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Project Manager

Brea, CA
March 13, 2018

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Mark A. Sharaf

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Dear Madam/Sir,

I am writing in response to the opening for Project Manager.

I can offer you five years of experience in technical and functional project management managing projects of different sizes, providing excellent project-management skills, and a great eye for detail, all of which should make me an ideal candidate for this opening.

I have attached my résumé for your review and would welcome the chance to speak with you sometime.

Best regards,

Mark A. Sharaf

Sharaf Consulting, Inc.


Any and all information contained herein is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential or otherwise sensitive privileged Mark Sharaf business and/or financial information. If you have received this message in error, contact the sender and delete the message in its entirety. ANY UNAUTHORIZED REVIEW OR RETRANSMISSION OR DISTRIBUTION OF THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


Sharaf Consulting, Inc.

417 Associated Road Suite 430 Brea, CA 92821


Experienced I.S., professional pursuing a cross-functional position as a project manager /application implementation analyst utilizing extensive experience in Management Information Systems and Information Technology.


Project Management

5 years experience with small, medium, and large size projects (Labor costs 1000 hours to 15000 hours). Plan and develop projects throughout system development life cycle. Identify project tasks, dependencies, and Work Breakdown Structures. Conduct team/user meetings and presentations. Define projects’ costs, schedules, and performance. Perform projects’ cost analysis, return-on-investment and budget variances. Develop plans for risk management and identified deliverables and non-deliverables. Conduct projects’ resource management and assign human resources in a matrix environment and on a dotted line reporting structure. Prepare projects’ sign-off documentation. In addition, user training documentation. Maintain professional relationship with all corporate entities, vendors and resource owners and stakeholders. Provide projects’ leadership, meet business goals, and set project priorities. Projects included financial, construction, property management, distribution, manufacturing, client/server applications, and software development. Certified Project Manager PMBOK through Cadence Experience working with all levels of staff members as well as consulting services. Some projects performed as follows:

Master-Halco, Gate and Fence manufacturer for the construction industry, La Habra CA…….Project Lead …..Data Warehouse, EIS.

Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Utility company, Johnson City, TX …Project manager (technical and functional) …JD Edwards OneWorld

SUN Microsystems, Computer hardware manufacturer, Irvine, CA Project manager on a number of projects….Capacity planning and assessment and JD Edwards installation and CNC design.

Raymond Enkeboll, ornamental wood manufacturer for the construction industry, Carson, CA…Project manager for a full JD Edwards software implementation.

ERP Implementation

5 years of concurrent ERP implementation experience encompassing e-business and e-commerce technologies and 'best practices' methodologies. Develop overall corporate IT strategy. Improve and re-engineer business processes. Adhere to J.D. Edwards’s implementation approach: Define, Train, Model, Configure, Go Live, Refine. In addition, followed implementation documentation rules. Attended all implementation approach Expedition courses at J.D. Edwards.

IBM AS/400 i & p Series

OS400 V6R0 & AIX

12 years ILE, RPG, COBOL, CL, SQL, SDA. Communications, TCP/IP. Client Access and Support. Experience in DB2/400 and its implementation. (Triggers, Referential Integrity,Etc). Implementer, DBU/6.0, Hawkeye. Experience with system administration functions like security, database design, configuration, communications and performance tuning and software development functions like project management, integrated software engineering and application support and maintenance. Worked on Server and traditional SPD models through 7XX and iSeries and pSeries models. Worked on OS400 V6R0 and on AIX with scripting. Configured LPARs clients and VIO servers and SAN storage management tools. Configured AS400s as part of an expansive global network with CISCO routers Bridges, Hitachi mainframe (VMS) TCP/IP configuration, High Availability scenarios, Security, database administration. Lotus/Notes Domino server creation and configuration. Applied PTF’s, configured heavy communications with other systems, wrote CL systems programs, responsible for disaster recovery and backups, provided 24 X 7 support and worked with developers on change control and change management especially for Back out procedures.

ElectronicData Interchange (EDI)

3 years of EDI experience. Utilized various EDI translation software: JD Edwards, Premenos and established EDI two-way communications. EDIFACT and X.12 Standard. Forms 810, 820, 856, ASN and others.


