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Financial Accounting

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
March 15, 2018

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ACCA (Member),


Lahore, Pakistan


ACCA Member – 2018

BIMS – British Institute of

Management Studies

Specialization in

Financial Management and Audit

& Assurance

Diploma in Accounting &

Business - 2017


Advanced Diploma in Accounting

& Business - 2017



Professional Profile:

A highly successful certified chartered accountant with invaluable experience in financial reporting, accounting and auditing covering a variety of industries from starts up business, to financial management and company

closure. Hands on experience of providing professional advice in strategic sectors such as financial reporting, auditing, forensic auditing, corporate finance and insolvency. Easy going by nature and able to work with all member of staff regarding financial issuer to resolve problems. Presently seeking a professional and satisfying role in a reputable company. Highly adept at the

implementation of accounting systems and procedures. Ability to compile, verifies, analyze, interpret and disseminate critical financial data. Experienced in preparing financial and evaluating them. Communicates effectively to build relationships both internally and externally. Proactive management style to meet strict deadlines and maintenance of team under pressure. Key strengths include transforming and developing financial management capability to improve accuracy and

transparency of key financial data; delivering financial system enhancement that drive improved reporting

capability, typically improving business decision-making for senior management; re-engineering financial

processes and automating manual task to improve

operational efficiency; and explaining financial results to non financial managers to ensure strong financial

awareness across all business area.

Key Skills &


Financial analysis

Business analysis



Corporate reporting



Project management

Risk management



Value for money


Financial auditing


Finance management

Investment appraisal

Control testing

Business valuation

Forex hedging

Financial planning &


Variance analysis


‘‘If you don’t have any shadows

You’re not standing in light’’


Courage I had

To take a sinking

Ship and try to make it float

Exceptional Achievements

Being a complete certified chartered

accountant and

eligible for the membership of

many others professional

bodies at a very young age

Hunger for excellence

Still in process of

making best out

of myself.


Hard-working, focused,

Quick Learner, Smart worker,

Motivator & Leader, Team Player

Accounting Software

Quick Book, Peach Tree

Microsoft Excel, MS Word








Video gaming

Career Highlights:

In 2015, I had received an appointment as a chief

accountant in Oryza Co. (Pvt.) Ltd a small and medium sized entity. I was the 1st chartered accountant ever employed in that company. Basic hindsight was to advise them to turnaround the loss making unit of rice

processing. To good extent, I was very successful to do so. I had achieved this by revising the over-head absorption rate and by automation the production processes which was previously so labor intensive process with high cost. In 2016, Oryza reported a profit after tax of Rs. 4,506,191/- which entitled me to receive a performance based bonus as well.

In 2014, I had been short listed for a QCR rated audit firm Riaz & Co. chartered accountant as an audit trainee and within 3 months time I had been promoted for the

designation of audit assistant and after 9 months as an audit supervisor due to excellent application of my bookish knowledge into practice. I had completed 6 full audits of companies ranging from SME’s entities to large scale entities which had increased so much my exposure of mind. I had also worked in business advisory department which had polished lots of my skill relevant to financial management and business valuation.

In 2013, I had got my first internship opportunity to work with an accounting software provider company as a

junior accountant. There I had learned how the words of books are working practically. There I had get knowledge of how the journal entry proceeded to ledger and next to the trial balance. It was good experience to start my career.

Riaz & Co. chartered


Position : Audit officer

July 2014 – Sep 2015 Lahore

Riaz & Co. chartered accountant is QCR rated firm by ICAP and provides audit as well as not audit services like account compilation and taxation services.

Reviewing overall trial position and highlighting any significant misstatement found in the audit.

Discusses the highlighted misstatement with

seniors and investigation of issue with appropriate course of action.

Assisting the seniors in understanding the nature of company undergoing for audit and helps in setting

the materiality level.

Documented the SOP’s (Standard operating

procedures) of procurement department and cash

department of many audit clients.

Performed analytical procedures on audit client

financial statement and reports the finding of

results to senior to assess the audit risk.

Testing the internal control systems and

highlighting any significant weakness which may

increase audit risk and reporting these weaknesses in “letter of weakness”.

Analyzing and reviewing the receivable/payable

ledger control accounts.

Generate and maintain financial statement reports as per IAS’s (International accounting standard).

Career History /


Oryza Co. (Pvt.) Ltd

Position: Chief Accountant

Oct 2015 – Ongoing Lahore

Oryza is rice exporter company of Pakistan and also a member of well known Rice export association of Pakistan (R.E.A.P) and produces very high quality rice.

As a chief accountant, responsible for defining the company’s commercial model across export and local sales decision and developing overall business strategy to maximize revenue, profit and growth.

Analyzing financial data and preparing financial statements and accounting information and reports for directors and proposing recommendation.

Instrumental in helping to turn around a loss making department.

Preparing analyzing the various estimates for the quarter or the next year.

Involved in daily overseeing the management of

companies financial systems and budgets.

Organizing and maintaining accurate accounting records by proper following the international accounting

standards (IAS’s).

Holding monthly meetings to review over-head reports with departmental heads.

Slashed overhead cost by 40% by proper budgeting and allocation of resources. Operational efficiency also contributed to decrease the OHD cost through


Valuing the finished stock and quoting sale price for export.

Implementation the concept of economic order quantity and forecasting the sales volume unit to meet the

targeted profit level.

Involved in re-negotiation of major agreement like out- sourcing of labor or in-sourcing labor.

Key Achievements / Assignments:

Proved the basic rationale of my hiring correct and turned the loss making unit into profit of Rs. 4,506,191/-.

Introduction the concept of EOQ and max utilization of truck space for purchased raw material slashed the holding cost and carriage inward cost from Rs 1.20 per kg to Rs. 0.44 per kg.

Automation the production process improved the

operating efficiency and ultimately provided the net benefit of Rs.0.25 per kg.

Prepared the feasibility report for hydroponics

technology system and convinced the 1 foreigner

director for foreign investment in Pakistan in this technology. The amount was Rs. 13,750,000/-.

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