pitch and yaw of the light Automated Laser tracking using LDRs and PID control Spring 2017

• Mounted laser on stepper motor to track a moving target with mounted LDRs

• Created moving target using a linear slider controlled using PID Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Control Fall 2018

• Provisioned multiple Bluegecko nodes into the Bluetooth mesh network; controlled LEDs individually or as a group Object tracking using OpenCV Spring 2017

• Tracked object of a particular color using continuous capture; traced path of movement of object and displayed direction

• Created dedicated threads for each functionality; used semaphores to achieve desired sequence, avoid concurrency issues DC motor control using GSM module and other sensors Fall 2016

• Designed a custom embedded system board from the scratch with 8051, RS232 interface for UART communication

• Controlled speed and direction of the motor by sending commands through text message GPS Tracker Fall 2016

• Transmitted GPS coordinates from one BeagleBone to other using Xbee transceivers DMA, SPI with External Peripherals and Code Abstraction Fall 2016

• Wrote custom memmove function using DMA to achieve better speed

• Transmitted command packets from one kl25z to control the LED on another using Nordic transceivers and SPI interface RELEVANT COURSES:

Embedded Systems Design, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Embedding sensors and actuators, Internet of Things Embedded Firmware, Low Power Embedded Design Techniques, Advanced Computer Architecture, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, WLAN, Embedded Software Essentials

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