JD Edwards-World

7 years of concurrent experience technically and functionally in financials, distribution, and manufacturing. Versions 4.2, 4.2, 6.1, 7.3 and 8.1. Extensive interface design (case tools) and application implementation. Two full implementations.

JD Edwards-OneWorld

8 years + financials, distribution (Inventory management Order processing Sales Analysis and Purchasing). Worked on B73.3.1, B73.3.2, B73.3.3 (Xe) and B73.3.4 (JDE 5), 8, 8.10, 8.11, 8.12 and 9.1.Both functional and technical including development tools: NER, Forms Design, Report Design, Application Design, Messaging, Data Structures, Business Functions (C ERW, ODBC, API.

JD Edwards –CNC

As a member of a JD Edwards practice perform pre-sales support, hardware capacity planning and infrastructure design through statement of work. Perform CNC administration work. Set up file servers and enterprise servers. Apply ESU’s and ASU’s, deploy full and partial packages. Administer security functions (OMW). Build environments, path codes and create Object Configuration Mappings. Oracle RDBMS. Experience with JDENet load balancing, communication Middleware and OneWorld data replication. Four full implementations (technical and functional).

JD Edwards


5 years of JD Edwards HR/Payroll software. Managed HR/Payroll for 1500 employees. Integrated payroll with time collection systems: Datamation and KRONOS. Built HR benefits enrollment Kiosk and Internet functionality. .Set up for pay type, deductions, and accruals. Generated W2 and 1099. Updated tax tables for all states and Canadian payroll taxes. Generated magnetic media reporting. Reversed payroll and restarted payroll processing when warranted plus a lot more.

Webmethods Integration

2 years of experience integrating applications through Webmethods version 9.1. Experience utilizing webmethods tools Designer, UM and IS and TN.

Oracle/SQL Server

5 years of concurrent experience with JD Edwards, Windows NT and Solaris. Oracle, RDBMS, Warehousing application, and data mining techniques. Oracle Builder, Reports Developer, SQL, T-SQL, stored procedures, SQL Analyzer. SQL Server 6.5, SQL Server 7.0 and SQL server 2000.Oracle 8i, 9i and 11i. Oracle PL/SQL development.

Data Warehousing &

Business Intelligence

4 years working with ShowCase, versions 4.5 and 6.2 COGNOS TM1 and Crystal Reports. Business OLTP, OLAP, ETL Analysis and Intelligence by utilizing OLAP and OLTP methodologies. Extract Transform and Load data from backend systems like JD Edwards. Utilize Warehouse Builder, Manager, Essbase / Hyperion Application Manager, Query, Report Writer and Analyzer (Designer). Utilize COGNOS Decisionstream ETL tools in conjunction with Powerplay and Impromptu. Experience with COGNOS TM1 Report Studio and Active Report, FrameWork Manager. Experience with Oracle Warehousing. Gained experience in Data Mining methodologies and created Data Marts. Further, installed, implemented and administered many business intelligence software. Integrate Hyperion and Showcase, COGNOS and Oracle applications. Rolled out EIS application to a number of satellite offices nationwide. Created dashboards and scoreboards for real time sales data with rankings and percentages with color coding. Proficient in building Cubes, Dimensions and CALC Scripts.

SUN Solaris/AIX

4 years Solaris administration and configuration utilizing CDE and OpenWindows. Experience Installing JD Edwards OneWorld on SUN platforms E5000, E5500 and E10K (specific domains). Shell Scripting, AWK, Sed, C, Bourne, Korn. Attended multiple Solaris/AIX administration, Networking, E10K administration, shell programming and performance management seminars. Oracle Ver.7,8,9, 9i and 10.

PC Networks

4 years Novell SFT 2.15, 3.11. Windows NT/2000/2003/2008. MS-office products. Utilized Arcnet, Token. Ring and Ethernet topologies. Domino/Lotus Notes as user, administrator and developer. Experience repairing and troubleshooting PC hardware including laptops and desktops and file servers. Build specialized high-end workstations and file servers. Proficient in the installation of wired and wireless networks, routers, switches, bridges, hubs and specialized black boxes for various industries. Experience in commercial building and residential cableing RG6 and RJ45 connectors and testing tools. CISCO trained in the design of corporate network infrastructure TCP/IP configuration and experience in identifying and troubleshooting network bottlenecks.


