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Ad Dilam, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
March 19, 2018

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Personal details :

Name: Hany Mahmoud Abdelrahman Moustafa

Gender: male

Age: 43 years

Home address: *** ***** ***** ***, **** Bishr,Alexandria,Egypt.


Mobile phone: +966*********

Date of birth: 26 / 1 / 1975

Marital status married

Nationality: Egyptian

Language: Arabic (native)

English (fluent)

Computer skills: Excellent

Scientific qu alific ations :

M.B.B.Ch. With very good degree with honors held from the

Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt, October 1998.

Master degree of Critical Care Medicine With very good degree

from the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University,Egypt,October


Thesis for master degree of Critical Care Medicine titled:" study of the immediate complications of emergency endotracheal intubation with and without muscle relaxants in critically ill patients."

Profe ssional e xpe rienc e:

Medical House officer:

From 1/ 3/1999 until 2 9 / 2/2000.

Alexandria Main University Hospital,Alexandria, Egypt.

Critical Care Medicine resident

From 12/12/2000 until 13/12/2003.

Critical Care and Toxicology Department. Alexandria Main university Hospital.

Critical Care Medicine assistant lecturer

From 1/3/2004 until September, 2011

Critical Care Department, Faculty of Medicine,Alexandria University.

Critical care Medicine specialist

For 3 years from 1/3/2004 to 1/2/2006 & from1/2/2007 to 5/3/2008

Dr. Ibrahim Obeid Specialist Hospital, (a large private hospital), Alexandria, Egypt.

Critical care Medicine specialist

More than 6 years from 8/5/2008 until 7/5/2010, &from 15/9/2011 until 8/12/2015.

S a a d S p e c i a l i s t H o s p i t a l ( a l a r g e J C I/ C a n d i a n / A u s t r a l i a n a c c r e d i t e d

t e r t i a r y c a r e c e n t e r ), A l-k h o b a r, E a s t e r n p r o v i n c e, K S A

■ Critical care Mdicine specialist

From 8 /6/2016 until now (current position).

Dr.Sulaiman Alhabib hospital (Suewedi branch,300 bed,large tertiary care centre,JCIA - CBAHI accredited, 23 beds adult ICU )

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

■Having a valid DHA eligibility letter dated 8th March, 2018 as, Specialist Critical Care Medicine

E xperience:

-More than 12 years experience in the field of Critical Care Medicine/ ICU as a specialist.

-Worked in both home country (Egypt) and Saudi Arabia (multiple hospitals) for long years.

-Currently working as ICU specialist in Dr Sulaiman Alhabib Hospital(LRGEST PRIVATE SECTOR IN RIYADH,THE CAPITA CITY,TERTIARY CARE CENTRE serving the south area of highly populated Riyadh City.

-Working with ICU Multidisciplinary team with both western qualified and middle eastern qualified physcians,nursing staff, Respiratory therapists, Physiotherapists, Dietitians, patient relations officers, and Physicians from other specialties to serve the patient in ICU as one team, coordinating between various specialties plans, in more than 300 beds tertiary care health facility

-Licensed at home counry and from KSA Saudi Commission of Health Specialties as ICU/Critical Care specialist.

Job description:

-I have excellent knowledge regarding pharmacology, physiology pathology ( cardiovascular system, respiratory, renal system, body fluids and electrolytes, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, hematological system, nutrition and metabolism, thermoregulation, immunology and host defense, endocrine system, obstetrics, gastrointestinal system, Polytrauma,and toxicology.

-I have very good knowledge in ULTRASOUND guided ICU procedures, echocardiography, intracranial monitoring, ACLS –BLS certified, and extracorporeal support techniques.

-I am able to evaluate, resuscitate and manage/stabilize critically ill patients including those with vital organ and system failures and to use organ support and replacements systems.

-I have unmatched expertise in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, airway management, invasive monitoring, renal replacement therapy and mechanical ventilation.

-I can quickly assess and define problems in the critically ill and then diagnose and implement a management plan all within a short timeframe -alone or ideally as a part of a multidisciplinary team

-I am capable of communicating effectively and to establish good relationships with colleagues, senior staff, nursing staff, patients and their families.

-I am able to manage ICU roles of the process of organ donation,code status or to manage the process of end-of-life care.

-I am at least having the basic requirements for compassion, self-motivation and the ability to work and produce under pressure for long hours in ICU/Critical care areas.

-I am actively prticipating in hospital based educational activities/CME, research plans, accreditations plans by various bodies (JCIA-CBAHI ),also helping HOD/Hspital Admin. for future plans of ICU expansion,risk management,medicolegal affairs,morbit and mortlity plans,infection control programs,Quality of care,standard ICU protocols/policies creation/implementation.

Societie s /ac tivities :

I actively participate in all conferences on Critical Care, Cardiology & Emergency

Medicine held in KSA-Member of Saudi Critical Care Society.

Recently finished 2nd part of MRCP.

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