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Embedded Engineer

Buffalo, NY
March 16, 2018

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Omkar Chavan

Email ID: Ph. No. 716-***-****


Electrical Engineering graduate with excellent research, time management and problem solving skills. Ability to function at a high level in a wide variety of settings. Equipped with programming and circuit development skills pertaining to robotics systems and embedded systems.


● University at Buffalo, The State University of New York February 2018

Master’s in Electrical and Electronics Engineering GPA 3.77

● University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India June 2016

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication GPA 3.4


● MATLAB, Arduino IDE, EAGLE, C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Python, Embedded C, Bash, AVR Atmel, Keil, Cadence, PSpice, Altium, Model Sim Altera, Quartus, Verilog, VHDL, RTOS, ARM Cortex M series, UART, USB, CAN, I2C, SPI, TCP/IP, HTTP, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth LE, AT Commands, Sigfox, JSON, XML, SQL, SQLite

● Algorithm Development, Project Management, PCB Designing and Validation, Microelectronic Fabrication, Debugging with JTAG, Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers, OSI, Internet of Things (IoT), Linux, Git


SFIT Robotics and Automation Wing, Mumbai, India July 2013 March 2016

System Designer

Designed, verified and tested PCB, using Proteus and Eagle CAD, for robotic applications.

Designed and tested application specific, manual and automated robotic embedded systems using Embedded C.

Performed failure analysis and root cause identification for components and assemblies.


Internet of Horticulture using LoRaWAN Technology (IOT) Oct 2017 Dec 2017

● Designed a miniature sized working model of a Smart Garden which involves the implementation of the concepts of IoT via LoRaWAN technology and TI Launchpad CC2650 microcontroller. Interfaced different sensors such as light sensor, and soil moisture sensor. Designed the uplink/downlink protocol for communication between transceiver, SENET server portal and webpage, using APIs, MQTT and custom data compression algorithm. The webpage was designed using PHP and CSS for data processing and management.

QAM Transmitter on DE2i-150 FPGA Development Kit using Quartus II March 2017 May 2017

● Emulated 8-ary Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) on Terasic DE2i-150 FPGA board and designed a transmitter using Quartus II software. The modulated signal and its constellation diagram is displayed on a monitor using VGA in real time.

ARM Cortex M3 based Two-player Software Game October 2016 December 2016

● Developed a two player game based LPC1768 LandTiger development board based on ARM Cortex M3. The board was programmed using Keil software. The on-board keys and joystick were used as an input and the on-board screen was used as a display. The game designing was based on RTOS.

Adaptive Head-Light Control System for Automobiles August 2016 November 2016

● Developed a system for controlling the headlights of the automobiles according to the road and environmental conditions. Interfaced different sensors including gyroscope to detect the orientation of the wheel and provide the output to the headlamps accordingly, using Arduino Integrated Development Environment.

Robotic Vision using Microsoft Kinect for 3D Reconstruction and Object Retrieval July 2015 March 2016

● Designed a system for 3D reconstruction of a scenario using MATLAB and ATMega 2560. The 3D data was obtained using Microsoft Kinect camera which was then processed using Image Processing techniques and algorithms. The processed data was used to obtain a virtual 3D map of the scenario which was used by the robot to travel to the user defined target which involved data transmission using Zigbee/ Bluetooth protocol.

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