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English State University

Moreno Valley, CA
March 19, 2018

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Dana Siciliano di Rende

*** *. *** **. ***. ***, L.A., CA 90017 Email: d

TeL.: 951-***-**** W ebsite: h ttp:// Positions:

* Instructor of English, Italian, and Psychology at colleges (RCC, La Sirra Univ.,etc.)

*Board Member, Curriculum and Programs, Kaplan College, Riv., CA

*Dean of Academics, AS University, San Bernardino (2011) de facto Chair, English and ESL D

Recent Positions:

* Sole translator of book, L’Epopea di Pajubi, tra Mito, Storia e Leggenda, by Prof. Mondini, University of Rome, Italy

* Sole translator of movie script for Broad Humor Film Festival, founded by film maker and artist, Susan Dirende, in Rome, Italy

*A djunct faculty, on-going for 10 years (2001-2011), RCC, and other colleges Instructor of English (from Basic Skills to Advanced transferable Composition and Rhetoric), Creative Writing, Afro-American Literature, Mysticism in World Literature, etc

● Instructor of Italian Language at La Sierra University, Riverside, CA

● Instructor of English at UCR

● Instructor of English at San Jacinto College, Chaffey College, and more. Eligibility Worker II, San Bernardino County ( evaluated Cash Aid and Food stamps according to government qualification requirements, 2011-2012 (14 months)

*Italian Language Instructor, World Languages Dept., La Sierra University

*ESL Instructor, Italy

Over-the-Phone Interpreter, 1998-2005, Language Line, selected as the DEMO Interpreter for the target language. In-booth (simultaneous) and consecutive experience. Perfect fluency in both English and Italian

doctoral level studies in the literature of both languages EDUCATION:

*PhD (abd, qe) UCR: (by “abd,qe” is intended to mean having completed successfully all coursework for the PhD, but not having yet done the dissertation, or qualifying exam) in Comparative Literature, 12/2009

* M.A. in English, (honors) CSUF, Fullerton, CA.

* M.S. Candidate, Counseling/Psychology, 20 semester Master level units

*B.A. in English (Creative Writing) UCI, Irvine, Ca. Teaching Competencies:

English Lit. Creative Writing (RCC) Mysticism in Literature (RCC) Comparative Lit. Italian language (MV, Europe) Afro-American Lit.(RCC) Composition (RCC) Literary Criticism(R CC) Mythology/Metaphysics (RCC) ESL (ITALY) Basic Skills (Eng.) (RCC) Poetry

Suggested Seminars:

*L iterary Criticism, and its cutting edge varieties, such as rhetorical criticism,( as applied to Conrad, for example) and/or metaphysical criticism (as applied to V illette and “Y oung Goodman Brow,” a nd other

‘unresolved” narratives).

*M ulticulturalism: u sing an original model of how culture works, sensitizing instructors and professionals on multicultural issues, on recognizing taboos, or repressed cultural content, in diverse ethnicities. A cultural model demonstrates the reverse of Freud’s construct. Conferences:

*Chinese studies conference, CSUF, Oct. 2008

*7 th Annual Symposium on Dante, March 1992, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

( Title of original research paper presented; “Dante and T.S. Eliot; Divergence and Convergence.”)

*CSUF Graduate Student Conference, May 1, 1993, CSU, Fullerton, Ca.

((Title of conference: “New Perspectives on Language, Literature, Composition and Rhetoric” Title of original research paper presented: “Rhetoric, Language,and the Narrative Voice in Conrad”). PUBLICATIONS:

Rhetoric, Language and the Narrative Voice in Conrad,” (above) published in the “Proceedings of the California State University, Fullerton, Graduate student Conference” (available in the CSUF library). Literary Criticism for and by the College Student, (textbook for transferable rhetoric and composition courses, to be published by Vantage Press. I am self-publishing this textbook for use in the C lassroom) TEACHING EXPERIENCE:

NOV. 2001 TO June 2011: Adjunct professor of English, Riverside Community College Ongoing: Adjunct Prof. of Italian, World Languages Dept., La Sierra Univ., Riv. JUNE 1998- March 2005: Professional interpreter (Italian-Eng.) for Language Line Co.

.Oct-May, 2003: Prof of Italian, Moreno Valley, Ca 1970-1987: *Prof of English and ESL, Italian Airforce Academy, Naples, Italy

*Prof of Italian, U.S. Naval Base, Naples, Italy

*Prof. of ESL, U.S. Naval Base, Naples, Italy

*Prof of ESL, Wall Street Institute, Naples, Italy

*Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreter, Wall Street Institute. . COURSES: I offer both regular and interactive web-enhanced courses (see website, above)

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