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Service Medical

Al Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt
20$ per hour
March 16, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae of

Ahmed Khairy

Professional English>Arabic Native Translator

Moderator of Microsoft Arabic translations

My name is Ahmed Khairy, a highly professional and experienced English/Arabic Translator from Egypt. I have more than 14 years of experience. I am working as translator and proofreader for major international agencies.

It's easy to find a translator, but it's rare to find a translator who is talented not only highly educated (a talented student may translate much better than untalented professor)- a translator who enjoys translation as a hobby not only as a profession, a translator who can provide qualitative not only quantitative decent translation output.

Personal Data:

Name : Ahmed Khairy

Nationality : Egyptian

Date of Birth : 9/6/1979

Place of Birth : Egypt

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Married


I am a holder of Bachelor Degree of Languages & Translation, Zagazig University, Benha, Egypt.

Faculty of Arts is one of the most reputable and specialized educational institutions in Egypt for studying translation.

Graduation Year : 2001

Grade : Good

University Study Period: Five Years (1 Preliminary Year + 4 Years)

Major: Translation


I have been working in the field of translation and localization for more than 14 years now, and I have translated many projects for world-wide clients, like, Micosoft (Bing. Skype), Apple (SEET), Nokia, Canon, HP, Samsung, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Bentley, Dell, Intel, Avaya, FedEx, Lexmark, Microsoft, Macintosh, Siemens, Google….

In such projects, I dealt with the user manuals, service manuals, help, and user interface software items for many products such as televisions, printers, camcorders, digital cameras, set top boxes, receivers, mobiles and many other devices.

Sample English>Arabic translation projects: (large projects only)

Mobile Manuals Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Siemens, LG

I’ve large experience in mobile phones. I translated for 10 years many manuals and UI projects for Nokia, my responsibility was to translate UG manuals and UI files, mobile games and testing character limitation. After MS acquisition, the brand name changed to Lumia. I’m also translating for HTC mobiles that include UG and UI files and also the new device VIVA HTC for virtual game experience. I’m also translating for Siemens using MemoQ. I addition to that, I participated in some other brands like Blackberry, LG, Samsung.

Navigation system Pioneer

Printer Manuals HP, Samsung, Lexmark, Canon, Avaya, Epson

Automotive Caterpillar, Volvo, Nissan, Hyundai, Komatsu and Bentley

TV monitors LG, Hitachi, Toshiba, Pilco

Computer processor and Hard drives Dell, Intel

Website localization Google, Pantech

Software localization Apple, Microsoft

I translated several documents for Machester United club

CAT tools:

I am a professional user of most available CAT tools and i have licenses for all the tools:


-Trados Studio 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015

-Déjà vu










Areas of translation expertise:

-Technical Translation

-Software Localization

-Hardware Localization


-Legal Documents & Contracts

-Patents, Trademarks & Intellectual Property

-Electrical /Electronics

-Medical & Scientific Equipment

-Security, defense and military

-Accounting Annual Accounts & Reports

Quality is my first priority:

* High quality and accurate translation, with attention to smallest details.

* Strict compliance with deadlines and timely delivery of translation jobs.

* All translations are thoroughly edited and proofread before delivery.

* Strict compliance with special instructions related to each individual translation job.

* Quite reasonable translation rates.

* I am open to translation tests.

Professional Skills:

* Hard worker, able to work under pressure

* Ability to efficiently handle and manage large translation projects

* Very good experience in using software dictionaries and translation tools

* Very good knowledge and grasp of online translator resources

* Ability to efficiently manage teams and work in teams

* Dedication in work and timely delivery of assigned projects and tasks

Computer & Internet Skills:

DTP and Localization Engineering

My position involved working with translation memory tools, analyzing user assistance and other content for localization and engineering and formatting the localized output. I have backgrounds in technical writing or content developmen.

Responsibilities and requirements:

• Exposure to localization production and familiarity with preparing user assistance and documentation for translation memory, including exposure to translation memory tools such as Trados Workbench. Ability to customize translation memory parsing and segmentation rules.

• Demonstrable knowledge of markup language syntax, including development and torubleshooting skills focusing on HTML and XML. Exposure to XSLT and XSL.

• Demonstrable experience with help authoring tools, specifically RoboHelp for Winhelp, Htmlhelp and Webhelp. Able to design, format, modify, compile, debug and QA help systems in a variety of languages.

• Demonstrable expertise with Adobe FrameMaker and MS Word documentation creation, formatting, troubleshooting and PDF creation.

• Strong working knowledge of the major graphics editing tools, particularly Adobe PhotoShop.

• Working knowledge of WebWorks Publisher, including the ability to design doc to help projects from scratch, create and edit wdts, and generate and QA the outputted help.

• Familiar with C++, .NET and JAVA as it relates to the externalization and development of localizable display test

• Comfortable with Windows 2000, XP and 2003.

• Experience with Adobe InDesign and quark express

• Exposure to Perl or other scripting languages

• Web content development and web technology experience (especially Flash and ASP)

DTP tools:

- Office

- Indesign (Me – Latin)

- Illustrator

- Acrobat 4,5,6,7

- Photoshop

- PowerPoint

- Frame Make

- Quark

- Interleaf

- Corel Ventura

- Adobe Suite

- Macromedia Suite

- QuarkXPress,

- QuarkXPress Arabic

- QuarkXPress Passport

- Corel Draw

Contact Info :


Mobile: +2-012********



5 Abrag El-Masnaa El-Harby, Benha, Qalubia, Egypt

Post code: 13511

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