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Engineer Test

United States
March 14, 2018

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Cheryl Morgan

**** ******** *****, ******** ******* 85165

Cell 520-***-****

** ***** ** ************ **********, research, analysis and production. Extensive experience in developing intelligence for superiors, and supervising subordinates at all levels. Supports tactical, operational, and national level decision makers with all-source analysis to include political, economic and military issues of strategic interest. Executive management skills including leadership, joint and strategic operations planning, database development and research, training and exercise planning, intelligence instruction development, and foreign military sales and exchange programs. Extensive intelligence operations and management experience in all-source intelligence analysis, intelligence collection management, GEOINT, HUMINT, OSINT, TECHINT and SIGINT requirements, HUMINT collection, intelligence production and dissemination, and counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics analysis. Fifteen years South Asia Pol-Mil regional expertise including intelligence and targeting support to special operations units and regional special task forces. Recent experience integrating technology and net-centric capabilities in intelligence operations. Recent tactical and operational experience with all special operations in SWA. Extensive overseas experience working with foreign nationals, governments, military and non-government organizations, agencies and units. Active Top Secret/SSBI security clearance current SCI. Private Pilot License, UAS Part 107 license.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING: Joint Military Attache Course, Joint Military Attache School, 2003; Urdu Language Course, DLI, 2003; Master of Science National Security – U.S. Army War College, 2001; Master of Science, Strategic Intelligence, Defense Intelligence College, 1991; Bachelor of Arts, Russian, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1979 Strategic Debriefer Course, Army Intel School, 1984; Instructor, Joint Staff Officer, Airborne; Russian, Spanish, German, Urdu Language. FAA certified Private Pilot license (January 2018). Currently enrolled in Cochise College UAV program for AAS degree, to include instrumentation certification for Spring 2018.

Electronic Proving Grounds Test Engineer Level 2 05/17-7/17. Data collection and analysis for Grey Eagle UAS testing. Collected and processed data input for system field tests to include airframe platforms and sensor package operational status. Works with test leads to QA/QC requirements and field operations, providing daily status reporting to government test officers.

Electronic Proving Grounds Test Engineer Level 2 10/16-01/17. Supervisory Data Collection officer. Collected and processed data input from over 40 field operators on EMARRS systems equipment. Works with test leads to QA/QC requirements and field input on fiver EMARRS variants in preparation for Solider Field testing for FOC. Assists in trouble shooting, and collect data at various levels for final system selection.

Electronic Proving Grounds Test Engineer Level 2 07/16-09/16. Operations officer. Directed operations and data collections efforts on vendor provided soldier radio systems for the Man pack FOC Qualification Test. Works with test leads to execute testing requirements as specified, assist in trouble shooting, and collect data at various levels for final system selection.

Electronic Proving Grounds Test Engineer Level 1 04/16-05/16. Data Collector/Analyst. Deploys to test sites in the field to collect performance data on DoD Collection and Jamming equipment. Works with central testing officers to conduct various activities on various systems as operated by Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine personnel, and provides feedback IAW test requirements.

Electronic Proving Grounds Test Engineer Level 2 02/16- 03/16. Data Collector/Analyst. Deploys to test sites in the field to collect performance data on SOCOM IEW and force protection equipment. Works with central testing officers to conduct various activities on various systems as operated by SOF personnel, and provides feedback IAW test requirements.

Electronic Proving Grounds Test Engineer Level 1 10/15 – 12/15. AN/V-118 radio operator. Deploys to test sites in the field to operate communications systems in accordance with test parameters. Works with central testing officers to conduct various activities on the system, and provide feedback on the radio parameters as they are affected by environmental factors IAW test requirements. Operates Instrumentation Systems (IMS) including Freeway and Golden Eye to collect, store and retrieve systems responses to testing scripts. Conducts limited on-site diagnostics and applies remedies to maintain radio readiness throughout the test.

Private Consultant 12/14-10/15.

Primary Instructor MICCC, FT Huachuca Arizona. 02/13 –11/14. Develops, prepares and presents training on MI Fundamentals including threat order of battle, IPB, Intelligence Collection and Intelligence Support to Targeting to the MI Captains’ Career Course. Conducts training through SGI and extensive practical exercises.

