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RF Engineer system Test engineer

San Diego, CA
March 15, 2018

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Ashvinkumar Chaudhari

Ph.: 205-***-****


US Citizen


Experience in testing Qualcomm modem chips on wireless technologies such as LTE,WCDMA/UMTS and GSM.

Experience in performing Optimization of wireless networks for WCDMA/LTE/CDMA/EVDO.

Experience in design and placement of small cell systems run by optical fibers for WCDMA & LTE Systems

carried out survey of the areas for new nodes based on footprint of RF coverage in Mapinfo.

Experience in preparing devices for different PL\’s in order to test the functionality of Qualcomm Modem.

Experience in automate testing using Python scripts.

Experience in performing Drive test analysis, Post processing, call flows studies, Drop calls, handover process.

Good experience in analyzing handoff, neighbors list, layer 3 messaging and troubleshooting .

Experience in LTE Idle and Mobility parameter optimization, 3G and 4G Neighbor Audit and Optimization,

Experience in regularly monitors and maintenance of 3G and 4G KPIs to ensure optimum performance in terms of accessibility, retain ability and mobility.

Regularly endorse critical alarms to Operations and Maintenance group for proper handling/ troubleshooting.

Generating reports and documents for Clients.


Technologies: LTE, WCDMA, GSM, CDMA, EVDO.

RF Test tools: QXDM,QMICM,XCAL-X,TEMS,Agilent 8960 and R&S CMW500 LTE Callbox, Ascom Qvoice,WITT,JDSU, Wireshark, Spectrum Analyzers

RF Post Processing Tool: ACTIX ONE-Analyzer, ACTIX Spotlight, APEX,WindCatcher, eDAT

Planning Tools (OSS): Procomm Plus,OMC-RAN,SAM B,WPS, Net act (NOKIA) OSS, Ericsson OSS

KPI Monitoring Tool: NPO,RF cockpit,Glance,Netwatch

Reporting Tools: MS Access, MS Office, T-PIM, Liberty Reports

Positioning (GIS Tool): MapInfo, Microsoft Street & Trips, DeLorme street atlas

MS Office software: MS Word/Excel/Access/Power point/MS Outlook.

Operating Systems: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7.

Programming Languages: C,SQL,Python


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Bridgeport, CT,USA

Bachelors of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering, S.P. University, Gujarat, India


Unites States Army Reserve Nov 15 – Current

Rank : E4 (Specialist)

Assisting in inventory management.

PMCS Army equipments and weapons.

Participate in weapon training and missions.

Plan and execute convoy operations.

Further Enterprise Solutions. March 17 – May 17

RF Engineer, Client: T-Mobile (3 months contract)

Performing Small Cell Design including antenna selection and placement, utilizing knowledge of LTE, UMTS to contribute in network design are key responsibilities.

Site walk for deciding best location for Small Cell focusing on Business and Public needs.

Create RFDS,CIQ forms for new sites designs.

Design/site walk and Aircom Asset prediction to determine best location for the site among various candidates.

Work on Actixone, Google Earth and MS Street and trips for search rings in LA area.

Tech-Visit with vendor for narrowing down candidate from search ring candidates.

Analysis sector swap, footprint and making reports from results of drive/walk data got from ActixOne.

Creating coverage plots using ASSET and Mapinfo tools to get approvals of the candidates from manager.

Sublime Wireless, Inc. Oct 14 – Feb 16

RF Engineer, Client: Sprint

Performing and optimizing Sprint network for CDMA, EVDO, and LTE technologies.

Troubleshooting RF issues (Pilot pollution, link imbalance, PCI Planning, Missing Neighbors), Idle mode Issues (access and paging),mobility issues and RRC Setup failures.

Planning and executing tasks to optimize LTE RF Clusters in the customer’s network.

working in the optimization team meeting KPIs, checking and solving parameters issues, wrong planning design, reducing DL interference and increasing the throughput.

Performed Drive test analysis, Post processing, call flows studies, Drop calls, handover process, Pilot Channel Rx Level and Interference.

Parameters tuning, neighbors definition, Design and sites modifications (Tilt, azimuth, height, etc.)

Directly interfacing with the client to report KPI results and status of the optimization activities.

Fine tuning of network through orientation changes and tilts of the antenna to ensure proper signal distribution for proper RSRP & RSRQ,CINR,BLER.

Studying the RF design coverage maps to find the areas of coverage, interface and pilot pollution.

Drive Data Analyzing then Optimizing activities include change of frequency, change of power, Re-orientations, mechanical tilt, electrical tilt, and height changes, appropriate changes on 3G-4G parameters and provide detailed 3G/4G LTE Pre-Post results to the customer.

Identify PCI Confusion/Collision in a cluster and take appropriate action to resolve it; such as EDT on sector if overshooting, neighbor black listing or PCI retune.

Use Cockpit/NPO to get daily/hourly stats for 3G/4GLTE to identify KPIs not meeting the target & identify top-offender cells contributing the most; and give recommendations to improve KPIs.

Checks/resolves 3G and 4G parameter discrepancies after auditing the Sites.adjusting ANR parameters to improve its functionality, Manually create X2 links and add missing LTE neighbors,PCMD analysis.

