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Microsoft Office Computer Science

Corona, CA
March 14, 2018

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**** ****** ***** *****, ******, CA 92880 515-***-****



Jan 2015-Dec 2017

Master in Computer Science, Ames, Iowa, Iowa State University

Sep 2010-Jun 2014

Bachelor in Computer Science, Nanjing, China, Southeast University


Programming Language: C++, Java, Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, C#, R, Matlab

Software: MySQL, JDBC, Git, Microsoft Office, Matlab, Tomcat, Paraview

Platform: Visual Studio, Eclipse


Dec 2016-Nov 2017

Clickbait Detection using Text Summarization Techniques [Python]

Achievement: I created a program to 1) summarize an article using a modified TextRank algorithm and 2) calculate the sentence similarity between an article’s title and its summary to determine whether a title is a clickbait title.

Mar 2014-Jun 2014

Automatic English Composition Scoring System [C++]

Achievement: I created an MFC-based program that can score an English composition using AI methods such as Naïve Bayes and KNN classification algorithms and linear regression. 73 percent accuracy is achieved.

Oct 2015-Dec 2015

Sentiment Analysis for US Presidential Candidates in 2016 [Java]

Achievement: Collaborated with a three-person team to create a program that uses data gathered from twitter API to estimate voters' sentiments toward US presidential candidates in the 2016 election using Naïve Bayes and KNN classification algorithms.

Mar 2016-May 2016

2015-2016 season NBA Championship Prediction [C++ & Java]

Achievement: Worked on a two-person team to create a program that uses the average records of all the teams in the play-offs during regular season to predict the champion using BPNN with Adaboost and SVM classification algorithms. Most of the results are correct.

Mar 2016-May 2016

Chatterbot [Java]

Achievement: Created a program with a three-person team that can reply with sentences on the screen and in voice after a user inputs a sentence. The program can learn the answer to a question it does not know by asking the same question to the other users.

Aug 2013-Sep 2013

Campus Library and Campus Store Database Application [Java]

Achievement: I created a database application that has a server and clients to help library users borrow and return books and help the store track the information of products using JDBC.


Jan 2017-Jun 2017

Research Assistant, Iowa State University

Achievement: Using C#, I created a program to collect data (RGB values and depth) using Kinect v2 camera and to calculate vector normal of each point. Then, I implemented a program using PCL (Point Cloud Library) built-in functions to match the model in our database to the scene we get in the camera.

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