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MS degree, worked for Abbott as Quality Analyst

Durham, NC, 27701
March 13, 2018

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Madiha Jamal

Durham, North Carolina



M.S. in Bioengineering (Department of Mech. Engineering) August 2016

San Diego State University, California GPA 4.0

B.S. Biomedical Engineering emphasis on Electronics December 2013

NED University of Engineering and Technology GPA 3.7


Comsol for FEA simulations, Matlab for image processing, SolidWorks for CAD.

Embedded system expertise particularly with manipulating Arduino microcontrollers.

Proficient in image acquiring and processing application systems for motion tracking using ImageJ.

Experience in laboratory automation, testing and validation of test equipment.

Experience in statistical Analysis using Minitab.

Efficient in Technical Writing and presentation.

Equipment validation experience (Bioreactor) and performance protocol formation and execution.

Knowledge of CAPA, Failure Analysis and Risk Assessment Documentation (FMEA) in device FDA regulation.

Culturing, passaging and plating cells in a bioreactor for subsequent protein detection.

Efficient in techniques of molecular biology, florescent microscopy and mutation detection (via Polymerase Chain Reaction)


External Quality Analyst Sylmar, CA

Abbott March 2017-July 2017

Experience in initiating and managing the complaint file for Abbott’s CRM (Cardiac rhythm) devices using EPIQ training for complain assessments.

Worked with field representatives regarding information needed specific to product complaints (e.g. physicians, hospital personnel, sales representatives, international offices)

Independently assessed the complaint to determine if a medical device report needs to be filed with various global regulatory agencies (e.g. FDA) and document reports within required timeframe as well as escalating any unusual trends in product complaints to the management.

Extensive training and performance in US FDA regulations, other regulatory requirements, company policies, operating procedures, processes and assignments.

Trained on Abbott’s CRM devices’ design parameters and technical details.

Recognized by the head of department as the one of the top three performers amongst the new recruits batch of 30.

Research Scholar (UCI-BioMems Lab-Microfluidic Team)

Irvine, CA

University of California-Irvine Oct 2016-March2017

Built a Graphical User Interface for bench top incubator for Compact Disc (CD) based microfluidic device cell culture using LabView programming

Designed and fabricated microfluidic channels on polyurethane CDs using SolidWorks and CNC milling for housing cell constructs.

Project from Toolbox Medical Innovations: Tested and analyzed their microfluidic based diagnostic test device’s flow patterns over channels using webcam and motor control to determine the sample entrapment in silicone bubble like structures.

Research Assistant (Bioengineering Lab) San Diego, CA

San Diego State University Jan 2015-August 2016

MS thesis work (Preliminary study to characterize cellular behavior of Aortic Calcification post LVAD implantation in a Bioreactor): Validated and analyzed a bioreactor for its conformation towards set shear and stress using particle tracking and PIV; prepared it for cardiac cell culture and performed immunofluorescent imaging on cell sample facilitated by florescent target protein detection to detect markers of fibrosis.

Designed Algorithms and DOEs for characterizing the bioreactor’ mechanical behavior such as shear stress and uniaxial stretch imparted to build in PDMS.

Performed Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) for raw image data and post processed to extract different information using LaVision-Davis software, MATLAB and ImageJ to characterize the behavior of flow patterns over the bioreactor

Embedded system design (including a stepper motor and Arduino) for the bioreactor to impart desirable uniaxial motion. Arduino was controlled through C++ programming to impart uniaxial motion of the motor installed in the bioreactor.

Primed the bioreactor for cell culture studies spanning 24-hour cycles followed by viewing of results in florescent microscopy in order to trace the marker.

Worked with EMG sensor boards using Arduino to measure bicep power.


Lead the senior design team in a project for mutational analysis in Beta Thalassemia for different ethnic groups using PCR and predicted its gene therapy using Computational Biology tools such as CRISPR.

Simulated and designed ‘Liver on a Chip’ using COMSOL with special influence on fluid dynamics.

Led a team which designed and fabricated a white blood cell sorter micro fluid device using MEMS technology with techniques such as photolithography, mask design, etching and microfabrication. Expertise in working in Cleanroom 100.

Molecular Biology technique expertise:

DNA extraction, Gel Electrophoresis and PCR

Gained exposure on Optical Densitometer, Primer Designing, Polymerase Chain Reaction, Gel Docking, HPLC and filtration.

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