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Pharmaceutical Chemist

Los Angeles, CA
March 18, 2018

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Chemist - Pharmacist – Pharmaceutical Chemist

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Van Nuys, CA 91401

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Analysis of pharmaceutical products using listed analytical techniques:

oChromatography (HPLC, LCMS, GC, GCMS)

oSpectrophotometry (UV/Vis, AAS)


oWet Chemistry, KF Titration

oDosage related tests such as Dissolution, Disintegration, Friability.

Development of analytical and bioanalytical methods and their validation,

Good knowledge of USP, BP and EP requirements,

Working knowledge of ISO 9001; ISO17025 requirements,

Familiarity with FDA and ICH guidelines concerning FPP specification assessment,

Competent with Microsoft Office, Chem Draw, ISIS,

Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and switch quickly from one task to another,

Strong Communication, Analytical and Organizational Skills,

Driven to Contribute New Ideas in Company Development and Improvement.


May/2016 - Present: R&D chemist, “Spa De Soleil”, San Fernando Valley



oQuality control,

oRaw materials.

Jan/2015 - Mar/2016: Head of QC laboratory, pharmaceutical company “PharmaTech” CJSC, Armenia


oQuality control, Raw materials, Packaging, Finished products,

oOQ, PQ, Calibrations,




oStability testing,

oInternal audits,


Sep/2013 - Dec/2014: Head of Drug QC and BE working group in analytical laboratory, pharmaceutical company “Tonus-Les” CJSC, Armenia


oQuality control,


oStability testing,


oInternal trainings, internal audits,

oAnalytical method development and validation.

Oct/2008 - Aug/2013: Chief specialist, analytical laboratory of “Scientific Center of Drug and Medical Technology Expertise after academician E.Gabrielyan” CJSC, Armenia


oDrug quality control,

oFood and alcohol quality control,


oStability testing,


oInternal trainings, Internal audits,

oAnalytical method development and validation,

oBio-equivalence studies,



Apr/2007 - Apr/2008: Pharmacist – technologist, pharmaceutical company “Esculap” LTD (now ESCO-Pharm), Armenia

Oct/2004 - Jan/2008: Researcher, “Institute of Organic Chemistry” (now “Scientific technologic center of organic and pharmaceutical chemistry”), National Academy of Science of Armenia


oSynthesis of new compounds,

oSynthesis of active monomers,

oPolymerization and co-polymerization of vinyl-pyrazoles,

oComplexes of alkyl-aldoxi-pyrazoles with Au3+; Pd2+ ions.

Sep/2004 - Feb/2005: Lecturer of “Organic chemistry”, “Yerevan Marketing Technologic University”, Armenia

Dec/2000 - Sep/2001: Pharmacist, “Lawanda-Holding” LTD, Armenia

Jun/1999 - Oct/2004: Laboratory assistant, “Electron-Gold” LTD, Armenia


PhD, Doctor of Chemistry,

2001 – 2004 / Institute of Organic Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

Master's Degree, Chemist –Pharmacist,

1996 – 2001 / Yerevan State University, Armenia


-Certificate, “Measurement uncertainty for test methods according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005”, 2014, PTB, Armenia.

-Certificate, “450-GC and SCION Quadrupole MS basic training course”, 2014 – Bruker Daltonics – Armenia,

-Certificate, “ISO 17025 Training”, 2013 – PTB – Armenia,

- Certificate of attendance, “3rd International Regulatory Workshop on A to Z on Bioequivalence, Bioanalysis,

Dissolution and Biosimilarity”, 2012 – Budapest, Hungary,

-Certificate, “PLATINblue and Smartline installation and technical service – software ChromGate and ClarityChrom”,

2012 – Knauer - Berlin, Germany,

-Certificate, “1100 LCMSD SL SYSTEM, Operation, Maintenance and Service”, 2012 – Agilent Technologies - Armenia,

-Certificate, “Development and bioequivalence of generics”, 2011 – STD - Kiev, Ukraine,

-Certificate, “Standardization, providing of unity of the measurement, appraisement of a conformity, theses of systems of the management”, 2011 - SARM - Ministry of Economy of Armenia,

-Certificate of attendance, “The 25th International Symposium on Microscale Bioseparations, MSB 2010”, Prague, Czech Republic.