Preparing work orders on online and offline WIPS for Pre and Post Launch activities Implement WO on ALU SAM.

Monitoring Alarms and escalating issues to respective expertise.

Lancesoft, Inc. March 13- Oct 14

System Test Engineer, Client: Qualcomm Technologies

Part of Qualcomm's Modem Software Test (MST) Team for verifying Modem software's features on wireless technologies such as WCDMA/UMTS, LTE and GSM

Assisting in writing test plans for device testing and identifying the issues before the device is launched.

Assisting in writing Python scripts to automate testing.

Hands on experience using Spectrum Analyzers during device calibration.

Test the Qualcomm FFA & REF device side by side and analyzed the Modem software for deficiencies at different layers such NAS/RRC/RLC/MAC/PHY by means of Regression Testing, Log Analysis with Apex/QXDM.

Conduct Functionality, Regression, Stability and Performance testing on various Qualcomm FFA’s.

Understand and execute the test plan with correct setup and identify passing or failing of each test case.

Compare the performance of the two devices from the point of view of Call Drops & Call Set Up Failures,Throughput Differences,Out of Services & Recovery Events,Transmission Power Consumption,RF Reception & Radio Link Failures,IRAT failures,Reselection and Redirection, GPS Navigation.

Analyzed logs for call drops, max resets, radio link failures, setup failures, and throughput delta.

Performed post processing of logs using perl script to observe KPIs, isolate the performance Issues originating due to network or UE, identify UE crashes and report to the team for fixing.

Generate daily field report and submits the issues back to the development teams for fixes.

Involved in Throughput testing on Different RATS (LTE/UMTS) on TCP/IP, UPD and FTP client.

Hands on experience using Agilent 8960 and R&S LTE CMW500 call box.

Excellent knowledge of QXDM, Wireshark, QMICM, and Qualcomm KPI-ATS tools for analyzing the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the UE for voice/data transfer.

LCC International, Inc. Feb 12 – Feb 13

RF Optimization Engineer, Client: AT&T

Performing Optimization of wireless networks for AT&T for establishment of WCDMA and LTE network.

Verifying logs using Actix and analyzed Layer 3 & Event messages to optimize CS/PS Drop Calls, CS/PS Access Failures and Data Throughput.

ACTIX Analyzer - Best Server RSCP, Best Server Ec/Io, Long/Short call UE TX Power, Access Fails, Call Drops, Pilot Pollution, Individual Sector Plots and down tilt determinations, KPI Reports, Radio Interface, transport channels and messaging windows analysis, Parameters tuning, neighbors definition.

Generate the Reports from T-PIM and Liberty Repots, Making trending for Sr RF engineer.

Drive Data Analyzing then Optimizing activities include change of frequency, change of power, Re-orientations, mechanical tilt, electrical tilt, and height changes.

Fine tuning of network through orientation changes and tilts of the antenna to ensure proper signal distribution.

Performed Coverage and interference analysis using drive tests and statistical data to find out any coverage issues like overshooting cells, pilot pollution, best server signal strength, pilot Ec/No measurements, interference.

Initiating short/long call drive to find missing nbrs, Blocked/Dropped calls, delay/throughput issues and fixing them.

Resolves capacity problems like RRC failures thru CE license upgrade or expansion of WSPC to provide higher capacity to congested Node Bs.

Checks/resolves 3G parameter discrepancies after BTS/BSC rehoming, LAC modifications.

Neighbor Audit and Optimization within large geographical area using MapInfo and ACTIX Analyzer.

Performed WCDMA Network Design and Coverage planning of Nokia networks change parameters on Nokia OSS.

AVION Systems, Inc. Mar 11 – Jan 12

RF Test Engineer, Client: AT&T

Involved in Benchmark testing for AT&T and comparing with different carriers like Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint.

Collected RF data for the given cluster using Ascom Q-Voice kit.

Detailed sensitivity analyses on issues like BLER, power control, Uplink RSSI, mobile transmit power etc.

Monitored Layer3 messages in every carrier during test in Q-VOICE, also check sbc’s are registered in Emu server.

Drive-Test data post processing and analysis using Actix software.

Neighbour optimization and analysis for Intra Frequency, Inter frequency and IRAT handover.

Troubleshooting issues like missing nbrs, coverage holes, pilot pollution areas, overshooting sites, parameter inconsistency, Single cell coverage analysis, swap sector and SC consistency check.

Always coordinate with the RF-engineer and work closely with them in troubleshooting some issues in network.

Sublime Wireless, Inc. Aug 10 – Feb 11

Drive test Engineer, Client: Clear Wire

Performing drive testing data collection and functionality testing for Clear Wire network based on 4G Wi-Max.

Trained and managed entry level employees on drive test duties.

Creating drive test routes, equipment setup, identifying and troubleshooting problems.

Performing SITE ATP drives using WITT software nearby cell site to check soft and hard hand-offs.

Conducting Cluster drives by using XCAL-X drive-testing software designed to collect and analyze data for Wi-Max.

Throughput tests for UL/DL speeds and performance.

Create tables, drive routes, layers using MAPINFO.

After creating templates, update site map, cluster map and drive routes using MAPINFO.

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