Project Management and Systems Consultant

SONY Pictures Entertainment (Formerly Columbia Pictures) Culver City, CA. As a corp-to-corp contractor and as a member of the Pegasus JD Edwards software (Enterprise and Enterprise One) work on the JD Edwards to SAP interfaces project. As a Business Analyst perform both technical and functional tasks.

Work with all members of interface teams. The JD Edwards team the Webmethod team, the SAP team and the Horizon (Business Intelligence) team..

Work on a number of JDE to SAP interfaces: Revenue interface, Finished Goods, Accounts Payable and on numerous interface tasks as in:

Purchasing: Inventory movements including transfers and inventory adjustments. Manufacturing PO information from ARIBA.. Purchase LOrder data. Open PO line items.

Accounts Receivable: Customer invoices. Initial A/R open balances.

Accounts Payable: Open items on the JD Edwards side.

Supply Chain: SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) levels.

Engage effectively with all team members via a variety of communication methods.

Support EDI interfaces including form mappings as required by Trading Partners.

Participate in the functional design and implementation of a Checks & Balances system for all interfaces. This system tracks Outbound and Inbound transactions from JDE to Webmethods and to SAP and back to JDE.

Utilize AS400 iSeries, OneWorld OMW, OneWorld development tools. Aldon change management. Webmethods and ARIBA.

Duration One Year.

Fluidmaster Inc; a privately held company and manufacturer of plumbing supplies (Injection Molding and Assembly). As a Sr. Business Systems Analyst and as a functional resource with technical background supporting the newly implemented Oracle/JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Software product line version 9.1. Company utilizes rate schedules for its multiple production lines and has locations in Monterey, Mexico, China and the UK.

Resolved functional implementation issues by re-examining the business processes, identified issues in the BPs and conducted brainstorming sessions with stakeholders to improve these BPs.

The third party implementer overlooked certain BPs and hence, I identified, designed business flow, met with stakeholders and agreed on implementation of said BPs. This included JDE Software setups for UDC, configurations and integration with other software products: Costing, Advanced Pricing (for ‘Repricer’ and at Receipt time pricing) and creating the appropriate AAI’s for the affected business units. I have resolved numerous similar issues.

Supported and resolved many implementation quirks through a ticketing system: Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Product Data Management, Engineering BOM, parts lists, and routings, Engineering Change Revisions (Parts and Graphics Revisions). SFC, Inventory…

Supported EDI functionalities and participated in Forms mappings as required by Trading Partners.

Utilized Oracle Middleware Fusion and Real Time Events processing in a asynchronous processing with subscribers as in

ESB/BPEL and JAVA Listner and WSG for Oracle SOA.

Participated in the functional design and recommended BP development of Business Services (BSSV) for Radio Frequency and warehousing applications and for database operations.

Utilized Business Flows, Business Services (BSSV), Utilized development tools when required to solve functional issues.

As a systems analyst, planned, designed and developed business services for web commerce integration Created OMW Published Business Services and Business Services objects exposing classes and exposing methods. Developed JAVA scripts through JDeveloper and called business functions BSFN through jdeCallObject. Utilized XML document sharing through SOAP for Business Services functionality as a producer and a consumer of Web services. Furthermore, created Value Objects for both input and output (Payload classes) Internal and Published.

Utilized EnterpriseOne Transaction Server to trigger API events through XML: Z-events, RTE (Real Time Events), and XAPI, for synchronous and asynchronous transaction processing. .Consequently, Utilized message queues JMS (Java Message Server) Queue and Topic to guarantee XML event delivery along with MQ and MSMQ.

Utilized Business Flows, Business Services (BSSV), Utilized development tools when required to solve functional issues.

Re-examined interfaces between third party software products as in Demand Solutions and EnterpriseOne.

Reassigned functional issues, which required technical development to the development team. Example: Incorrect data in FedEx transmission flat file that shipped products back to Fluidmaster’s address instead of the customer’s address. Incorrect labels with incorrect bar codes.

For some functional issues, conducted required technical background research and worked throughout Oracle/RICE life cycle. OMW, ERW NER BSFN..Etc. Utilized Web Client OneView and Fat Client. Duration 4 months.