All-Source Intelligence Analysis, SOTF-N/CJSOTF-A Village Stability Operations (VSO), Kunduz Province, Afghanistan 03/12 –11/12. Research, develop and produce warning and current intelligence analysis on insurgent threats to ODA VSO at the district level. Assess and produce estimates of GIRoA and ANSF capabilities and vulnerabilities towards insurgent and criminal attacks. Provide daily and weekly intelligence products, including evaluations on HUMINT, SIGINT and GEOINT collection. Coordinate directly with key members of the intelligence community in province to include National and international strategic intelligence partners (DIA, OGA, CFSOCC-A and their respective NATO agencies). Meet routinely with GIROA and ANSF leaders. Conduct daily and weekly Intel exchanges with 18F’s, and Team Commanders at ODAs. Respond to RFIs form CJSOTF-A and SOJTF.

Intelligence Doctrine Production, US Army Intelligence School, Ft Huachuca Arizona 01/10 – 02/12.

Research, develop and produce Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for US Army’s Intelligence Support to Counter IEDs, and Intelligence Support to Urban Operations. Lead analyst and writer for ATTP 2-91.4, and ATTP 2-91.3, responsible for producing the manuals and briefing their findings and guidelines to US Army and other US military and civilian offices, agencies and organizations. Supporting developer for the Multi-Team Intelligence Operations Handbook.

International Advisor, Counter Narcotics Team, Department of State, Afghanistan 10/08-09/09

Advise Host Nation Eastern Region and Western Region at the provincial and district level on anti-poppy efforts to include development liaison, community outreach and monitoring. Assist in establishing working groups in each province, influencing community leadership and reaching out to schools, clinics, farming coops and civil society. Provide DOS/USG transparency in budgets totaling over 2.5 million USD.

Senior Intelligence Analyst, Counter IED Targeting Program, CJTF 76 Afghanistan 02/06-09/07.

Review, analyze and integrate HUMINT, SIGINT, GEOINT, OSINT and TECHINT reports to provide all source intelligence analysis for Counter IED operations. Produce vetted Target Folders on medium and high value targets for CJTF76 and special operations units. Provide analytical support to lethal and non-lethal targeting for Combined and Joint Operations. Develop INTSUMs and briefs for analysts and senior decisions makers on operational and strategic Counter IED operations, including EW, I&W and Collection Management. Serves as TF Paladin Commander’s senior C-IED Intel analyst. Provide insurgent IED TTP analysis to develop Attack the Network, Defeat the Device and Train the Force operations.

Defense and Army Attaché, USDAO Pakistan 08/03- 04/05.Direct and conduct overt HUMINT collection operations against military, political, and economic targets, and produce intelligence reports with assessments. Supervise 10 Joint Service Officers, NCOs and civilians in overt collection, and MASINT and PHOTINT operations in support of over 200 US Intelligence Community, Combatant and Theater Commander and National Security Council intelligence requirements. Coordinates with State, FBI, DEA and CIA to collect against terrorist targets in support of counter terrorism and counter drugs. Respond to the National Joint Military Intelligence Center on daily ad hoc requirements concerning crisis, I&W and force protection intelligence requirements. Manage source and requirements databases. Supervise budget management in excess of $300K annually. Coordinate mil-to-mil exchanges and VIP counterpart visits.

Deputy, Joint Intelligence Task Force, Combating Terrorism DIA 12/01-10/02. Direct development of intelligence, operational, technical and systems architecture for counter terrorism. Prepare and implement interagency database sharing and database mining agreements. Integrate NSA, CIA, FBI, NGA and Coast Guard, Homeland Security, and DOD service staff and systems into DIA JITF-CT mission. Assist in requirements management tasking and production of Counter terrorism requirements for nation and theater commanders.

Chief Intel Operation, USFK, J2, Republic of Korea 10/00- 10/01. Supervise USFK J2 ops and Intel missions in support of I&W for Korean Peninsula, joint and combined military exercises and personnel security. Lead development of communications architecture in support of USFK J2 and provided intelligence for Commander US Forces Korea, and Commander UN Forces Korea. Coordinated support for Korean Forces in First, Second and Third ROK armies.

