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Electrical Engineering Professional Experience

Boulder, CO
March 16, 2018

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Electrical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, GPA: 3.14 August 2018 Bachelor of Electronics Engineering(B.E.), Mumbai University – S.P.I.T, India, GPA: 7.9 May 2016 TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Programming :- C, Embedded C, Assembly(ARM), Socket Programming, VHDL, Verilog, PHP, MySQL

• Concepts:- Embedded Firmware, RTOS, Multithreading, Git,, Make, BLE

• Protocols :- UART, I2C, SPI, TCP/IP, UDP, Bluetooth Low Energy

• Platforms:- ARM(Cortex M0, M3), MSP430, 8051, Leopard Gecko, Arduino, NVIDA Jetson TK1

• Tools:- Eclipse IDE(Simplicity Studio, Kinetis Design Studio), Visual Studio(Atmel), Quartus Prime, mbed, Altium, Linux GCC

• Debugger:- gdb, JTAG, oscilloscope


Co-curricular Research Experience : At Correll’s Lab at University of Colorado Boulder Current 2018

• Developing firmware for over-the-air programming of the Droplets robots using IR communication to transmit built hex files

• Reprogramming is done by writing appropriate pages to Flash memory for desired operations Environment: Embedded C, Python, Atmel Studio, AT xmega-128a3u, Git, IR and RGB sensing Intern : Unify Enterprise Communications Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India May 2015

• Performed Wireless Router planning using VisualRF software

• Studied the basics of Computer Networks, Network Model and WLAN technologies. ENGINEERING PROJECT EXPERIENCE

ñ Retail Store Monitoring System (Real Time) December,201- January,2018

• Delivered a multithreaded system on NVIDIA Jetson TK1 for people counting by employing motion detection in Opencv

• Assigned three threads for each of people counting, calculation of power hours and conversion ratio and finally display

• Used Mutex to overcome critical section problem and race conditions. Achieved synchronization through semaphores Environment: C, RT Linux, Mutex (timed_lock), Semaphore, Shared memory, Thread-safety, NVIDIA Jetson TK1, Camera ñ Network Systems Programming August,2017 - October,2017 Remote File Server

• Programmed a UDP based client- server model to reliably send files(using ACKs, Timeouts) on a local and remote network Web Server

• Wrote a TCP based concurrent webserver that supported persistent connections and handled HTTP requests from a browser Distributed File Server

• Designed a DFS to store and retrieve file-parts on authorization and optimized traffic by requesting valid data only once HTTP Proxy Server

• Built a proxy server which parses HTTP client requests to HTTP server or replies with files from its own cache with timeout Environment: C, Linux, Socket Programming, Client-Server Model, Concurrent Server, TCP, Pipelining, UDP, HTTP ñ Smart Garage Automation with Low Power Techniques February,2017 – April,2017

• Implemented the development kit of EFM32LG by hardware system bring-up with suitable power supply designing.

• Successfully designed ambient light control upon movement detection while logging timestamp information to cloud

• Developed firmware on ARM Cortex M3 to transmit alert to custom Android App(C#) using Adafruit Bluefruit module(BLE)

• Achieved low power design through event driven firmware techniques, MCU sleep modes and low power peripherals Environment: Embedded C, Android App development, PCB design, Schematics & Layouts, LEUART, I2C, Firebase, Altium ñ Infant Monitor October,2016 – December 2016

• Instituted a time-critical system with heart-rate, temperature and proximity sensors for infant health status monitoring.

• Deployed interrupt based firmware for EFM32LG platform utilizing its low energy peripherals (DMA, LEUART, I2C)

• Sent sensor metrics to Android App for display through SAMB11(master - BLE), using its on-board Bluetooth Environment: Embedded C, load power management, I2C driver, ADC, Circular buffer, Capacitive touch, low power modes NIHARIKA SARODE 2300 Arapahoe Ave, 356, Boulder, Co. +1-720-***-****.

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