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Support Microsoft Office

Austin, Texas, United States
March 13, 2018

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Jay Yeates

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Austin, TX. ****5-4651



Primary IT skill-sets offers significant technical experience with various hardware, software, networks and internet. This includes deep Internet familiarity along with previous web site development and support as well as the evolving social, ecommerce, medical, governmental and security segments. The recent positions with Sears and most recently TruSource Labs has enhanced my life-long mechanical and electric technical skills as well as the previous help-desk skills. Other experiences include management of projects, employees and senior level helpdesk support. Proficient at implementing new products and understanding and implementing complex technologies. By nature, I am constantly seeking refinement of existing skills, adding new and seeking growth-oriented challenges, both professionally and personally. This created a unique and wide range of skill sets and interests which are combined with a life-long focus on learning and reinventing self as required for the needs of the current employment position or place in life.


Nov 2017 - current:

While seeking replacement employment I maintain my home lab environment (Desktops: Microsoft Win 10 / Win 8 / Win 7 / CentOS / Ubuntu / Mac 10.x - native & virtual via VMWare / Virtual Box / Hyper-V, Servers: Microsoft Server 2016, 2012, 2008R2, RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu - native & virtual, Office 2016/365, 2013, 2010). Keeping up with my ongoing training - Microsoft, Linux, Development (Python, scripting).

Oct 2015 – Nov 2017: Report Analyst: TruSource Labs

Transited to a Reporting and Data Analyst role. Position involved advanced Excel, MySQL Reporting, Tableau, etal. Self-Supported position with directed study using resources such as Coursera, Tableau, O'Rielly Safari Technical Library and other self-study options. Continued support of the various Mac, Microsoft and Google desktop platforms.

Sep 2013 – Oct 2015: Technician 1: SMX/Spot BPO - TruSource Labs

Position initially provided phone support for the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Protect products. While TSL is primarily a Mac shop, we had various Microsoft (Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 - native & virtual) & Chromebook platforms I had participation in supporting

Mar 2008 – Sep 2013: Mechanical Technician II: Sears Holding - Round Rock: STAC LG

Position supports Sears’ national field repair technicians in a variety of products, including exercise equipment, large tools, small to mid-sized engines, various lawn & garden equipment, water pumping & processing systems, power generation systems, etc. Position involves minimal supervision and use of a wide variety of internal and external support and repair resources with heavy emphasis on personal research methodologies and problem-solving initiative. Due to previous IT experience became the de facto troubleshooter for our Win 7 Desktop systems. Maintained my home Win 7 (Win 8 / Server 2008 R2 (later 2012) via the Microsoft Partner Action Pack subscriptions

Sep 2002 – Mar 2008: Independent IT Consultant

After completion of previous longer-term project, returned to the previous levels of ad-hoc desktop, network and specific program support. Provided support and development of network and desktop environments for multiple private sector clients. Supported a wide variety of Microsoft 9x, NT, and 2K desktop environments as well as Microsoft NT, 2000, and 2003 Server environments. During this period had to take time away from career and focus on family support issues (since resolved).

Jan 2002 – Sep 2002: IT Consultant: IDM Partners

Longer term contract performed conversion of their network infrastructure from peer-peer to centralized network based on Microsoft NT 4x and later, 2000 Server. Upgraded internet access to centralized DSL solution. Overhauled and maintained company email servers using Exchange 5x. Developed collaborative / business portal application to serve needs of technical investors, initially via an offsite client company developing with open-source tools and later bringing project in-house using Microsoft Office, Exchange, Share Point, etc.

Jan 1998 – Jan 2002: Independent IT Consultant

Provided various types of consulting services to the growing internet development market segment. This primarily involved Microsoft desktop and networking support with decreasing involvement with the Novell environment. Continued use and support of Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Word, Access, Excel, etc.), Back Office (Exchange, SQL, etc.), Microsoft Clients (Win9x, and NT 3x/4x), and Microsoft Servers (NT 3x/4x as well as some early Server 2000. Leveraged previous development work at Watson Casey into short term support projects centered on the telephony, automation and design areas. These projects included work on AutoCAD / ESRI ArcMAP - ArcGIS and their related products. During this period used various lower level CAD products (TurboCAD, DesignCAD3D, CheifArchitect) to support several remodeling and ground-up building projects.