Medtronic, Inc. a medical device manufacturer in Minneapolis, MN worked as a functional business analyst. Led 12 core team members and 16 extended team members. Responsible for the SDLC deliverables on a Development Parts project, whose goals: to track development parts orders and schedule development (prototype) parts builds. Gathered requirements, conducted and facilitated workshops, planned and conducted external and internal designs, developed implementation scenarios and worked with the user community and created user acceptance documents and SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures). Evaluated extensively existing business processes and re-engineered business processes. Conducted interviews on an aggressive schedule with all department heads, business process owners and with project champions. Prepared various documentations: Requirements documents, Design documents…etc. Conducted presentations for the champions in defense of all documents and initiatives. The company manufactures defibrillators and heart pump leads (a lead can have 150 components) among other parts and devices. The JD Edwards software implementation covered major functional processes from Design Engineering (Conceptual, Development, Pre-production, and Production and all their ECO, ECR, Engineering revisions, releases and approvals..etc), Technical Sourcing (suppliers and Vertically Integrated Suppliers), Receiving, Inspection, SQA and QA, Engineering Crib (Warehousing for qualified components), Project (Parts Build) Planning and Scheduling (BOMs and MRP), and Stores (for finished production quality parts). The JD Edwards software implementation solution applied to both Leads and Devices and covered business processes in five company divisions. Provided solutions to major implementation hurdles like: how to cost and roll up cost for development parts, and how to differentiate between Production Parts and Development Parts in JD Edwards software. All provided solutions in JD Edwards software had to be valid solutions for eventual migration to SAP. Identified and depicted (Visio) major interface business processes between JD Edwards software and third party software like: SAP, Factory Works, i2 (Supply & Demand Forecasting) eMatrix, Agile, Documentum, Promis, Ariba, WebMethods (to activate triggers to generate/transfer BOM transactions). Project completed with tremendous success. Utilized JD Edwards OneWorld software, AS400, Windows-Outlook and popular software, MS-project, MS-Visio..Etc. Duration 5 months.

StoraEnso Corporation an international paper manufacturing company, in Wisconsin Rapids, WI worked as a project lead on multiple conversion projects. Built interfaces, and mapped fields for conversion. Participated in the implementation of JD Edwards software financial and manufacturing product lines. Drafted existing business processes for various company businesses, gathered requirements for phase I and passed them through business owners’ acceptance. Conducted phase II, the design phase, flowcharted re-engineered business processes and workflows. Converted functional designs into technical specifications and engaged developers in the development process. Work examples: A/P bank interface, AVANTIS system interface. Utilized Microsoft product tools. Duration 5 months.

Decurion Corporation a division of Robertson Properties in Beverly Hills, CA worked as a JD Edwards software Property Management functional consultant. As a member of implementation team, participated in the evaluation of current business processes, devised Property Management implementation scenarios. Worked on setups for AAI’s, systems setups, Facility setups, Holdovers, Escalations and CPI, FASB13, Sales Overages, Tenant and Lease setups, recurring billing and billing codes. Additionally, worked on security deposits, work orders, Expense Participations and calculation methods. Implemented commercial lease abstracts with renewal options, Minimum rent and natural breakpoints, CAM’s and other options like signage, parking, Estoppel, insurance, use rights..etc. Additional responsibilities included mentoring employees and conducting training sessions. Duration 5 months.

Wal*Mart Information Systems Development in Bentonville, AR, worked as a member of the CNC implementation property management team.Participated with Wal*Mart and Peoplesoft/Oracle implementation teams in the design of CNC infrastructure for US and international environments. Worked on upgrading Wal*Mart Japan from E1 8.0 to 8.11, Wal*Mart China conversion from World to OneWorld 8.11, and South Korea a new 8.11 and 8.12 installation. Unified deployment for the three countries in three tier implementation. Worked in a similar capacity on Wal*Mart’s Europe implementation (Germany, United Kingdom) and US. Prepared hardware, performed Planner and Workbench configurations, created OneWorld path codes and environments, built and deployed packages. Prepared and installed client workstations and prepared DB2 UDB/UNIX enterprise servers. Performed property management module installation and configuration tasks. Utilized AS400’s iSeries and pSeries, 4-way 9406/820, P35 DB2 UDB/Unix, IBM Rational developer, OneWorld development tools, versions 8, 8.10, 8.11. Microsoft products, Visio…etc. Duration 3 months.

