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Reservoir Engineering

St. John's, NL, Canada
March 14, 2018

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Seeking to work with a motivated team where I can do an internship in other to contribute, to learn and to improve the services of the organization. Also, this would give me an opportunity to develop interpersonal relationships skills necessary towards professionalism.


Proficient in MATLAB

Able to use Python

Able to use Java

Teaching assistant for Advanced Reservoir Engineering course for graduate students

Instructor for Advanced Reservoir Simulation sessions in Memorial University of Newfoundland

Able to use CMG software package for simulating oil recovery process (GEM, IMEX and STARS)

Able to use Auto card


Fundamentals of reservoir simulations

Compositional modeling using CMG

Thermal modelling using CMG

Black oil modelling using Eclipse

Black oil modelling using CMG


Simulation study of heavy oil recovery using thermal process (Submitted for review)

Review paper on carbonated water injection process (Submitted for review)

Low salinity water injection for enhanced oil recovery process for sandstones and carbonates (Submitted for review)

Low salinity water injection for enhanced oil recovery process for a Niger-Delta field (Submitted for review)


Memorial University of Newfoundland January 2016 – January 2019

PhD in oil and Gas Engineering

Thesis: Enhanced oil Recovery process. Mathematical modelling of carbonated water injection with validation with simulation and Experiments. Implementing strong programming techniques to solve enhance oil recovery process.

Memorial University of Newfoundland September 2014 – October 2015

Masters in Oil and Gas (CGPA 3.9/4)

Relevant Courses: Advanced Petroleum Production Engineering, Phase behavior of petroleum Reservoir fluids, Advanced reservoir Engineering, Advanced Drilling Engineering, Advanced safety, Risk and Reliability modeling, Offshore Petroleum geology and Technology, Well Testing, Air pollution

University of Port Harcourt September 2004 – February 2010

B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

Relevant Courses: Engineering thermo fluids, Engineering design, Engineering thermo fluids, Electrical machines, Mathematical modeling, Engineering mechanics, Power plant Engineering, Systems Instrumentation, Mechanics of Machines, Refrigeration and air conditioning.


TRANSOCEAN August 2011 – August 2014

Title: Drilling supervisor Trainee (ART)

Responsible for supervision of crew members and ensuring timely communication and execution of drilling projects

Preparing cement slurry calculation for a good cement job

Perform slip and cut operations

Communicating job procedures to other crew members and ensuring constant equipment checks to avoid downtime as a result of equipment break down

Diligent monitoring of pressure and temperature change while drilling an HPHT wells

Comprehensive documentation of kick sheet and Trip tank volume change whilst drilling.

Able to detect gas kick of very slight percent during drilling in a subnormal formation

Supervision of conditioning of drilling fluids for underbalanced drilling in subnormal formations and overbalance drilling in over pressured formation

shut in wells in an event of uncontrollable kick with little supervision

Able to analyze drilling cuttings and predict formation type.

With little supervision perform of leak off test, formation break down test and formation integrity test

Able to notice over pressured zones as a result of weight and bit and subsequent drill cuttings

Able to conduct a drilling break when necessary

Performing a BOP test with little supervision


June 2010 – July 2011

Title: Engineer Intern

Carrying out daily checks on aviation oil refuelling equipment and noting the ones due for servicing

Assisted in general engine servicing of aviation vehicles such as refuelling equipment and bowsers

Store keeping and inventory control

Developed an excel program to note the next due date of equipment accessory change or servicing

Carry out diagnostic services on Aviation refuelling vehicles

Carry out quality control on Jet A1 fuels daily


Fellowship for Doctoral degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland

Graduated Top 2% in Masters in oil and gas Engineering

Graduated Top 2% of in Masters of Oil and Gas Engineering in Memorial University of Newfoundland

Graduated top 5% percent in mechanical engineering 2010

Design and fabrication of bitter leaf processing machine – final year project

Winner high school debate competition

Second prize in a high school quiz competition

Second prize, cow bell mathematics competition

Great recommendation by staffs of ExxonMobil aviation

Best drilling crew in high island 7 drilling rig

Drilling Crew with zero down time for 2 and half years


Red cross society

Organizing tutorial lectures for year 2 and year 3 undergraduates in 2009 academic session University of Port Harcourt

Community development in my National youth service corps was on preparing final year high school student for their final examination.

Buddy to new comers on rig installation for about 2 years.

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