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Mechanical Engineering & Design, Project Manager, Solidworks, AutoCAD

Beaver, PA
March 17, 2018

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Home Address ANDREW G. DANIELS *

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Beaver, PA 15009 724-***-**** (Cell Phone)


Seeking entry-level position in the Mechanical Engineering field utilizing my education and work experiences to expand my knowledge and technical base. Desire a position that will encourage the use and development of my aptitude for design. I bring a goal-oriented mentality to collaborative efforts with my project team, with insight from my prior project management experience. Education

University of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Graduation: April 29, 2017 GPA 2.61

Relevant Skills

• Basic: Matlab, Bluebeam PDF Editor, ANSYS

• Proficient: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SolidWorks 3D Modeling, AutoCAD 2D & 3D Work Experience

Bunting Graphics/Architectural Metals, Verona, PA August 2014 to December 2014 Assistant Project Manager

• Coordinated daily field work with manufacturing department staff

• Key liaison between the general contractors and project management team

• Supervised current projects at multiple construction sites

• Analyzed and interpreted architectural drawings with architectural staff Relevant Projects

Thermal Systems Design – HVAC System Design

Spring 2017

• Designed HVAC System to cool a house using natural gas and electricity

• While accounting for total home airflow, designed pipes/fittings based on pressure values, chose an air handler based on heating capacity for adequate temperatures

• Created Bill of Materials for system parts

• Completed cost analysis by comparing costs of installation/energy to existent inefficient system Thermal Systems Design – Turbine Exhaust Heating

Spring 2017

• Produced hot water utilizing power plant exhaust to heat a building

• Utilized exhaust fumes in a 2-Pass Shell and tube heat exchanger to heat water

• Accounted for heating and pressure losses from pipes while obtaining accurate power data

• Completed cost analysis comparing costs of installation and energy costs to current natural gas system

• Created a Bill of Materials for associated parts Home Address ANDREW G. DANIELS 2

169 Eric Drive Mechanical Engineering

Beaver, PA 15009 724-***-**** (Cell Phone)

Relevant Projects (continued)

Senior Design Project –Device for Application and Measurement of Graft Tension ACL Reconstruction Summer 2016

• Designed a system attached to tensile-testing machine to simulate flexion /extension of knee until failure (3000 N)

• Used SolidWorks to create a cylindrical fixture to hold the knee while rotating member in 15 increments accounting for knee abnormalities (bowed legs /knock-knees)

• Created Bill of Materials /ordered the required parts

• Assisted with milling and bead-blasting on the parts

• With supervison placed pig knee in to the device and applied pressure until ligament failed

• To ensure member could withstand applied force, performed stress analysis and force calculations Manual Transmission Lay Shaft

Spring 2016

• Lay shaft to connect engine gear and differential of two-speed transmission

• Using Solid Works, designed bearings, housing and splines of the shaft

• Analyzed all technical aspects while ensuring against static and fatigue failure, including stress concentrations and gear calculations

Spring-Loaded Projectile Launcher

Spring 2016

• Designed a spring-loaded launcher with bolted joint; with (Nerf Gun) model

• Using Solid Works, designed internal/external components

• Analyzed the bolted joint and spring to prevent failure, and determine where design failure would occur Power Stroke Diesel Engine Design

Spring 2016

• Designed theoretical four-stroke diesel engine using specifics of a Ford 6.8L Power Stroke diesel engine

• Chose sensors with appropriate time constants, measurement capabilities, and other design specifications

• Compared the thermodynamic work output of engine and measured work utilizing a dynamometer/position sensor

• Compared relative engine costs by creating a Bill of Materials Computational Fluid Dynamics Project

Spring 2016

• Utilizing ANSYS Software, performed CFD analysis of flow profile

• Analyzed regions of laminar, transitional, and turbulent flow between two shearing parallel plates Achievements

• Achieved Dean’s List for the Spring & Fall 2015 semesters

• Won 1st place for Best Project Poster at the Senior Design Expo

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