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Facilities Manager

March 15, 2018

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Facilities Support Services

*- ******** **********

July 1995

-Secondary Education Baccalaureate, National Dewan for Examinations & Competitions

**** - ****

- Technology University Certificate, Faculty of Engineering Science, Science & Technology Section,

Ferhat Abbas Setif University, Algeria

- Credentials: S.E. Maths SEM 100, 200, 300, S.E. Physics SEP 100, 200, S.E. Chemistry

SEC 100, 200 Industrial Design TEG 003, Marketing & Statistics,

Computer Science

- Workshops: General Electricity, Mechanics, Industrial Design, Computer Science &


1996 - 1999

- Arts & Languages University Certificate, Faculty of Arts & Languages, English

Department, Mentouri Constantine University, Algeria

2000 - 2001

- Facilities Management & Catering, Aug 2000 to July 2001 at Mil Invest, Algeria

2- Trainings attended

December 2011

Time & Stress Management, Intercontinental Hotel, Broadland Training, United Kingdom

March 2012

Introduction/ Basic Supervision Course, MTC training, United Kingdom

Negotiation Skills Spearhead Training, Qatar, Dubai

March 2011 HACCP

Food Safety Level 1 at North Atlantic Canadian College, Doha, Qatar, Best Practices

Food Safety Level 2 at North Atlantic Canadian College, Doha, Qatar, Advanced

3- Professional Experience

Expertise Areas: Accommodation Management

Catering Services & Transport

Facilities Maintenance & Landscaping

Cleaning Services & Housekeeping

September 2001- January 2018

Facilities Manager, Facilities Services at Mil Invest Construction, Hirafia Zone, Algeria


Accommodation facilities & food services management

Facilities maintenance, Electricity, Plumbing, Carpentry, General maintenance

Cleaning staff & housekeeping activity supervision & transport management

Business activities management & development, external vendors’ contracts,

equipment purchase, order supplies

Accommodation shift planning & transport activity management & Planning

Rooms allocation & occupancy VIP & senior & junior rooms

Staff supervision & training

Stock controls, Ensure stock of all items and order accordingly

Cleanliness and hygiene of the facilities and their surroundings

Plan and organize accommodation for new hires on arrival

Coordinate with the Travel Department to ensure regular transport activity

Events management

Safety meetings

HSE inspections & control

Food safety inspections including food preparation, processing, serving & storing

walk in chillers, walk in freezers and dry stores

Food transportation operations supervision including pack-meals

Facilities inspection carry out regular inspections of facilities including residential

Areas, kitchen & dining areas, stores & sports facilities to ensure food safety


Kitchens staff supervision & menu planning

Ensure that food is cooked under hygienic conditions

Waste management, pest control & landscaping inspections

Laundry staff supervision, ensure that the laundry service is prompt and timely

Gymnasium and sport activities monitoring

Conduct customer surveys & correspondence

June 2010 - May 2012


Facilities management & catering services supervision, Facilities & Premises & Restaurants

Accommodation & maintenance staff supervision, housekeeping, reception, laundry, sport

facilities & maintenance technicians & transport team

Catering activities supervision, food delivery, food safety, quality monitoring of restaurants

clubs, safety college dining rooms & mess halls

Preventive Maintenance & HSE inspections, Electricity, Plumbing, Carpentry, Maintenance

Stock control & forecast

Dry stores & walk-in chillers safety inspections

Laundry service supervision

Policies development, implementation, enforcement & standards monitoring

Contracts negotiation, renewal, budgets preparation & revenues monitoring

Contractor Performance Management

Pest control, waste management, landscaping, Transport activities supervision &


Business management (external vendors' contracts, equipment purchase, order


Training sessions supervision

Sports & cultural activities & entertainment development

Social activities management

Events management & tournament organization

Inventory supervision

Safety inspection, rooms, kitchen, restaurants, dining rooms, mess halls, stores,

pastries & premises

Food safety inspections, food delivery, storing, processing and serving.

Compliance reports generating

Inventory supervision & customer satisfaction surveys



Customer Service Manager at Acme Magazine, Algeria


Organise and prioritise duties

Supervise and train staff

Set time-table & Coordinate

Meet clients courteously and answer customers’ calls with respect to company policy

Answer customers’ questions and reach full understanding of what information

is being requested

Focus accurately on all customers’ inquiries using Call Tracking System

Ensure the customers’ follow-up

Perfect knowledge of products and or services

Provide quality customer service on every call and face to face situation

Communicate clearly and effectively with customers

Manage length of calls & Promote team work

4- Fluent in

Spoken and written English

Spoken and written Arabic

Spoken and written French


Strong management skills

Strong leadership and interpersonal skills

Excellent coordination abilities

Physically fit and work overtime when required

Flexible attitude

Team player

6- Details

First name: Djaber

Family name: Lakache


Date of birth: 16th July1978

Gender: Male

Marital status: Married

Mob: 00-213-*********

Landline: 00-213-********

Address: Algeria

7- Driving Driving license - Light


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