-Certificate, “Internal audit of Quality System ISO 9001:2008”, 2010 - “Hai consult” consulting fund – Armenia,

-Certificate, “Gas chromato-mass-spectrometry”, 2010 - BiASep – Moscow State University,

-Certificate, “Study of medicaments’ in vivo bioavailability”, 2009 - State Pharmacologic Center of Ukraine,

-Certificate, “English 5th Level Course”, 2005 - American University of Armenia,

-Certificate, “Computing higher educational courses”, ACN, Armenia,

-Certificate, “Pre-doctoral medical help in extraordinary situations”, 2001 - Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia,


Armenian (native), Russian (fluent), English (advanced), French (advanced), Spanish (start level)


Melikyan L.A., Martirosyan S.S., Grigoryan R.S., Topchyan H.V., Davtyan T.K.

Development and validation of HPLC-method for the determination of metronodazole benzoate and related impurities in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations.

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research – 2013 – vol. 4 – issue 7 – p.2594

Khachvankyan G.U., Martirosyan S.S., Avagyan A.P., Gabrielyan E.S.

Determination of cis- and trans-resveratrol by HPLC in Armenian wine-making residues to develop new dietary supplements.

25th International Symposium on Microscale Bioseparations “MSB 2010” // Prague, Czech Republic – 2010

The second international symposium “Biopharma-2010” // Yerevan – 2010 – p.19

Bulletin of The Medical Institute after G.Mehrabian – 2010 - vol.7 – p.51

Martirosyan S.S.

Determination of resveratrol and related polyphenols in Armenian wines by HPLC/DAD.

28th International Symposium on Chromatography “ISC-2010” // Valencia, Spain – 2010

Attaryan H.S., Matsoyan S.G., Martirosyan S.S.

Synthesis of N-vinylpyrazoles.

Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds (Riga, Latvia) – 2005 – N4 (vol. 454) – p.533-537

Attaryan H.S., Antanosyan S.K., Grigoryan R.T., Martirosyan S.S., Matsoyan S.G.

About formilation of 1-(oxyethyl)-3,5-dimethylpyrazole by method of Vilsmaier-Haak.

Chemical Journal of Armenia – 2005 (vol. 58) – N1-2 – p.131-133

Attaryan H.S., Martirosyan S.S., Panosyan H.A., Matsoyan S.G.

Synthesis of N-(2-vinyloxyethyl)pyrazoles.

Journal of General Chemistry (St-Petersburg, Russia) – 2004 (vol.74) – N8 – p.1365-1367

Martirosyan S.S.

Synthesis of 1 chlorethyl)-3(5)-methyl-4-aldoxypyrazoles. Moving to 1-vinyl-3(5)-methyl-4-cianpyrazoles.

Chemical Journal of Armenia – 2004 (vol. 57) – N3 – p.90-94

Martirosyan S.S., Attaryan H.S., Grigoryan R.T., Panosyan H.A., Qinoyan F.S., Hasratyan G.V. Matsoyan S.G.

Synthesis and properties of 1 bromethyl)pyrazoles.

Chemical Journal of Armenia – 2004 (vol. 57) – N3 – p.95-104

Attaryan H.S., Martirosyan S.S., Matsoyan S.G.

The radical polymerization and co-polymerization of 1-vinyl-4-formilpyrazoles.

Chemical Journal of Armenia – 2004 (vol. 57) – N4 – p.102-110

Attaryan H.S., Martirosyan S.S., Hasratyan G.V., Matsoyan S.G.

Nucleophilic moving of brome atom to chlorine in 1 bromethyl)pyrazoles.

Chemical Journal of Armenia - 2003 (vol. 56) - N3 - p.70-71

Martirosyan S.S.

Alkylation of pyrazoles by dichlorethan in conditions of transpher catalysis.

Collection of thesises “Actual problems of organic chemistry” // Yerevan – 2002 – p.23

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