CUNO, Inc., a distribution and manufacturing company in Meriden, CT worked as a J.D. Edwards software technical consultant. Performed development and maintenance tasks utilizing J.D. Edwards OneWorld (JDE 5) suite development tools; primarily, Business Function customizations (C++ and NER). ‘Customized’ file servers XT4314ZN, XT4312Z1, N4301240 and initiated calls using jdeCallOBJECT to call external business functions. Built customized business functions and included the appropriate header files. Added BeginDoc, EditDoc, EditLine and EndDoc Business function parts to modify purchase order transactions (Receiver table F43121) and its associated Type Match records, ‘1’ receipt transactions, ‘2’ voucher transactions, ‘3’ voucher reversal transactions and ‘4’ receipt reversal transactions. Worked extensively with DEAPI’s and database access methodologies. Created forms, reports (ERW) on F0411 and F0911, F0902, F0901…etc. Provided many solutions to pending I.S. issues. Worked with CNC administrator to resolve system wide issues. Supervised a number of Contractors on the team. Utilized AS/400 iSeries, JDE OneWorld. Duration 5 months.

Bairnco, Inc., a distribution and manufacturing company in Orlando, FL. Participated both technically and functionally in the implementation of JD Edwards E1 version 8 software. Performed set up tasks across the board for different modules in distribution, financials and manufacturing. Revised business processes with company managers and worked extensively with the user community. Worked also on conversions and interfaces to and from legacy systems to JD Edwards. Utilized AS/400 iSeries, SQL Server, TSQL, ERW, JD Edwards development tools. Duration 3 months.

B & H Construction pipeline construction company in Eunice, NM worked as a functional consultant implementing primarily Human Resources/Payroll version 5 of J D Edwards software. Performed set ups for benefits, deductions, accruals and pay types. Helped in the set up for garnishments, 401K loans, health insurance…etc. Assigned employee and employer portions to designated accounts. Set up AAI. As a functional software consultant worked on the setups for job cost, fixed assets, A/P, A/R and G/L. Worked extensively with the user community and conducted training tasks. Duration 3 months.

Forest City Enterprises a commercial and residential property management company in Cleveland, OH, worked as a Peoplesoft E1 (8.10) implementation consultant. Assisted in the setup of billing cycle, tax rates and area information, property or building information, floor and unit information, tenant and lease information, cash receipts with write-offs, security deposits, tenants work orders, escalations, holdovers, FASB 13 standards and property management reporting. Technically worked with all F15xxxx series files, made specific changes to forms, reports (ERW) and event rules. Developed conversion methodologies and interfaces to legacy systems and customized C++ business functions. SQL Server, ERW, JD Edwards development tools, Crystal Reports. Duration seven months.

Astoria Homes, a property management, and house building company in Las Vegas NV worked as a JD Edwards 5 consultant. Participated in the implementation of the Home Building and property management Modules. On the Home Building module, performed set ups for user sales rules and construction activities, commitment generations at lot level, at the plan level, at the elevation and option preferences levels. Worked with the Home Builder Workbench. Utilized copying products and building materials among different communities. Worked with takeoffs, supplier assignments, activity rules (process steps), lots and phases, purchasing, sales analysis, communities, subcontractors…etc. Duration five months.

Springs Industries, Inc. a furniture and bedding company in Lancaster, South Carolina, worked as a JD Edwards OneWorld Xe manufacturing consultant.

Functional Work:

Performed setups for Product Data Management and Shop Floor Control.

Performed setups for Work Orders and established new business processes workflow for Work Orders.

Helped in the conversion of manufacturing processes from BPCS to JD Edwards.

Created functional and technical specifications and followed up on their execution.

Created quality assurance procedures and policies for technical specification and documented communications utilizing Lotus Notes.

Charted new workflow utilizing Visio.

Technical Work:

Provided considerable assistance to technical personnel in the translation of technical specifications from functional specifications.

Trained and mentored personnel on OneWorld development methodology, package deployment, CNC and OMW.

