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Electrical Technician

Quezon City, NCR, Philippines
March 14, 2018

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Diogracias Agustin II

**** ********** *********, *** **** Manila


Career Objective:

To obtain CCTV, Electronics,Electrical,Telecom and fire alarm Technician Position and to contribute to the success of the company.

Summary of Qualifications

Experienced CCTV installer with knowledge of all sorts of security system installation needs. Experience in Operating all types of electrical tools and equipment.

Extensive knowledge of multiple security system.

Has 10 years of industry experience in Home/building electrical installation, Public Address (PA) System, CCTV Installation, plumbing, Pipe installation, Cable tray installation, Fire alarm installation, Structured cabling, cable dressing, Repairing electronics device, PCB layout and etching.

Commissioning and troubleshooting of installed system.

Work Experience

Communication & Electronics Technician

JANUARY 2016 to nov.2016



• Install CCTV Systems and PA Systems public address a raise of environment including parking lots, hotels, villas, hospitals, universities, home and office

• Performed onsite inspection before designing security system and project cost estimate.

• Attend to companies call service for under warranty installation.

• To ensure tools and equipment are in good condition.

• Able to inspect location to find best installation areas for cameras to be installed.

• Performed measurement for installation purposes.

• Made recommendations regarding where cameras should be installed according to individuals building contractor.

• Tested all installation and set up to make sure it worked.

• Responsible for full installation of fire alarm and other assigned security device.

• Troubleshooting device and using device manuals to repair non-functioning alarm, restore them to its original functionality or replace them if necessary.

• Cable installation and termination of Ethernet networks, telephone, MATV, coaxial cable and fiber optic including ST, SC, LC connectors.

• Installation of ladder racks and data room and mounting flat screws television on wall using power tools.

• Cable tray and piping using power tools to fix.

• Cable pulling for backbone of all installed system such as telephone system etc.

Low Current Technician

5/9/2013 to 7/1/2015

Modern Times Technical Systems (MTTS)

24 North Jeddah, P. Sultan

KSA • Install, terminate, maintain and repair different types of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Cable pulling and Cable Dressing and Splicing a Fiber Optic.

• Install Door Access Control, Magnetic Lock and Card Reader/ Automatic Hydraulic Bollard and Automatic Hydraulic Road Blocker with Road Barriers.

• Terminate Public Address System (PA System)and cabinet assembled

• Install the following electric and electronic devices such as Access Point for Internet Connection (Wi-Fi Connection), Termination for Local Area Network (LAN) at Data Cabinet, Voice and Data installation (telephone lines), Fire Alarm System and Smoke Detector System, Motion and Garret Metal Detectors, Emergency Telephones (Code Blue).

• Installer of Under Vehicle Surveillance Camera (UVSS) with License Plate Capture and Traffic Lights.

• Install and maintain Electric Solar System and commissioning of panel and cable dressing for Building Management Systems (BMS).

• Ensure all angles are covered by cameras

• Ensure that all CCTVs in the facility are running in good working condition

• Perform troubleshooting and repair of existing line problem

• For off-site installation use heavy equipment for Trench digging for underground installation

• Install CCTV Systems and PA Systems public address a raise of environment including parking lots, hotels, villas, hospitals, universities, palace, King Abdullah Monument.

Freelance Service Technician

Jan-April 2013 Repairs home appliances.

Freelance Electrician

Oct –Nov 2012 • Install electrical wirings for newly built houses and re-wiring of old houses.

• Worked on call to go homes and businesses needed for electrical installation.

• Furnished customers with estimates for equipment material and labor cost.


Feb 2011 to Oct 2012

BEMCO & ALMABANI Engineering & Contracting Co (UNICORP) Qatar

• As an electrician in Doha, Qatar I worked on the installation and termination of building wirings. I am experienced in Panel Board termination based on approved schedules of Load, commissioning and trouble-shooting of wirings, fixing of cable tray and cable ladder, cable pulling, dressing and tagging, pipe bending (fixing), ducting of electrical cables for high voltage supply lines in the New Doha International Airport (NDIA).

• Installation of cables and wiring of BEMCO Camp.

• Electrical Maintenance of Senior and labor cabins which composed of more than 200 cabins.

• Maintain electrical connections of cabins

• Performs Building Electrical for installation of power, lighting, panels, cable tray including EMT and PVC pipe, and wiring layout with lighting fixtures, small power and fire alarm system.

• Duties including pipe vending to hanging and wiring fixtures, ballast, etc.

• Built and terminated breaker and junction boxes.

• Trouble shooting and identify problems on fix and repair.

• Use Test equipment to verify circuit continuity.

• Formed Circuit by continuity and splicing wire to fixtures.

• High Expertise in wire splicing and connections.

• Good ability to pull wires through holes and conduits in floor and walls.

Pump Operator Electrician

Apr 2010 to Jan 2011

WESTGROVE Ayala Heights

SILANG, Cavite, Philippines • Maintain the smooth operation of the village water pumps and booster pumps including treatments of drinking water and operation of sewage treatment plant (STP)

• Repair pressure regulating valve (PRV) size 8.

