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Maintenance Quality

March 17, 2018

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Michael Jenkins

**** ******* **. ******* ** *****



Over twenty years of experience in logistics, maintenance, customer service and

administrative management.

Provided technical knowledge, assistance and evaluations over 20 junior personnel.

Instructed personnel on stocking, inventorying, palletizing, loading, unloading of storage


Performed inventory management using manual spreadsheet.

Ensured proper procedures for handling and recording of manual file system with 100%


Exceptional ability using military and civilian logistics and supply software ULLS-A, SAMSE, SARSS, GCSS-Army, SAP, and Oracle.

Proficient in the operation of Microsoft Office programs and software.

Secret Security Clearance

Proficient in the use of PBUSE and LIW systems with active accounts in both.

Training - Light wheel vehicle course 63B (6/23/1989) - 12 Weeks

Training - H8 Wheeled vehicle recovery course (10/12/1989) - 60 Hours

Training - Primary leadership development course (6/23/93) - 4 Weeks

Training - Basic Non-commissioned Officer course Phase 1 (12/1/06) - 2 Weeks

Training - Add on Armor systems for track vehicles (06/12/08) - 80 Hours

Training- McLane certified SAMS-E course (4/12/10) - 40 Hours

Work Experience:

Z-Systems (2/11/2015 – Present) –Mechanic Inspector

Fort Hood, Texas

Managing all aspects of the online inspection and production process, including heavy equipment and truck inspections, research, photography/video, descriptions, and logistics. Typical equipment includes: construction equipment, combat systems, tools, parts, trucks, machine tools, and tracked vehicles such the M1A2SEP tank, M2A3 Bradley, M113A3 and others. Scheduling and coordinating heavy equipment inspections with our partners/customers. Customer support, including loading, unloading, minor repairs, customer assistance, and troubleshooting as required. Researching a wide range of assets via internet and various sources. Develop, maintain, implement and follow policies and practices for safe and efficient operations and maintain highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Z-Systems (6/11/2015 – 2/11/16) – Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Fort Hood, Texas

Perform duties within the scope of Organizational/Direct support maintenance operations on the M2A3 Bradly Fighting Vehicle and M1A2SEP Abrams Tank to include automotive, fire control, turret armament, lubrication, and chemical protection systems. Performed troubleshooting procedures on the electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical vehicle systems malfunctions using technical manuals and wiring schematics and hydraulic systems flow charts. Performed onboard system testing, Built In Test (BIT) and Fault Isolation Test (FIT). Ordered requisition parts based on Troubleshooting of various systems. Installed replacement parts as well as ensuring that all paperwork is updated and ensuring that final inspections were performed and updated. Perform the full range of both Field and Sustainment-Level PMCS and Final service Inspections in support of M2A3 Bradly Fighting Vehicles. Perform Organizational/Direct support maintenance on a variety of light and heavy wheeled vehicles to include annual services, trouble shooting electrical, fuel, and hydraulic systems as well as replacement of all repair parts.

Texas Hydraulic (12/18/2014 – 5/29//2015) – Quality Control ISO Engineer

Temple, Texas

Responsible for developing and maintaining quality systems including; Quality Control Manuals for quality related documents including ISO 9001. Developing sustainable processes in order to confirm quality is built-in. Coordinating project activities and developing work assignments for QA/QC department. Plan and conduct activities providing quality engineering expertise and support for quality audits and reviews purchase order requirements such as technical industry standards, quote requirements, and manufacturer standards to ensure that the services provided by the company are meeting quality standards.

ManTech Intl (10/18/2011 – 11/05/2014) – Logistics Analyst

Bagram, Afghanistan

Provide management, customers, and sub-contractors with logistics technology and information

that ensures effective and economical support for products, service, equipment and systems.