Aug 1992 – May 1997: Network Manager II: Texas Department of Health, Bureau of WIC Nutrition:

Prior duties expanded to meet demands of WIC program growth, including additional staff, network, and client resources. Principal technical liaison for WIC's ongoing automation initiatives. Existing client/server experience was greatly increased while in this position. Developed a modem-based communications system linking remote state-wide clinic sites to the central server site. Supported a mixed network infrastructure, including WAN, MAN, T1, ATM, 5/10/100 Ethernet, TCP/IP, and Teradata systems. Performed application support and use of SQL, Access, FoxPro, WordPerfect, Quattro, MS Office Professional Suite, etc. Converted mixed client base to standardized Win95 network and deployed global internet access. Central network was based on Novell 3.x, and later Novell 4.x with small scale use of Microsoft NT 3.51 / 4.0 for Back Office (primarily SQL Server).

Sep 1990 – Aug 1992: Support Specialist IV: Texas Department of Health, Bureau of WIC Nutrition

Initially served as sole network staff member, whose primary job duties involved the design and implementation of the Bureau’s internal business LAN (Novell 3.x). Served as the primary technical resource in the initial design and implementation of a statewide WAN (Novell 2.x, later 3.x) to provide client benefit delivery for the WIC program. Internal LAN clients initially were DOS based and later converted to Windows 3.1 (with some Windows Workgroups 3.11) in a mixed network topology (ARCNET and TCNS). Deeply involved in the yearly funding and ongoing IT purchasing process. Performed general network and workstation hardware and software support duties for clients, servers, and network infrastructure.

Oct 1989 – Sep 1990: ADP Programmer I (Admin Tech III): Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Travis State School

Duties similar to those at Austin State School (see below). Heavy involvement in the support of a Novell Network running advanced Netware 2.15 on a broadband cable system. Strong emphasis on microcomputer and network hardware support.

Aug 1988 – Oct 1989: Micro Consultant (Admin Tech I): Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Austin State School

Performed microcomputer hardware, software and communications support. Was heavily involved in the initial installation, configuration, and ongoing support of the campus network (Novell). Provided 3270 network support and diagnosis of communication problems involving mainframe to PC connections. Completion of Introductory and Advanced FOCUS database training seminars (Spring '89).

Jun 1987 – Aug 1988: Programmer / Analyst: Information Exchange, Austin

Provided technical support of voice/data communication systems on a Intecom S/80 digital PBX. Supported facility management systems and shared tenant services for three downtown (Austin) office buildings. Responsible for integration, maintenance, support, and repair for all company microcomputer hardware and software. Database programming. Responsible for installation and troubleshooting of network and voice wiring systems. Established and ran company BBS system at work and personal BBS system at home.

Jun 1984 – Jun 1987: Programmer / Analyst Watson Casey Co., Austin

Served as database programmer and primary operator for a Prime 550 minicomputer, running the Primos operating system and INFO relational database. Provided accounting support for the INTACT-50 accounting system. Responsible for integration, maintenance, support, and repair of all company microcomputer hardware and software. Heavy research duties using online databases and local resources on an as needed basis.


Fall 1983 - Spring 1984: Graduate School of Information and Library Science, University of Texas - Austin

Began work on Master degree in Information Science, but technical growth opportunities with Watson-Casey were too promising to pass up.

Fall 1975 - Spring 1981: Rice University, Houston, TX.

Graduated with a BA in History (Class of 1979). Strong emphasis in the areas of information search, retrieval and processing in preparation for advance work in the field of Information Science. Additional course work in a wide range of scientific and academic subject areas. Continued as auditor after graduation while working in the university library until I moved from Houston to Austin.

Additional Training:

Continuous and ongoing effort to develop my existing skill-sets and develop new ones in the current and developing IT technologies via personal computer lab, online courses, trade journals, seminars, and hands-on work with a variety of IT products. This involves Microsoft shipping & beta products (Microsoft Partner & TechNet programs), including Windows Desktop (through Win10, including Win8 and Win7, Windows Server/SBS (through Server 2016, including 2012 & 2008R2), SQL Server (through 2017, including 2016, 2014, 2012 and 2008R2), System Center / System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) (through 2012 and later sub-releases to support Win10), Share Point Server (through 2016, including 2013 & 2010), Exchange Server (through 2016, including 2013 & 2010), Office Enterprise / Office 365 (through 2016, including 2016 & 2010), etc. Continually developing deeper familiarity with Linux (primarily Ubuntu, CentOS and Red Hat), Mac desktop & server (through OSx 10.13 - High Sierra) products as well as Apple iOS (through 11) and Google Android (through 8.x) mobile products. Current focus is in the areas of cloud development, virtualization, mobility, collaboration, e-commerce, security and database / analytics.

Spring 2003: Cybertex, Austin TX

Attended MCSA/MCSE training program, focusing on the XP client and Server 2003 Server options.

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