• Repair electrical, telephone and TV cable wirings of village residence.

• Maintain water plumbing of the village residences.

• Perform other duties such as maintenance and street lights, stop lights and repair home owners electrical and electronic appliances.



Sep 2007 to Oct 2008

RAMOS,TARLAC • Servicing of home defective appliances such as washing machine, electric fan, television sets and amplifiers

• Responsible for diagnosing, testing, repairing device by following electrical, electronic, repair procedures

• Handled the responsibility of repair test equipment and electronic components.

Electronic Technician

Aug 2006 to Aug 2007

APS Electronics Service Center


Philippines • Servicing of LCD television sets, audio amplifiers and other electronic devices.

• Replaced faulty printed board (PCB).

• Identify defects with various components and found suitable replacement.

• Conduct highly complex diagnostic and operational test.

• Quickly replaced faulty parts and unit wiring and retested system

• Setup sensitive electronic tools and equipment

• Install large appliances for home and office use

• Perform extensive repair on damage electrical product

• Call customer and schedule visit for repair and installation

• Examine malfunction appliance and perform necessary repair

• Document the entire process and components repaired and replaced.

• Instruct users on how to use the appliances and when to call the showroom.

• Read schematics and manufacturer specs before starting with repair works.

• Determined warranty versus non warranty repairs

• Maintain safe and clean work environment

• Dismantle and assemble appliances reading manufacturer specification

• CCTV Installation of home and businesses.

Government Electrician

Mar 2006 to July 2006

TARLAC Municipality

• Install and maintain barangay street lights

• Perform installation newly built houses

• Perform all emergency repair works


PERMEJO Construction

188 San Francisco St. MANDALUYONG City

JANUARY 2004 to FEB. 2006

• Installation of Electrical system on renovated 711 main Office Including new outlet and transferring electrical etc.

• Renovated electrical systems of the 711 branches.

• Repair electrical lines at Eastern Petroleum Gas Station in CALAMBA Laguna.

• Install new electrical system of 711 Branches in BATANGAS and CALAMBA.

Freelance Electronic Technician

May to Sept 2003


Repairs for a fee damaged electronic home appliances

Technical Skills

• Electrical line and electrical components troubleshooting

• Home and building electrical wiring installation/commissioning/termination/troubleshooting

• Splicing and installation of Electrical line

• Ducting and cable pulling of electrical lines, installing cable tray

• Familiarizing in electronics parts/components

• Interpreting Plan, Schematic Diagram and circuit assembling

• Repairing Audio and Video/Repairing domestic appliances

• Installation and configuration of CCTV cameras & components.

• Installing door access control and termination magnetic lock

• Installing Automatic Bollard and termination

• Installing Road Blocker and termination.

• Installing UVSS with license Plate Capture and Traffic light (with termination)

• Fire Alarm Installation and installing smoke detector

• Installing Metal and Motion Detector.

• Installation Road Barrier and installing Flash Mount Thermostat

• Public address installation and termination installation and termination telephone lines.

• Solar system installation

• Fiber Optic splicing

• Installation Sound System/Video repair and trouble shooting

• PCB etching for audio/and Power Supply

• MATV installation in programming

• Installation of JELLO Switch/door number/power saving switch and Contactor.

• Patch panel installation and termination at data cabinet


Transformer testing and maintenance

Essential new generation in need of energy and environment resources Inc.

Edsa Cor Panay Avenue, 1103 Quezon City,Philippines

February 18,2017

Electrical Design Analysis And Short Circuit Calculation

Essential new generation in need of energy and environment resources Inc.

Edsa Cor Panay Avenue, 1103 Quezon City,Philippines

February 18,2017

Solar for home Installation Workshop

Essential new generation in need of energy and environment resources Inc.

Edsa Cor Panay Avenue, 1103 Quezon City,Philippines

February 15, 2017

Certified Fiber Optic Technician

Fiber Optic Association Certification Inc.

(Subnet Services Ltd)

1119 S. Mission Road Fallbrook California

92028 USA

CCTV Surveillance System installation, Configuration, Maintenance & Repair

MFI Foundation, Inc.

Electrical Wiring System and Design

San Pedro Manpower Training Center

October - Dec 2003

PANIQUI Institute of Technology (438 Hours)

November to April 2009

CCTV Surveillance System Installation, Configuration, Maintenance and Repair

MERALCO Institute of Foundation (MIF), Inc.

December 1-15, 2012


High School


Consumer Electronics Servicing –NCII

PANIQUI Institute of Technology


November 2008 to March 2010

Electronics Servicemen with TV/Radio Receiver

Saint Paul College of Technology



Ramos National High School

Ramos, TARLAC Philippines

1996 - 2000

Personal Information

Date of Birth September 25, 1983

Civil Status Married

Citizenship Filipino

Language Spoken

Filipino, Ilocano, English, Arabic

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