Analyze contractual commitments, customer specifications, and related information to identify

and document maintenance and support requirements. Review engineering designs and

analyze equipment characteristics. Develop and prepare manuals, bulletins, and information

systems to provide logistics support. Record, maintain and initiate work order documentation for

acquisition of component items from vendors. Maintain receipts, accountability, and inventory of

equipment and spare parts and am familiar with all military and commercial logistics supply

systems as well as automated and manual supply systems.

ManTech Intl (05/14/2011 – 10/18/2011) –

Regional Asst. Readiness Technical Coordinator

Fort Hood, Texas

Responsible for the oversight and readiness of all CONUS-West sites for deployed unit

maintenance operations. Accounts for and catalogs all equipment eligible for maintenance

tracking. Tracks equipment readiness reporting and service schedule monitoring. Oversees

vehicle dispatching and manages maintenance readiness reporting through AMSS. Reviews

and annotates changes to unit material condition status reports. Provides technical assistance

to CONUS-West 15 Readiness Technical Coordinators (RTC) on maintenance issues and

reporting. Analyzes statistical data and reports to ascertain trends, conformance to standards

and directives, and efficiency of operations. Coordinates logistical activities with other staff

elements’ supply and service, and motor pool transport units. Conducts assistance visits to

subordinate elements. Analyzes and interprets complex assignments and operational problems;

evaluate alternatives and applies effective action within the confines of applicable operational

procedures and policies. Oversees quality assurance and quality control, and that proper safety

and security procedures are followed. Prepare and conduct instructional courses in SAMS1E

and SAMS2E for all regional CONUS-WEST sites and act as the SAMS subject matter expert.

Acts as SAMS2E systems manager at brigade level reporting over 400 UICs.

ManTech Intl (02/16/2010 – 05/14/2011) – Readiness Management Supervisor

Fort Hood, Texas

The Readiness Management Supervisor (RMS), as part of ManTech Global Property

Management Support Services (GPMSS) contract, is responsible for the management of Data

Entry Clerks (Standard Army Maintenance System Enhanced) and Heavy Equipment Operators

in the accomplishment of their duties in support of the Left Behind Equipment (LBE) program.

The RMS will ensure safety standards are followed, vehicle movement is controlled and monitor

equipment received from maintenance locations for issue. Additionally, the RMS will work with

the local Directorate of Logistics to ensure appropriate maintenance documentation is tracked

and maintained and that daily equipment reports are accurate and submitted. Coordinates with

supporting maintenance activities regarding wheel and track vehicles, material handling

equipment, power generation equipment and maintain situational awareness of the Left Behind

Equipment (LBE) program daily maintenance activities. Oversee daily motor pool functions and

serve as an onsite supervisor for all maintenance activities. Coordinates with installation

maintenance activities (i.e. Maintenance Division of the Director of Logistics or FORSCOM

Contract Maintenance Facilities) to ensure appropriate maintenance documentation is tracked

and maintained. Fielded new automated logistics tracking systems and was responsible for

inspecting and correcting the SAMS EDF reports for the GPMSS program..

ITT Systems (12/21/2008 – 10/15/2009) - Quality Control Technical Inspector

Arifjan, Kuwait

Perform the full range of both Field and Sustainment-Level Initial, In-Process,

verification and Final Inspections in support of Army Field Support Command. Conducted

quality vehicle classifications, quality control principals, functions, and assist in maintaining

sections production. Prepare Quality Deficiency Reports (QDR) and Supply Discrepancy Report

(SDR) IAW DA PAM 750-8/AEPS. Provide technical advice and assistance to Mechanics.

1. Performed initial, in-progress, verification and final inspections on all various types of

Combat, Tactical, Engineer, Power Generation, Communication equipment, other Ancillary

Support stock and commercial application.

2. Ensured technical inspections are performed in accordance with the appropriate publications

and within 72 hours on all equipment repaired by the Maintenance Department.

3. Examined parts for damage or excessive wear using micrometers and gauges using technical

manuals, bulletins and written directives in the performance of all inspections.

4. Performed troubleshooting on vehicles, weapons systems, and communication systems to

include engines, transmissions and diagnoses problems and performing corrective action.

