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Frontend Digital design and verification, vhdl/verilog, C, Shell scrip

Richardson, TX
March 17, 2018

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Mitali Mitra Mozumdar

**** ********* ****, **********, ***** 75082

Email : Mobile: +1-214-***-****


Sr. Verification Engineer at Wipro

April 2010 - Feburary-2011

Chip level verification of Multimedia Application processor (Client – Texas Instrument)

My contribution:

C-based verification for the SOC built on ARM and DSP processors.

Involved in the verification of Subsystem - MMCHS, Efuse and so on. Preparation of Test plan and verification plan document.

RTL simulation and Debug. GLS Debug

Scripting for Efuse verification.

Toggle coverage Analysis.

Design Engineer at Wipro

May 2009 - April 2010

Design, Implementation and Verification of SONET LINE (Client – PMC Sierra)

My contribution:

Understanding the RS of the Telecom chip and how SONET LINE will be functioning and placed in the whole chip.

Prepared the Engineering document and the spreadsheet specifying different clock muxing.

Implemented the Design as per the Engineering document. Ran HAL for Lint checking

Updated the design with the review comments. Generated DFT Wrapper for the SONET LINE

Supported SONET verification

Developed test cases and debugged for Interrupt checking of all the TSBs in DMI, ESSI, SONET_HOPP, SONET and SONET LINE subsystems. Developed test cases and debugged for LCLK/TIP checking of all the TSBs in DMI, ESSI, SONET_HOPP, SONET and SONET LINE subsystems.

Verification Engineer at Wipro

July 2006 – March 2008

Validation of 16/32 BIT RISC MICROCONTROLLER (LEO) (Client – Texas Instrument)

My contribution:

Understanding the LEO Specification as well as the platform architecture.

Understanding the following modules : HET


Writing testcases for validating the hookup of these modules. Running the RTL as well as Netlist Simulations

Preparing the Validation document of the device.

Design Engineer at Wipro

Design and Enhancement of ARM 7 RAM Wrapper Controller (Client – Texas Instrument)

My contribution:

Understanding the A7ESRAM Wrapper specifications and modifying the same for the enhancements.

Understanding the existing design of ARM7 RAM Wrapper controller.

Implementation of the enhancements.

Debugging the module for the bugs reported by the customer for the existing code.

Formal verification using formality/ Verplex

Synthesis done at 100 MHz

Prepared Design Documentation for ARM7 RAM Wrapper Controller

C modeling Engineer at Wipro

Delivering first-time-right integrated EPON system solution in 19 weeks (Client – Centillium)

My contribution:

Understanding of the following Specifications / Standards : IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Specifications

EPON Specifications

COLT functional specifications

COLT FPGA Implementation Architecture document

PON VLAN document CAM

Table document IGMP

Snooping document

Understanding the Concept of System Modeling and how to develop packet accurate model in C which was to be used as a Predictor for the RTL.

Analysis of various design alternatives in C and splitting up into small functions the various bridge modules for the ease of implementation and debugging.

Developed the pseudo code before starting the actual C coding.

Coding was done in a modular way so that the same functions can be reused for both the MUSTANG and COLT bridge

Testing the RTL as well as the predictor for its functionality

Written about 40 test-cases in Vera for the LPU block.

Verification Engineer at Wipro

Validation of Multi-port Memory Controller PL175 (Client – ARM)

My contribution:

Understanding of the Specifications of PrimeCell MPMC provided in the Technical Reference Manual provided by ARM and memory datasheets for the supported memory devices from different vendors.

Defining of Validation strategy and development & documentation of the validation plan.

Testing the RTL for its functionality.

Netlist simulations for the static timing analysis.

Documenting the validation suites.

Assistant Manager at Wipro March-2011 to March-2014

Responsible for delivering VLSI trainings to Rookies and Junior Engineers.

Preparing training materials and conducting assessments.

Assistant professor at Hitkarini College of Engineering and Technology, Jabalpur August-1997 to August 1999


Masters of Science in Microelectronics

GPA : 7.35/10

BITS, Pilani,India

May 2005

Diploma in VLSI

GPA : 7.5/10

CDAC, Nagpur, India

May 2000

Bachelors in Electronics and Tele-communication Engineering

GPA : 77/100

Bhilai Institute of Technology, Bhilai,India

July 1996



: ARM Processor


: C, Arm Assembly, C Shell, Vi Editor, Perl.


: Unix, Linux

HDL Languages

: Verilog, VHDL

HVL Language

: System Verilog

Simulation Tools

: Model-Sim, gcc compiler, gdb debugger, Verilog XL, NcVHDL, VCS, NcVerilog (Cadence- Affirma).

Synthesis Tools

: DC Shell

Linting Tool

: Leda (Synopsys),Spyglass

Equivalence Checking

: Formality (Synopsys), Verplex

Memory Modeling

: Denali’s Mem-Maker

Waveform Analyzer

: Signal Scan (Cadence-Affirma), UnderTow,Simvision and modelsim

Coverage Tools

: V-Navigator (TransEda), HDL-Score(Innoveda)

Version Control

CVS, Synchronicity, Clearcase Management Tool

Domain Exposure

ARM AHB and AXI architecture

Testing Methodology for ARM Prime-Cell development

Preliminary of IEEE 802.11, EPON system, OMAP2420, ARM1136

ETM (Embedded Trace Macrocell)

ETB (Embedded Trace Buffer)

Emulation and JTAG protocol

TMS470 Platform Architecture





Analog Layout

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