Participated in actual OneWorld development: C++, Business functions, Event Rules and Named Event Rules, Data Structures, Business Views, many types of Forms, ERW and PO forms…etc. Duration Four Months.

Master-Halco a fence manufacturing company in La Habra, CA, worked as a J.D. Edwards and ShowCase integrator and data warehouse architect/project lead. Responsible for the warehouse creation, implementation, rollout and integration with J.D. Edwards software company-wide.

Installed and implemented ShowCase Strategy software and its ancillary products: Warehouse Builder, Warehouse Manager, Query, Report Writer, Essbase Hyperion Application Manager, Warehouse Analyzer and Analyzer Designer. Created Warehouse Builder Definitions, SQL retrieval schemas, data load rules, dimension builds, Essbase execution plans, database calculation outlines and scripts. ESSCMD interface, MaxL, and AS400 Essbase CL programs. Delivered an EIS application and rolled it out to 78 company outlets nation-wide.

Functional Work:

Integrated Warehouse databases with operational databases utilizing EssBase/400 through existing business processes.

Enhanced Executive Information Systems and created dimensional databases and performed Cube analysis in support of business operations primarily sales and finance.

Created subject-related Data Marts in support of the corporate warehouse. Implemented data acquisition strategies and data retrieval methodologies and data distribution concepts.

Worked with departmental managers and senior executives to create and define business intelligence through analysis to convert J. D. Edwards operational data into useful corporate business information for decision support system (DSS) structure.

Worked with corporate business managers on creating smart data mining techniques to help in the decision making process.

Technical Work:

Performed Showcase upgrades and data migrations, performed configuration and customization of ShowCase Strategy product line. Worked on version 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5, 6.2.

Acted as the sole warehouse administrator. Conducted user and application security management.

Performed data refresh functions and ran SQL scripts to clean up data. Ensured the integrity of the data between J.D. Edwards operational tables and Hyperion. Reconciled data from various Hyperion applications.

Performed Hyperion consolidations and reporting tasks utilizing Crystal Enterprise product over the web.

Created an EIS dashboard application for company wide for utilization on a daily basis and created region specific scoreboards for region utilization on a daily basis. Dashboards tracked Sales: Trade Gross Sales, Transfer Sales, Cash discounts, Net Sales, Net Sales % Budget, Year to Year Net Sales Growth %, Inter-Branch Sales. It also tracked costs: Trade Costs, Trade Costs % Budget, Trade Cost Year to Year Growth % and Inter-Branch Costs. It also tracked profits: Marketing GP, GP %, Inter-Branch GP and Inter-Branch GP %. It also tracked orders: Open Orders, and Open Transfers. It tracked inventories: Inventory, Inventory % Budget, Inventory Year to Year Growth %, Inventory Turns. It finally tracked receivables for six aging periods. All categories classified as to Rank, Actual, Projected, Budget, Variance and Variance %. Other financial information created: Key Performance Indicators (Overall Branch Rankings) and Daily Sales Outstanding Dollars.

Utilized AS400 multiple platforms, ShowCase and its product line, DSS, EIS, and J.D. Edwards (RPG, AS400 Java and ShowCase Web integration). Duration Seven Months

Pedernales Electric Cooperative in Johnson City, Texas, worked as a JD Edwards OneWorld (Xe) project manager responsible for the conversions, interfaces and history data warehousing implementation projects. Initiated projects by outlining the project goals and objectives. Allocated resources, developed time frames, determined associated costs and other requirements for technical and functional specifications. Estimated project costs, drew up performance scope and planned task schedules. Negotiated with client regarding deliverables and milestones. Responsible for identifying and hiring human resources in addition to training. Led projects, wrote functional specifications, and led a team of five consultants and programmers. Duration Eleven + Months

Functional Work:

Adhered to J. D. Edwards implementation methodology. Worked with the user community to draw up existing business workflow.

Set up of various financial, distribution and manufacturing modules.

Setup of Equipment Maintenance and Equipment Billing modules. Created entries for the Equipment Master, schedules Preventative Maintenance Cycles, Equipment costing and Maintenance Planning.

Set up of payroll/human resources and the associated processes including change reasons and turnover, labor history data, gap analysis and PDBA setups. Implemented job information and costing as it related to payroll, and setup competency management. In addition

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