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Python/Javascript Developer

Bellerose, NY, 11001
30,000 - 40,000/ yr (negotiable)
March 14, 2018

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Sanjay Shivraj

**-** **** *

Street, Bellerose, NY 11426 email: s phone: 718-***-****


BitBucket: h ttps://


Stony Brook University Stony Brook, New York

Major: Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science - Winter 2017 Relevant Coursework:

Data Structures, Databases, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Systems Level Programming, Data Mining

Working Experience:

Canon Inc. Melville, NY

IT Consultant Summer 2015

- Worked in a team migrating content from Canon’s previous website into their content management system (IBM WICM), a new website.

- Used HTML and CSS to format and style old content to fit company’s standards to be used in the web pages on the new site.

Programming Experience:

- Experience using data structures and algorithms as well as object oriented design in Java.

- Created graphical user interfaces using Java API swing components as well as JavaFX.

- Used CSS to improve design of Java web applications.

- Experienced in using HTML for basic web design.

- Used Python to implement data mining functions to analyze large data sets.

- Used D3 to create simple data visualizations (Scatter plots, parallel coordinates, bar charts).

- Used Javascript and Python to create dynamic web pages in Django; also, used Java to create an interactive servlet.

- Built a Fantasy Baseball draft-kit in Java, utilizing JavaFX for GUI components and JSON for data saving/loading.

- Worked on a group web based project to emulate Spotify’s Website utilizing: Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery. Used Python to gather data through Spotify’s API and populate our MySQL database with the pymysql library. Used Jquery to make request to external API to populate fields for the web project. Skills:

- Coded in: Java, Python, C, C++, Javascript, and MIPS assembly.

- Capable of analyzing big data and processing it using Python.

- Can use API’s to request and use data in web applications through Javascript.

- Knowledge of using MySQL Databases and using them in Java and Python applications.

- Knowledgeable using Windows and Linux(Ubuntu and Linux Mint ) operating systems.

- Capable of using Git repository system.

- Exposure to React framework.

- Experienced in using JSON from file and API callbacks.

- Experience in using node.js and node package manager.

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