Deputy Director, Combat Developments, USAIC, FT Huachuca 03/99-09/00.Deputy Director overseeing ISR development, Concepts and Doctrine for US Army Intelligence. Led, managed and directed specific work groups on MASINT, GEOINT and All Source. Managed budget and administrative actions for approximately 55 military and civilian personnel.

U.S. Army Chief Ops Branch & Chief, Intel Analysis Center, ROK 03/97- 03/99.Supervised joint and combined staff of 30 military personnel. Directed current intelligence operations and I & W. Produced weekly reports. Supervised intelligence production on North Korean missile and nuclear proliferation. Developed, planned and directed intelligence analysis, surveillance and reconnaissance operations. Coordinated DA, DOD and National Agencies Threat Common Operations Picture. Developed policy and executed TTP for Targeting, Battle Damage and Combat Assessment. Coordinated collection operations including national, UAVs and JSTARS. Supervised joint training program for national level analysis and collection management. Developed and fielded Modernized Integrated Database (MIDB). Supervised development of the Theater input to the Army’s Future Imagery Architecture.

Battalion Commander, Signal Command Ft. Huachuca AZ 07/95-03/97.Command battalion responsible for admin, training, automation and logistics support of 1100 personnel. Plan and execute field-training exercises for deployment in support of the Command’s missions and contingency combat operations in Haiti, Honduras and Korea. Manage and execute $1.5 million budget. Command HQs and IMO functions for Information Systems Engineering Command. Direct logistics and property control reports of survey in excess of $2.5 million. Initiate the Command’s migration to ATM and Exchange.

Battalion Executive Officer, MI BN, 111/BDE Ft. Huachuca AZ 02/94-06/95.Direct redeployment of administrative, logistics and personnel support. Coordinate development of new training for SIGINT/MORSE and Intel Maintenance MOSs. Supervise the development of specialized training laboratories for Advanced Manual Morse Code intercept and direction finding, and the J1/MASINT laboratory. Plan and train national and joint SIGINT Collection in the Integrated FTX. Integrate NSA support to include TENCAP and TROJAN/TROJAN SPIRIT II. Participate in Operation Roving Sands in Ft. Bliss.

United Nations Observer/G2, UN Peacekeeping Mission, Western Sahara 06/93 - 01/94. UN Peacekeeper monitoring ceasefire in Western Sahara and plans for a UN referendum. Plan long-range aerial reconnaissance with Russian helicopter recon and ground reconnaissance with multinational forces of the demilitarized zone and refugee camps. Produce Moroccan and Polisario order-of-battle database for use by the UN mission.

Chief, Threat Division, Intel School, Ft. Huachuca, AZ 02/92- 06/93. Supervise the development and execution of all officer Threat instruction. Revise threat instruction and develop the regional country study concept. Revise low-intensity instruction, intelligence support to peacekeeping, counterinsurgency and psyops.

Deputy G2, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 06/91 - 01/92.Deputy G2 for operations providing I&W of Iraqi Forces to Commander 22nd Theater Command and subordinate component commanders in Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Develop theater intelligence collection requirements for national agencies. Debrief UN CW/BW inspection teams entering/exiting Iraq. Provide BDA and Combat Assessments of Iraqi SCUD. Refine targeting procedures, SCUD launch predictions.

Senior Joint Intel Analyst, Afghanistan, DIA 07/88 - 06/91Produce assessments on insurgency/counterinsurgency for CENTCOM, White House. Produce reports on counterinsurgency tactics, SCUD operations, and chemical warfare. Develop National Intelligence Estimates, briefings for JCS, and special assessments for White House. Develop and maintain Afghan military ground and air order-of-battle databases. Review national IMINT collection deck and develop ad hoc SIGINT requirements. Develop HUMINT collection requirements for debriefers supporting refugee ops.

Joint Senior Analyst, Southwest Asia (Afghanistan /Pakistan), Intel Center Pacific, Hawaii 01/85- 06/88 Direct, produce, analyze and disseminate current and predictive intelligence assessments on politico-military operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Develop regional IMINT, HUMINT and SIGINT intelligence requirements.

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