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Customer Service Office

Germantown, MD
March 16, 2018

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H rm n***@gm ● *****

Ced rview ct. West Friendship, MD



B nk Teller experienced in f st-

p ced fin nci l environments

Focused on m int ining high

levels of ccur cy nd efficiency,

s well s chieving br nch go ls.

Self-motiv ted profession l

offering strong communic tion nd

quick thinking skills.

Works effectively on te ms, s

well s independently, in f st-

p ced environments.


B nk of Americ

● 1501 Merritt Blvd. Dund lk, MD

Teller December 2013 – September


Opened new customer ccounts,

including checking, s vings nd

lines of credit.

M n ged opening nd closing

times for the m in br nch.

Processed s les referr ls nd

promoted b nk services nd

products, resulting in 10% br nch

s les incre se

Delivered prompt, ccur te nd

excellent customer service.

N med number one teller in north

e st region.

M riner Fin nce

● 6666 Security Blvd. Woodl wn,


Account Rep. October 2014-June


Solicit current nd new customers

d ily.

Collection c lls for customers who

were behind on p yments.

Went out in the field to customers

houses to collect if they were

delinquent over 90 d ys.

Beg n to m n ge nd t ke on

role of the ssist nt m n ger,

overlooked other employees nd their


Top 5 in production every month

worked there.

Took p yments for customers over

the phone nd when they c me in the


M de b nk runs to deposit c sh

nd pick up night drops.

Aerotek Profession l St ffing

●7301 P rkw y Dr H nover MD

Business Oper tion Associ te.

December 2015-November 2016

M n gement of customer

ccounts, including but not limited to

invoicing, collections, PO tr cking,

customer service nd working with

client to resolve outst nding issues

Responsible for g thering the

necess ry d t to ssist

M n gement with ccount specific


Auditing ccount specific reports

to ensure ccur te billing nd client

specific inform tion

M n ge tot l ccounts receiv ble

with n Aging in excess of $2M


MS Office proficient

Exception l customer service

Fluent in Punj bi, Hindi nd Urdu.

S les expertise

Inventory m n gement

b ckground

Debt nd credit m n gement

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