5. Ordered required repair parts using appropriate parts manuals and/or automated systems.

6. Tested overhauled/repaired equipment to insure operating efficiency.

7. Directed workers engaged in cleaning and assisting with assembly and disassembly of


ITT Systems (05/02/2008 - 12/21/2008) - Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic

Arifjan, Kuwait

Performed the full range of field-level overhaul and repair work on chassis group units

of one or more types of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, gasoline or multi-fuel.

Types include those in commercial, industrial, or tactical use such as, trucks, forklift, warehouse

tractors, jeeps, multi-wheel drive vehicles with automatic transmissions and auxiliary equipment.

Determined exact nature and extent of repairs required and performs major and minor overhaul

and repair on engines, power transmissions, suspension, steering and braking operational

systems and related electrical, fuel, hydraulic, wheel and engine assemblies. Diagnosed

problems with electrical systems, performed MWO modifications, installed AOA and

communication equipment such as SINGARS and FBCB2 on a variety of equipment. Familiar

with shop operations and AWRDS, job service and repair packets, training and quality control.

1. Used specialized testing equipment such as compression testers, motor analyzers and test


2. Directed work of junior and helper mechanics.

3. Reviewed work in progress and upon completion for conformance to standards.

4. Proficient in proper handling and disposal of hazardous materials and waste

Weatherford INC. (02/27/2007 - 04/27/2008) - Shop Technician

Corpus Christi, Texas

Maintaining oil field equipment to include elevators, power tongs, hydraulic units, and

various other equipment including off shore equipment.

US army TX National Guard (Full Time)(01/14/2006 - 02/14/2007) - OCT Trainer

Fort Hood, Texas

Trained 5 brigade combat teams of more than 1200 soldiers deploying overseas in

various combat and lanes tasks that they would be likely to encounter in the theater of operations.

US Army TX National Guard (Full Time)(08/16/2004 - 12/05/2005) - Maintenance Supply

Supervisor 92A

Tallil AFB, Iraq

Supervised 6 subordinates and Maintained 2300 lines of PLL stock worth in excess of 2

million dollars in ULLS-G for an organizational Tank Battalion to include doing job orders for

various shops such as armament, communications, welding, direct support and others. Worked

with SAMS-ITDA and other automated systems. Worked on ECODs and vehicle reporting

procedures for accidents and battle damage. Maintained vehicle records on over 400 pieces of

equipment, to include personnel driving records for over 300 personnel and maintained all

logistic reports such as AMASS, deadline reports and work orders. Knowledgeable with ISO

9001 standards and procedures.

MATES TX Army National Guard (Full Time)(06/15/2002 - 08/15/2004) - Heavy Mobile

Equipment Mechanic WG-8

Gatesville, Texas

Maintenance on various military wheeled and Track vehicles including rebuilding engine

parts, troubleshooting electrical systems, Communication systems such as SINGARS and

FBCB2 and performing MWO modifications and welding. Making and repairing hydraulic

systems to include fabricating parts such as hoses and rebuilding gear boxes. Working on

STE/ICE for M1 tanks and M2 BFV's and other tracked and wheeled vehicles to include

complete overhauls and rebuilds.

US Army (04/23/1998 - 03/14/2002) - Shop foreman Light Wheel Mechanic 63B

Fort Hood, Texas

Duties: Supervised 20 subordinates on various military wheeled vehicle maintenance such as

rebuilding engine parts and troubleshooting electrical systems and performing MWO

modifications and welding. Worked with ULLS-G TAMMS/PLL and other automated systems.

Repaired hydraulic systems to include fabricating parts such as hoses and rebuilding gear

boxes. Worked as a member of an IG inspection team and was responsible for implementing

and maintaining Quality control and quality assurance programs and writing SOP procedures for

all aspects of maintenance operations.


Coquille Valley High School

1986 - 1989

Graduated Diploma

CS/Network Systems Administrator AAS+

Central Texas College

2017 - Present

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