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Technical: C/SystemVerilog/Arduino/Mathematica, Solidworks/Fritzing/Vi

Irvine, CA
March 15, 2018

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Yongxi Li

** *******, ******, **, ***** 949-***-****


University of California Irvine June 2019

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Major GPA: 3.85 Overall GPA: 3.82

(Dean’s honor List)


Project building in Calplug (California Plug Load Research Center) January 2018 - Redesigned and rebuilt a coffee machine to let it can detect if there is any people in the room, then it can automatically determine its operational mode: heating up coffee or turn off, in order to achieve the goal of energy saving without manual control.

• Redesigned and redrew the circuit schematics for this coffee machine on Visio.

• Soldered electronics on Perfboard to test chips’ function and design correctness.

• Coded in C for the motion sensors and other electronics.

• Drew PCB schematics and board layout on Eagle and produced it by PCB population. Projects

Processor (CPU) December 2016

Devised a central processing unit (CPU), which is the electronic circuitry that carries out the instructions stored inside memory block by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions.

• Coded in SystemVerilog in Vivado

• Tested our CPU on FPGA

PhotoLab October 2016

Developed a software program which is able to upload an image by user and then transfer it into a different image based on user’s requirement, with similar function to Instagram filter.

• Operated the program in Linux system

• Coded PhotoLab in C

Quadcopter Building (Position: Team leader) March 2016 Built a quadcopter and attached three ultrasonic sensors on it to measure distance from obstacle to the quadcopter, for specifying the quadrant that quadcopter is in.

• Coded in Arduino for operating ultrasonic sensors

• Sketched the 3D draft of quadcopter in Solidworks

• Assembled electronic components into the quadcopter

• Fabricated the arms, body and legs of the quadcopter Working Experience

EECS Tutor (Electrical engineering department tutor) March 2017 - Helping engineering freshman/sophomore with their study and giving academic advice. Activities

Eta Kappa Nu- UCI (National IEEE Honor Society for Electrical Engineering) March 2017 - General member

Networked with other engineering students to further our knowledge of the field. Skills

Technical: C/SystemVerilog/Arduino/Mathematica, Solidworks/Fritzing/Visio/PSpice/Eagle/Microwind, Soldering, PCB population, Analog Discovery2, Wireshark. Language: Mandarin (Fluent), Cantonese (Fluent).

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