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Bengaluru, KA, India
March 16, 2018

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*.*+ years of experience in SAP MDG, ABAP, WEBDYNPRO, FPM. Currently working at Gyansys Infotech.


Extension of Standard data model for Material (MM) & BP

Enhancement of FPM configuration for MM & BP

Created rules & validations related to Customer Master & Vendor Master

Done SMT mapping.

Enhanced Genil Model.

Done BRF+ configuration

Created custom data model and FPM configuration.

Handling Cost center related issues.


Worked on Floor Plan Manager using Feeder Class for OVP Component.

Worked on List, Form uibb, Launchpad uibb & toolbar in UIBBs.

Worked on OIF for tabbed & GAF for roadmap application.


Involved in developing WebDynpro ABAP components using MVC architecture.

Used code wizard for context based programming, window based programming, message based programming, cross component based programming etc.

Used o/b and i/b navigation between views and designed view element container without navigation.

Worked on radio button, drop down, supply function, lead selection & search help.

Worked on Cross Component Application using interface controller.

Used event handler methods and do customization on certain action.

Integrated SALV_WD_TABLE component for ALV features in WebDynpro.

Worked on Adobe Forms.


Proficient in Cross Application programming through ALE.

Knowledge of MM & SD modules and their flows.

Knowledge of SRM module.

Trained on TM (Transportation Management) module.

Healthy proficiency in Data dictionary and Creation of dictionary objects like Tables, data elements and domains, search helps, table maintenance generator.

Depth intelligence on Reports with Classical, interactive and ALV programming.

Worked on Performance Tools to improve the performance of applications using SCI, SLIN and Runtime analysis.


B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunications from Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha.

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Gyansys Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Sr MDG Consultant

July 17-Till Date




(MDG & Webdypro ABAP)

Dec 15- July 17


NTT Data

Sr. Consultant

(Webdynpro &FPM)

Jan 14 – Dec 15


Maintec Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Webdynpro & FPM Consultant

Aug 13 – Jan 14


Harjai Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Webdynpro & FPM Consultant

Jun 13 – Aug 13


Om Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

Webdynpro ABAP Consultant

Nov 11 - Jun 13


Project : Applied Materials

Duration : July 2017 – Till date

Role : SAP ABAP Consultant

Creation of Rules and Derivations.

Coding and testing for requirements based on Customer Master, Material Master & Cost Center.

Resolving tickets related to Idocs & Change request.

Handling issues related to cost center data model as a part of production support.


Project : GE Aviation

Duration : Aug 2016 – May 2016

Role : SAP ABAP Consultant

Report to reconcile customer data of old & new company codes based on required fields.

Report to create new billing document using old company code billing document and done loading of billing data by using this report.


Project : Commscope

Duration : December 2015 – July 2016

Role : MDG Consultant

Extension of standard data model BP for including new fields using reuse option.

Enhancement of standard FPM configuration for displaying fields based on above requirement.

Done SMT mapping & Genil Model Enhancement.

Created rules & validations for Customer Master & Vendor Master.

Done BRF+ configuration.


Project : Biocon

Duration : June 2015 –December 2015

Role : MDG Consultant

Extension of standard data model MM for including new fields which already exist in standard tables.

Enhancement of standard FPM configuration for displaying fields based on above requirement.

Done BRF+ configuration.


Client : Sterlite

Project : SARAL

Duration : April 2015 – Sep 2015

Role : Webdynpro& FPM Consultant

Worked on Webdynpro components of ESS/MSS

Worked on SRM related requirements based on Webdynpro

Worked on EHSM related requirements based on Webdynpro & FPM


Client : Cairn

Project : RGP & NRGP

Duration : Dec 2014 – June 2015

Role : ABAP Webdynpro Consultant

I. RGP Process

Returnable Gate Pass is raised while sending materials temporarily out of the plant to carry out repairs and on returnable basis etc. The materials sent via Returnable Gate Pass (RGP) are to be returned within stipulated time-period.

II. Non-Returnable Gate Pass (NRGP)

Non-Returnable Gate Passes are created for materials being sent out of the plant premises permanently. The materials sent via Non-Returnable Gate Pass will not be returned back.


Client : Daimler

Project : Paragon

Duration : June 2014 - Nov 2014

Role : ABAP Webdynpro Consultant

Worked on Idoc related tickets such as Idoc not delivered due to various issues, status change to archive and delete.

Worked on workflow issues such as email not received, workflow not triggering.

Done archiving and deleting of material master data along with related data.

Worked on the translation of otr texts, application configurations, component configurations.

Monitoring the tickets in the solman and updating with solution documents.


Project : Optimal

Duration : Jan 2014 – April 2014

Role : SAP MDG Consultant

Extension of Standard data model for Material (MM) by adding new fields from standard ERP table using reuse option and extending the standard UI for adding the fields in the FPM configuration.

Created custom data models for custom data maintenance for Asset Management. The several webdynpro components were developed using FPM (Floor Plan Manager).

Developed WebDynpro component using FPM for MDG to monitor failed records and to trigger remediation processes.


Client : IBM

Project : Voestalpine

Duration : Aug 2013 - Jan 2014

Role : ABAP Webdynpro & FPM Technical Consultant

Developed a high complexity enhancement report in TM (Transportation Management) Module to create an event ‘Proof of Delivery’ to update the ‘Execution’ & ‘Lifecycle’ status of Freight Orders / Freight Bookings whose loading event has been received and Proof of Delivery not received using business object TOR.

Created an Adobe form based on FI module for ERS(electronic receipt settlement) for self-billing by using the SAP standard form MR_PRINT_INSERS and added header, footer, address, logo along with some text changes .

Worked on Bieter Form used as form for Supplier registration in SRM module i.e. development of questionnaire for the supplier self-registration based on the product categories selected while registration.


Client : Tech Mahindra

Project : Etisalat

Duration : June 2013 – July 2013

Role : ABAP Webdynpro SRM Technical Consultant

Developed a webdynpro application to capture Supplier Performance Evaluation Criteria in SRM through which ratings will be given to suppliers on the scale of 1-5 for a selected purchasing organization during a given interval.

Developed an FPM application using search UIBB in OVP for displaying various types of partners from business object BUT000 in SRM which involves use of feeder class.

Worked on the requirement of adding custom fields to Shopping Cart header and item which includes adding fields to the POWL.

Worked on changes in Auction mail according to custom requirement.


Client : Camlin Ltd.

Duration : Nov 2011 – June 2013

Role : ABAP Webdynpro Technical Consultant

Developed an FPM application using FORM and LIST UIBB in OVP component along with feeder class for displaying the list of vendors with toolbar having edit, update, save and delete functionality according to the selection.

Done idoc extension according to the client requirement.

Knowledge of transferring the data from one system to another using Custom IDOC.

Download IDOC to excel, html, or any other format as per the client requirement.

Developed a transaction for Purchase Order display through Module Pool using OOPS Interactive ALV Report.

Developed an interactive report to show the details of selected purchase order records from the purchase registry.

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